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From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards Best use of Facebook

This award honors the best use of Facebook in a marketing campaign. Submissions may focus on best campaign-specific pages, Facebook integrations, games, or promotions that produced the most effective results.

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Ultimate Immersion: GoPro Spherical and VR
As the world's most versatile camera, our goal is to enable incredibly engaging and immersive content. Staying competitive and innovative in our content creation was paramount in 2015 so we teamed up with our friends at Facebook as an exclusive spherical partner for the launch of 360-degree videos for News Feed. It was epic.Our mission with VR …
IKEA Germany Facebook Page
In early 2015 the rate of interaction with Facebook posts from IKEA Deutschland was persistently sinking, and the number of fans had stagnated. In order to become relevant again for the IKEA fans, we carried out extensive research on content and target group analysis to discover the reasons behind this change in our audience behaviour. Initial mea…
LEGO Kronkiwongi
Every child embarks on life with curiosity, limitless creative potential and a desire to express their creativity through play. We know from research by The LEGO Foundation, that on average, 98% of three year olds have genius levels of creative thinking and their brains constantly look for different opportunities and solutions. But divergent think…
Best Use of Facebook: The Strain
In The Strain season two, the stakes are nothing less than life or undeath. New York teeters on the edge of apocalypse, while a small band of vampire fighters hunt an ancient cure purported to stem the blood red tide. A lavishly produced social media campaign was crafted to help escalate this tension, and secure the Sunday 10pm time-slot for FX's …
Beyond Utility: 1000 to 1
The Lexus NX is a new kind of SUV–one that doesn't sacrifice style for utility. But people have long been conditioned to look for utility above all else. We had to prove to one-of-a-kind, style-driven affluents at a transformative point in their lives that utility is simply not enough. Sure, an SUV can be used for practical means, but who cares wh…
Caregiving Fotonovela
More than one in three Hispanic households includes a caregiver according to research conducted by Evercare and the National Alliance for Caregiving, and Hispanic caregivers report more intensive caregiving situations compared to the general population (63% compared to 51%). Qualitative research by AARP also shows that most Latinos don't identify …
The Shelter Pet Project
The Ad Council, in conjunction with the Humane Society of the United States and Maddie's Fund, launched the Shelter Pet Project campaign in 2009 with one goal – to bring the number of dogs and cats euthanized in shelters around the country down to zero. By tackling misconceptions about shelter pets, shelters, and rescue groups through a multimedia…


Objectives: To drive brand awareness, re-invigorate the TV show Friends, increase social traffic and drive TV ratings (all in the UK market).Last year, we significantly invested in renewing our license to broadcast Friends from Warner Brothers. For a healthy return on investment, we needed to ensure viewers still wanted to watch the show.We put our thinking…
FamilyShare Network
How do you get 30 million unique individuals to see a post? And more than 2.5 million to engage with it (comments and shares)? Through their passion.The objective of the FamilyShare Network is to own the brand of "family" on the internet by creating, aggregating, and promoting content that engages and strengthens hundreds of millions of families worldwide. …
Fox News & Facebook Live Debate
For the first Republican Presidential Debate of the 2016 election, Fox News wanted to make the debate a truly social and interactive event and transform the viewer's experience to be highly participative and engaging. The goal of the campaign was to give the electorate a voice and opportunity to directly challenge the candidates, giving the nation a chance …
Luke Bryan Digital Autograph Application
On the heels of Luke Bryan's album release for "Kill the Lights", the goal was to create a unique digital marketing campaign enabling Luke to connect to his fans in a personal way and ultimately drive more awareness and sales around his album.
NASA #SuperBloodMoon Photo Contest
On October 27th, 2015, the world experienced the very rare and timely Super Blood Moon. This astrological occurrence will not happen again until 2033, so NASA wanted to increase participation and social chatter around this unique event. NASA always looks for innovative ways to engage and reach as many people as possible.The #SuperBloodMoon was a great oppor…
PaperOne Facebook
Paper is commonly perceived as a boring commodity, but we didn't think it deserved to be seen that way. PaperOne™ is more than just paper, we make things happen.Previously focused on marketing to businesses, we turned our attention to the consumers in late 2014. The paper and pulp industry is notorious for its conservative ways, and no other paper brands ha…
San Francisco Red Carpet
HBO brought the Game of Thrones Facebook and Instagram profiles to life at the Season 5 San Francisco red carpet premiere, featuring a live stream and stylized photo studio. HBO re-themed the San Francisco Opera House, creating a rich visual environment complete with interactive screens that streamed visuals of the most popular content on the GoT Facebook …
Whistle Sports
Named as one of Fast Company's Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in 2015, Whistle Sports is creating an online space that millennials "can't stop watching." As traditional giants are struggling to connect to a mobile-first audience, especially between 14-34 years old, Whistle Sports is built on doing just that — capturing fun, exciting, and funny video conte…