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Special Project

Special Project
From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards

A-Z Stories for Good

Entered in Social Good Campaign, Non-Profit


Our Better World (OBW) is the digital storytelling initiative of the Singapore International Foundation. OBW's mission is to tell stories of people doing good in Asia to inspire a global community to contribute in meaningful ways. In essence, OBW leverages the power of digital media and stories for social impact.

A-Z Stories for Good was a social media campaign in April 2015 that was crafted to:

1) reinforce OBW's identity as a storyteller for good

2) build a strong connection with OBW's online audience through tapping on the power of social media

Strategy and Execution

A-Z Stories for Good was a social media campaign created to reinforce OBW's identity as storytellers for good.

It was built on the essence that stories are made up of sentences, sentences are made up of words and words are made up of letters in the alphabet.

Twenty six words were revealed on social media in alphabetical order to challenge online audiences to share what those words mean to them. Each word spoke of what OBW stood for and lived by as a storyteller for good.

The campaign used colorful, fun visuals and thought-provoking captions for each word, all meant to engage the community in conversation. Example:

"C is for Crazy. Our stories show that it takes a little crazy to change the world. Do you have a friend who's changing the world in their own small way? Tag them in the comments!"

"Q is for Question. A) Accept the world? B) Change the world? Tell us in the comments, A or B?"

"Y is for Yes. We surround ourselves with people who always choose to say yes. And it's that yes that turns into action. What will you say yes to today?"

For every engagement, each person was asked for their email address so that OBW could send them "a little something" as a thank you gift. What they received via email was a visual of the word they engaged with, personalized with their name, shareable on social.

On that same email, OBW asked if they would want to receive another little something this time via snail mail that had their name on it, literally and literarily. Every person who gave OBW their postal address got a tiny book that spoke of the word they engaged in, included their name and the details they shared in their comment on that post.

At the end of the campaign, OBW thanked them for sharing their stories, and helping OBW discover a wholehearted community of crazy people who not only believe but dare, who look at life as an adventure, who throw kindness around like confetti, who say yes to today. That was sent together with a video on how to get started in making a difference in the world.

All 26 words were also featured on a campaign page where each word was linked to an OBW story that emulates the essence of the word.

The campaign proved to be a wonderful opportunity to delight OBW's community, celebrate their own personal stories and views of the world and encourage positive engagement around storytelling about people doing good in Asia.


Reach and Engagement

The campaign resulted in significant growth of reach and engagement across all platforms:

* Facebook - 28,710 new fans (32% increase), reach of 4.9 million users, 345,175 engagements

* Twitter - 2,950 new followers (39% increase), 14 million impressions, 196,000 engagements

* Instagram - 118 new followers (67% increase)

* Overall earned impressions on social media - 14.5 million (Estimated value: US$27,500)

* Overall mentions - 1,040 posts/comments on FB, 982 tweets and 304 tags/comments on Instagram. These were mostly thanking OBW for reminding them of the good around them and inspiring them to take action.

Impact on the OBW community

People loved the idea of sharing positive stories, and many shared their personal stories and even continued the conversation with one another on various platforms.

Social listening

* A significant increase of 614% in online conversation about the brand

* Increase of 278% in impressions on a daily average

* Highly positive sentiment score of 66% (remaining posts had neutral sentiment)

Key message delivery

OBW's role as a storyteller for good was strongly reinforced. The community expressed appreciation to OBW for their efforts to tell stories to inspire action. This reiterated OBW's belief in the power of storytelling to inspire people to come together to enrich lives and impact change.


Video for A-Z Stories for Good

Entrant Company / Organization Name

Our Better World - Singapore International Foundation, DDB Singapore, Starcom Mediavest Singapore


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