Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.

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Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.


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From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards Best Social Good Campaign

This category honors a brand or non-profit's excellence in running a Social Good Campaign. Campaign objectives may include increasing awareness for a cause, inspiring action for a cause, crowd funding for a social good project and promoting philanthropic work.

Non-profits looking to submit their overall social media presence should enter Best in Non-Profit.

See previous winners and honorees here.


The objective of Prank It FWD was to turn the conventional notion of pranks on its head to spread positivity and promote change. Through a digital focused series we surprised deserving individuals with acts of kindness. Our focus was those who in some way have faced challenges but continue to persevere or devote their lives to a cause. Our goal wa…
TOMS One Day Without Shoes 2015
Were you one of the thousands of people who Instagrammed a photo of your feet #withoutshoes in 2015? For One Day Without Shoes 2015, TOMS encouraged their community to spread the word and post a photo on Instagram of their bare feet using hashtag #withoutshoes. For each unique photo posted, TOMS committed to giving a new pair of shoes to child in …
Tall order, months in the making
The Calgary Zoo aims to create an atmosphere that focuses on animal conservation, stewardship, and encouraging love for wild animals through educational experiences. By creating lasting memories for the visitors, we aim to foster long term interest in animal husbandry and continued opportunities for compassionate learning. Through sharing a video …
truth is bringing together the generation that will end smoking. We are creating a revolution of Finishers who will make this fight their own and be agents of social change.Big Tobacco Be Like was designed to dismantle delusions surrounding social smoking. No one's been successful at doing this. We set out to demonstrate how every time a social sm…
#ClimateChangeisReal was an ownerless campaign created by Here Now for Earth Day 2015, to help focus it on Earth's greatest challenge: climate change. The campaign reached 265 million with posts from diverse voices like President Barack Obama, Marnie the Dog, Mark Ruffalo and Adrian Grenier, the Smosh Brothers, Nike, Unilever and others all postin…
#ENDTHEBACKLOG: Because Survivors of Sexual Assault Deserve Justice
In the United States, someone is sexually assaulted every two minutes—hundreds of thousands of people every year. When a victim takes the step of reporting their rape, they are asked to undergo an invasive examination of their body to collect possible DNA evidence, which is preserved in a sexual assault evidence kit, commonly called a "rape kit…
Lush actively supports LGBT rights, but this is a challenge for a global business present in countries with anti-gay laws. While many societies have seen huge progress in LGBT rights, the general public is mostly unaware that 2.8 billion people live in countries where being LGBT is a crime. In June 2015, Lush Cosmetics and charity AllOut joined…
The Breast Cancer Awareness installation inside advertising agency Havas Chicago's lobby was designed to do more than drive awareness—it was designed to get a reaction. The goal was to start a conversation and, more importantly, inspire action.
truth is a non-profit brand that combats teen smoking. Smoking is being re-glamorized in pop culture. There's been a rise of smoking in movies and in video games, and emerging tobacco products like hookahs and little cigars are getting a lot of attention. So we needed to get people talking about smoking as an issue. Smoking is an issue. It's still…
Hefty is the only trash bag that supports Box Tops For Education, one of America's largest school earning loyalty programs. By simply clipping Box Tops coupons from hundreds of participating products, families can earn cash for their school to purchase books, field trips, playground equipment, etc. So far, America's schools have earned over $600 m…
2015 MTV and Trojan Pro Social & VMA Campaign featuring Social Influencer Laci Green
In 2015, MTV and Trojan partnered to build off of Trojan's successful 2014 Pro Social campaign and give the program an authentic, factual voice that would address the importance of condom usage among Millennials. Trojan's Pro Social Initiative aims to educate people on the importance of using a condom each and every time, having the conversation w…
5 for Big Cats
Big cats in the wild are disappearing at an alarming rate. As an organization that is deeply passionate about animal conservation, National Geographic's viral campaign, "5 For Big Cats," timed around World Lion Day (August 10), aimed to spread awareness about the plight of big cats and raise funds for National Geographic's Big Cats Initiative whic…
Blue Shirt Day
STOMP Out Bullying™ is the leading national bullying and cyberbullying prevention organization for kids and teens. Each October, the non profit releases a PSA to generate awareness for BLUE SHIRT DAY® WORLD DAY OF BULLYING PREVENTION to signify the importance of National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month. In our ever-increasing social world and …
Carol's Daughter #BornandMade
The objective of the Carol's Daughter Born and Made campaign was to celebrate the diverse community of strong women who have been a part of the Carol's Daughter family for more than 22 years, in a way that tied back to the heritage of the brand. With this inspiration in mind, the brand looked closely at its very own products: Each bottle has alway…
Cecil the Lion
Sparked by the internet's outraged response to the poaching death of Cecil the Lion, TakePart.com quickly launched a strategic campaign to funnel the upheaval into measurable change. As #CecilTheLion ripped through the headlines, TakePart channelled the public's interest in Cecil into awareness around the issue of big game hunting, and generated m…
Ford Go Further Stories
"We go further so you can."That's the Ford brand promise. To express this, we created an online video series that brings to life how Ford owners, dealers, and employees do indeed go further every day to make the world a better place. The series is called "Ford Everyday Heroes."The stories told include a Ford truck owner in Camden, New Jersey who s…
Give Cozy, #GetCozy Truck Tour
The 2015 Maker's Mark "Give Cozy, #GetCozy" Truck Tour was a fully integrated, 360 campaign which included executions of social media, public relations, paid media and event activation. The goal of this campaign was to prove there's a lot more to making spirits bright than expensive gifts and extravagant parties. For this activation we partnered w…
High-Five. Give $5. Save Big Cats.
