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IKEA Germany Facebook Page

Bronze Honor in Facebook


In early 2015 the rate of interaction with Facebook posts from IKEA Deutschland was persistently sinking, and the number of fans had stagnated. In order to become relevant again for the IKEA fans, we carried out extensive research on content and target group analysis to discover the reasons behind this change in our audience behaviour. Initial measures, such as media optimization and more stringent editorial planning were able to stop this negative trend, but it was only with a permanent change of tonality and content that we were able to successfully achieve a positive engagement trend. The previously neglected brand character finally became the focus once again: Swedish humour, together with the typical IKEA wink meant that fans were once again able to recognise their beloved brand and identify with the content.

Throughout the first half of 2015, all Facebook activity was analysed in detail so that meaningful conclusions for sustainable future improvement could be drawn. Based on these findings, the content strategy was redeveloped and implemented in the middle of 2015, with clearly defined KPIs to monitor the new strategy. It is not only the number of fans interacting with the content that is continuously analysed – but also the content of the reactions from the fans. Based on these findings, ongoing optimizations to the mix of content can be made, and IKEA's vision to make daily life better for its fans is fulfilled.

Strategy and Execution

Fans first! We wanted to be relevant for our fans again, and play a significant role in their daily life. The growing love from the fans should be confirmed by an increase in engagement, more positive comments and growth of the fan-base.

The majority of our Facebook fans are women between 25 and 35 who already have a soft spot for IKEA and home improvement. However, as IKEA is a fundamentally democratic brand aiming to make daily life better for everyone, the communication also needed to be appealing to other target audiences – regardless of age, gender or background. IKEA Deutschland on Facebook stands for making daily life and the daily home environment fun.

Reality is full of insights! Rather than thinking within a vacuum about what our fans want to see, and how we can cram as many products as possible into that, we took a closer look at what the fans were directly and indirectly telling us with their Likes. Small insights from experiences with IKEA, great truths of everyday life and the way in which our fans share enjoyment with each other – we were able to transform all of this into relevant content that any fan could immediately identify with. E.g. #IKEALieblingslügen and animated fan comments.

We often integrate IKEA employees from different stores, as they are the local human contact with the brand. And IKEA on Facebook is also always "up for some fun".


Since the middle of 2015, IKEA Deutschland has no longer been a typical brand on Facebook. The communication is so close to the fans that it is on an equal footing – as friend and partner. Social media at IKEA is really social – no problem remains unanswered, no joke goes without a laugh, no dialogue is unfinished, no enjoyment is unshared. This is all thanks to continual analysis and optimization, and a well-meshed team from creation, community management and business intelligence working behind the scenes. IKEA Deutschland on Facebook is probably the only German language Facebook page that spreads daily enjoyment whilst also converting fan-love into sales.

All internal goals for reach, growth and engagement were clearly exceeded. Some of the posts even made waves beyond the Facebook community: the assembly instructions for the Hover Board (HÖVA) made it onto national television and set a new Google trend. But an even more important sign of fan-love are the numerous emoji hearts that increasingly fill our comment fields. Unfortunately we don't have any figures for those, but here are a few others:


+260,000 fans (over 1 million in total)

+52% likes

+56% comments

+46% shares

+51% referrals to

+64% organic reach

60% total engagement


Video for IKEA Germany Facebook Page

Entrant Company / Organization Name

Razorfish GmbH, GGH MullenLowe GmbH, GRABARZ & PARTNER, THJNK Hamburg GmbH, Initialwerk GmbH, Plan.Net Content Marketing GmbH & Co. KG, IKEA Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG

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