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Special Project

Special Project
From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards

FamilyShare Network

Entered in Facebook, Social Good Campaign, Meme, Travel & Tourism


How do you get 30 million unique individuals to see a post? And more than 2.5 million to engage with it (comments and shares)? Through their passion.

The objective of the FamilyShare Network is to own the brand of "family" on the internet by creating, aggregating, and promoting content that engages and strengthens hundreds of millions of families worldwide. We create content that provides hope and evokes emotion by engaging and strengthening hundreds of millions of families worldwide.

We differentiate ourselves by providing easy to consume, moral based and family-focused media content.

We have 4 different campaigns:

Social Good - Children's Miracle Network

Use of Facebook Platform - Imitation Game

Use of Meme - Paddington Bear

Travel and Tourism - Azul Airlines

Strategy and Execution

The strategy is about passion. It is to align the product, content, and the audience. We provide something that cannot be bought - a genuine engaged audience. We have tapped into a simple, yet powerful, concept: creating a portfolio of social media pages that provide a sense of belonging for a particular audience. Beyond brand-specific social pages, we have created and actively curated pages that align with users' passions, their love for their families (ie. I love my family, I love my husband, etc.) Our content is shareable, and users need to feel that the content being shared represents them well to others.

Today, our portfolio of social properties have more than 100 million followers.

The average reach to Facebook fans vary from page to page, or brand to brand anywhere from 2% to 47%. Our reach on our FamilyShare brand page is 24 million, which is more than double the number of fans some of the best performing pages have.

Social media is not our end, but our means to provide a product and content that aligns with our users' passion for their families.


Social Good (CMNHospitals) -

Total Social Impressions: 8,319,885

Total Social Engagement: 97,123

Total Article Page views: 16,514

Time Spent in Articles: 4:35

Traffic to CMNHospitals: 2,847

Use of Facebook Platform (Imitation Game):

Total Social Impressions: 56,166,745

Total Social Engagement: 767,960

Total Article Page Views: 31,704

Time spent in Articles: 3:29

Total Clicks to Fandango: 15,649

Use of Meme (Paddington Bear):

Total Social Impressions (Memes): 37.9M

Total Social Engagement: 497.9K

Total Video Views: 849,123

Total Article Page Views: 19,815

Total Clicks to Fandango: 6,535

Travel and Tourism (Azul Airlines):

Test Article Performance (single article):

7,956 page views (6,610 uniques)

Average time on page: 3:38 (2xs average: 1:34)

Social Reach: 729,261

Social Engagement: 15,027

Home page impressions (12/2-12/5): 4,963


Entrant Company / Organization Name

FamilyShare Network | Deseret Digital Media, CMNHospitals, Weinstein (Imitation Game, Paddington Bear), Azul Airlines.


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