For World Lion Day, National Geographic asked the public to "High Five. Give $5. Save Big Cats" - to create a worldwide virtual high-five chain using social media and the hashtag #5forBigCats to raise awareness across social media about the plight of big cats in the wild and funds for big cat conservation. Our hope was to raise $20,000.
LEGO Kronkiwongi
Every child embarks on life with curiosity, limitless creative potential and a desire to express their creativity through play. We know from research by The LEGO Foundation, that on average, 98% of three year olds have genius levels of creative thinking and their brains constantly look for different opportunities and solutions. But divergent think…
M&M’S Red Nose Day Campaign
In 2015, M&M'S launched a movement to raise money and awareness for the first U.S. Red Nose Day, a campaign dedicated to raising money for children and young people living in poverty by simply having fun and making people laugh.
Cyberbullying is more prevalent today than ever before. In fact, something mean, cruel or hurtful is posted on Twitter every 60 seconds. So we built the NiceBot – a Twitter spambot that will eventually tweet one nice message to every single user on Twitter. All 300 million of them. In this way, we hope to make the Internet a nicer place – one twe…
One Million Reasons to Say #IDO
For more than 40 years, Lambda Legal has successfully fought to advance the civil rights of people in America who are LGBTQ; but, Lambda had never invested significantly in marketing or communications, choosing to win battles in the courtroom rather than in the court of public opinion.As the landmark Obergefell v. Hodges case approached, Lambda Le…
Poverty is Sexist
Poverty is fundamentally sexist. It is harder for a girl born in poverty to climb out than it is for a boy, and we need to work together to change that. No matter how you cut it – socially, economically, legally - girls and women are prevented from reaching their full potential, and this holds everybody back.The fight against extreme poverty is ti…
Tumblr's 'Post It Forward' Campaign
Tumblr launched the "Post It Forward" campaign in May 2015 to promote positivity and support within online communities. PostItForward.Tumblr.com and the tag #PostItForward were created to be safe, online hubs where people can share personal stories and struggles without being judged; individuals facing tough issues could engage in positive and enc…


YouTube wanted to assert itself as the go-to online hub for high quality entertainment for both consumers and advertisers. The platform is home to vloggers (creators) whose own channels now have fan bases numbering in the millions, creating content which rewards and excites. They often shape the social media landscape around them. As such, we were asked to …
#DrinkGoodDoGood – Bringing Awareness and Produce to Food Deserts
What was once seen as a reflection of narcissism, selfies have now become a symbol of selflessness, thanks to the #DrinkGoodDoGood campaign. Just ask the selfie-queens themselves, Ellen DeGeneres and Kim Kardashian, whose do-good selfie sparked an Instagram trend that took the nation by storm and confronted local food deserts head on. Nearly 24 million Amer…
Our corporate office is located in a small town along the Hudson River across from NYC. We have called Edgewater our home for over 10 years and watched it grow from a small town into a busy mini-metropolis of stores, high rises and restaurants. We have always supported our local community in various ways but when tragedy struck our neighbors last year, we k…
On June 1, the Human Rights Campaign Foundation and American Apparel, Inc. launched the #EqualityForward campaign. HRC and its Foundation serve as America's largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender civil rights organization striving to achieve LGBT equality. The #EqualityForward campaign was designed not to set boundaries on equality, but to pave a r…
#HatchKids vs. Empathy
Hatch is a unique digital storytelling and media literacy program created by SheKnows Media. Hatch's mission is to produce content for grown-ups, made by kids with a mission. It gives tweens and teens the skills and knowledge to create fun, inspiring and thoughtful content around a range of issues – from microaggressions, to child hunger, to the rise of #Fe…
