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From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards

Transavia - Ticket to the Eclipse

Finalist in Travel & Tourism

Entered in Social Good Campaign


On Friday 20 March 2015, Mother Nature gave Europe one of its most amazing marvels to date: a total eclipse of the sun. What better place to witness this phenomenon than from a front-row seat above the clouds? At Transavia, we wanted to give our fans the opportunity to cross this once–in-a-lifetime experience off their bucket list. So we created a full-scale online platform where people could sign up and get more information on the flight.

For this campaign we had three objectives on a brand, media and reach level. First, our brand objective was that we wanted to give our proposition more value: flying with Transavia is a unique experience! The media objective was to reach as many people as possible via the media. And we wanted to attract 30,000 visitors to our online platform and reach a total of 5,100 participants.

Strategy and Execution

We used a content strategy based on hygiene, hero and hub. Hygiene: all the information on the solar eclipse that people could find on our platform. Hub: the background stories we shared in videos on Facebook. One of these stories was a video about a Transavia pilot preparing for the flight. And the hero content: the teaser video we uploaded to YouTube, which got everyone who viewed it even more excited and led them to participate in our campaign.

We led our fans to the platform through our social media platforms, press releases, our website and newsletters. We even opened a pop-up store at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, which thousands of people visited.


When the day finally came, 100 lucky passengers gathered at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport for this once-in-a-lifetime experience: the flight to the eclipse. We invited famous Dutch astronaut André Kuipers, who acted as a special guide during the flight. We also invited the press to report on this unique event. For two days, the eclipse flight was the number one news item in the Dutch press. The media exposure represented over €500,000 worth of coverage!

The online platform we created was visited 161,523 times and over 54,422 people participated in the campaign.

Key results:

- Total platform visitors: 161,523

- Total unique visitors: 124,711

- Total unique participants: 54,422

- Conversion (%): 43.6%


Video for Transavia - Ticket to the Eclipse

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Transavia and Dorst & Lesser, Transavia


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