#Papertweet is a social crowd-speaking campaign aimed at increasing politicians' awareness around undernutrition. Despite undernutrition killing 3 million people every year, France spends less than 1% of its budget on fighting hunger worldwide. Action Against Hunger (Action Contre la Faim) teamed up with charity group Génération Nutrition t…
We're big proponents of positivity around here at We Are Royale, so when ad agency Hill Holliday came to us with an idea to create a game that could help spread all that positivity, we couldn't resist. #PositivATI is a Twitter-based game that is part of a new multimedia campaign for Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, a national nonprofit dedicated to reducin…
The main objective was to raise awareness about the plight of rhinos in the wild using the northern white rhino, which is down to only 4 individuals left on Earth, as a cautionary tale of what can happen if people remain ignorant and apathetic. Nola, who lives at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, is 1 of the 4 remaining northern white rhinos, and was the face …
#StartWith1Thing Campaign
When taking on a huge topic like climate change, things can rapidly feel overwhelming. It's such a large problem that people can't even comprehend where to begin. However, if everyone is able to do something – even if it is only 1 thing – it can lead to a massive, collective change. As part of the campaign around the film, Racing Extinction, this idea was c…
10 Days of Giving Back
Throughout the year, the American Red Cross participates in a number of fundraising and visibility activities, as nearly all of the organization's lifesaving and humanitarian work is supported through the generosity of our donors. In 2015, we took a different approach to Giving Tuesday. We wanted to preface this online fundraising tradition by first giving …
48 Days of Blue
More than 70 percent of the Earth's surface is water. But despite the fact that our planet is blanketed in vibrant shades of blue, the environmental movement has a strong "green" identity.The National Aquarium's objective for 48 Days of Blue was not only to increase awareness of the role the ocean plays in the health of our planet but to also encourage acti…
A-Z Stories for Good
Our Better World (OBW) is the digital storytelling initiative of the Singapore International Foundation. OBW's mission is to tell stories of people doing good in Asia to inspire a global community to contribute in meaningful ways. In essence, OBW leverages the power of digital media and stories for social impact. A-Z Stories for Good was a social media camp…
America Recycles Day
Keep America Beautiful is committed to helping Americans better understand recycling and its potential for economic, environmental and community benefits by working with industry, government, and other nonprofits to make recycling more sustainable. By educating and engaging individuals to recycle more of the right things the right way—at home, at work and o…
Ask Pharma
Every year, over a million children die of pneumonia and other respiratorydiseases around the world. That's one child lost every 35 seconds.Pfizer and GSK have a pneumonia vaccine. However, they price the vaccine so that the countries that need it most can't afford it. And the countries can't even negotiate because the pharmaceutical companies are completel…
Axon #WhyIServe Campaign
The divide between communities and law enforcement has never been wider. When Axon, a business unit of Taser International, came to us looking for a way to convene a conversation with the community at large, we created the #WHYISERVE campaign. The campaign allows those who serve, in order to make our communities safer and stronger, a platform to share and c…
Bracelet Of HOPE
The Bracelet of HOPE movement is translated in Indonesian as "Gelang Harapan", a social movement that was initiated by a group of friends in October 2014 including Amanda Soekasah, Janna Soekasah-Joesoef and Wulan Guritno to create the culture of solidarity and the spirit of giving.This social movement has a vision to give "hope" to all causes in order to l…
Cedar Point Catch-a-Ghost
During the Halloween season, Cedar Point Amusement Park needed to get teens not only talking about their Halloween event but also rallying their friends to visit the park. With over 40 million users between the ages of 13-17, Cedar Point launched their Snapchat account in 2015 as a way to engage and reach their teen audience.
Citi Share Our Strength Partnership
Share Our Strength is a non-profit organization that exists to end childhood hunger in America by raising funds through No Kid Hungry dinner programs and Taste of the Nation large-scale events. In 2015, Citi embarked on its inaugural journey as presenting sponsor of Share Our Strength dinners.The goal was to increase cardmember usage and drive brand loyalty…
Crossroads Community Street Fare Social Campaign
Connecting People Walking on the Street With Those Living on It.Our overall goal was to jolt people out of their complacency, get them to view the plight of the homeless and hungry in a new light; then motivate them to volunteer, donate money or spread the word about the Crossroads Community soup kitchen and food pantry. To reach our goal, we needed to ove…
Don't Like & Drive
The most important side of everything Ford does is People. Without them, there wouldn't be technology, nor the need for it. That's why the brand is always trying to create solutions in favor of the human being.One of today's problems is the use of social media while driving. 4 out of 10 drivers admit to having done it before. It's becomes twice as dangerous…
Duckprints: Making an Impact on the Fight Against Childhood Cancer
Our goal is very simple: Eradicate childhood cancerAflac has been supporting the fight against childhood cancer for 20 years, in part through it's Duckprints campaign. Duckprints was designed to enhance Aflac's strong reputation by reinforcing the promise with customers, shareholders and employees that Aflac is a company that cares about community and socia…
FamilyShare Network
How do you get 30 million unique individuals to see a post? And more than 2.5 million to engage with it (comments and shares)? Through their passion.The objective of the FamilyShare Network is to own the brand of "family" on the internet by creating, aggregating, and promoting content that engages and strengthens hundreds of millions of families worldwide. …
Give to Remember
Here at Legacy.com – the leader in online memorials – we spend a lot of time thinking about death. For more than 15 years, Legacy has helped honor the lives of millions of people around the world through the obituaries we host for our newspaper and funeral home partners, as well as the condolence books we maintain as safe places for loved ones to mour…
Glad to Give
The Glad to Give campaign was inspired by the insight that people around the country were already using Glad products to give. The brand wanted to lend a hand in an even bigger way while demonstrating the strength of its bags that can hold 20lbs+ of clothing, home and toy donations.On #GivingTuesday, a global day dedicated to giving back, the Glad Products …
Global Goals - Project Everyone
In partnership with Standard Chartered Bank (SCB), Liverpool FC were proud to be part of the 'Global Goals' campaign to raise awareness of relaunch of the UN Global Goals, a set of 30 objectives focusing on eradicating ending poverty, climate change and inequalities within 15 years. To help promote the goals 'Global Goals: Project Everyone' was launched wit…
Guitars that make more than music
2 billion people around the world lack access to safe ways to borrow, lend, and save money to build the futures they dream about – but these people are often forgotten in the scale of larger global development issues – hunger, clean energy, water, you name it. Our goal with this campaign was to grow awareness about financial exclusion worldwide, and help pu…
After a year of awareness campaigns, UN Women's HeForShe campaign wanted to turn global interest in gender equality into grassroots action.
Human Rights Campaign Delivers Historic "People's Brief" to Supreme Court
As the Supreme Court prepared to hear several cases about the future of nationwide marriage equality, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the nation's largest LGBT civil rights organization, looked to elevate the conversation of marriage equality across the nation. Our goal was unprecedented: We aimed to have the largest brief ever submitted to the Supreme Cou…
I Am Kuwaiti
Gulf Bank suffered a financial crisis in 2008 and since then it had been rebuilding customer trust, its reputation, brand equity, and re-establishing its position in Kuwait's banking and financial sector.Then, on 26 June 2015, Kuwait, a tolerant and accommodating country, was attacked by a terrorists who bombed a mosque during the Holy month of Ramadan in t…
JCPenney Hispanic Heritage Month Empowerment Luncheon with Eva Longoria and Friends
Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to recognize the contributions of Latinos inside and outside of the United States and to celebrate the group's heritage, culture and identity. JCPenney developed a Hispanic Heritage Month event to spotlight its commitment to the Hispanic community by celebrating, empowering and inspiring young Latinas. The company to…
JetBlue's Soar With Reading
Launched in 2011, JetBlue's Soar with Reading (SWR) program is designed to encourage kids' imaginations to take flight through reading. The program's goal is to get books into the hands of kids in need. As an issue that is important to crewmembers, customers and the community, JetBlue's is working to help foster a love of reading from an early age.JetBlue f…
MSNBC and #GlobalCitizenFestival 2015
Most people don't hear the words "global poverty" and assume it's a challenge they can tackle. For the second year, MSNBC partnered with the Global Poverty Project to amplify the message that small actions can lead to big change. Through an increased emphasis on digital communication, events, and distribution, the effort was met with the loudest call yet fr…
Macy’s #AmericanSelfie Campaign
As one of America's oldest and most iconic retailers, Macy's supports the spirit of America with their annual July 4th fireworks show held in New York City. For the last two years, Macy's "American Icons" campaign celebrated the people, places and things we love about America, starting Memorial Day and culminating on Independence Day. During this heightened…
Money In Politics A To Z
Special interests and wealthy elites have an enormous influence on state and federal policy. From protecting the environment to improving public education to raising the minimum wage, many laws in the public interest are thwarted because of loose campaign finance laws that allow individuals and corporations to spend enormous sums of money to influence elect…
Now We're Newtons
In 2012, after more than 120 years as a fig-centric cookie brand, Fig Newtons decided to finally recognize the new flavors – like Strawberry, Triple Berry, and Apple Cinnamon— that had gradually entered their product line and embrace a more fruit-forward future. They dropped "Fig" from the name and, essentially overnight, became simply "Newtons." Whe…
One Boston Day
This was the second anniversary of the Boston marathon attacks. Rather than focusing on the tragedy, Boston Mayor Martin Walsh wanted to create a new tradition that focused on the city's strength, and the spirit of community it demonstrated as it came together in the days and weeks that followed.The city engaged us to help develop the concept for new tradit…
SELMA - #MarchOn
In 1965 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. led a pivotal campaign for equal voting rights while facing violent opposition. The culmination of this was the epic march from Selma to Montgomery which led to the Voting Rights Act of 1965, one of the most significant victories for the civil rights movement. Leading up to the release of Paramount Pictures' Selma, a movi…
Special Olympics: #PassTheFlame
There are 200 million people in the world with intellectual disabilities (ID). They're the most marginalized individuals on the planet, regularly denied access to jobs, education, healthcare, even friendships.Bank of America has partnered with Special Olympics for 30 years to help change that. And with the 2015 Special Olympics World Games coming to Los Ang…
Syfy, Childhood's End Mini-Series
In an effort to build awareness for the three-night original mini-series Childhood's End, Syfy and GLOW launched a social good campaign to raise money for three participating charities: Salvation Army, Peace First, and Project Hope. The goal of the campaign was to be able to bring the utopian aspect of the show directly to our target audience in a way that …
The #62MillionGirls Yearbook
Due to a wide range of cultural and economic barriers, 62 million girls worldwide continue to be denied access to education, simply because they are girls. In March 2015, President and First Lady Michelle Obama launched the Let Girls Learn initiative to address this global crisis. While the initiative was welcomed in international development and advocacy c…
The Future of Good
This December, we set out to earn credibility for U.S. Cellular as a community-oriented company that's doing good during the holiday season as well as inspire others to join us by getting out into their communities to make a meaningful impact. We did this by celebrating young local heroes and rewarding them for their contributions to their communities. The…
Transavia - Ticket to the Eclipse
On Friday 20 March 2015, Mother Nature gave Europe one of its most amazing marvels to date: a total eclipse of the sun. What better place to witness this phenomenon than from a front-row seat above the clouds? At Transavia, we wanted to give our fans the opportunity to cross this once–in-a-lifetime experience off their bucket list. So we created a full-scal…
The Lexus December to Remember holiday campaign has existed almost as long as the brand itself. Its unforgettable jingle and bow make it a holiday classic. A very successful holiday classic—the Sales Event continues to make December the top sales month for Lexus each year. In recent years, however, the campaign has fallen victim to Internet trolls. They tro…
UPlift Someone: Stand UP Against Bullying
With so much negativity in the world, UP's objective is to continually entertain families with uplifting, inspiring and fun content. With that mission in mind, our Uplift Someone pro-social initiative was launched in 2010 to remind and inspire people to do simple acts of kindness. In 2015 we sought to create an impactful campaign that aligned with October a…
Unilever “Share A Meal”
Unilever makes the foods America loves. But most consumers don't realize that one in five children in America go hungry, every day. So in 2014, Unilever helped introduced the "Share a Meal" campaign to raise awareness of this shocking statistic.And in 2015, we wanted to raise the bar.We set out to make "Share a Meal" a more shareable, social-led program wit…
WestJet Christmas Miracle: 12,000 mini miracles
To stand out during holiday season, WestJet brought a memorable and heartwarming experience to both guests and employees alike. Objectives included: Reignite WestJet's equity during the Christmas season Involve every WestJetter across our network Own national media for a day Create, capture and share footage in real-time Release a video highlighting the da…
Yard for Sainsbury’s Active Kids Campaign 2015
2015 marked a decade of Active Kids and to celebrate the occasion Sainsbury's approached Yard with a brief to engage parents, children and organisations across the UK. The overall objective was to raise as much awareness of the campaign as possible amongst the target audience of parents of young children, with a view to increasing the number of vouchers don…