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Bracelet Of HOPE

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The Bracelet of HOPE movement is translated in Indonesian as "Gelang Harapan", a social movement that was initiated by a group of friends in October 2014 including Amanda Soekasah, Janna Soekasah-Joesoef and Wulan Guritno to create the culture of solidarity and the spirit of giving.

This social movement has a vision to give "hope" to all causes in order to live a better and a positive life. For our first cause, we are focusing our "hope" towards cancer and the people's awareness for the disease.

In collaboration with Famous senior Indonesian designer, Ghea Panggabean, we made bracelets from recycle materials of Ghea Panggabean's waste materials; which is traditional " Kain Pelangi : "Jumputan". "Jumputan" means Rainbow and therefore symbolises HOPE.

Bracelet of HOPE has grown from a small dream and hope into a movement with 56.7 followers on Instagram and volunteers all over Indonesia called "Warrior of HOPE". The bracelet of HOPE is sold at IDR 100.000 a piece and 100% of the proceeds goes to unfortunate cancer patients and families.

Strategy and Execution

The Bracelet of HOPE Foundation ( Yayasan Dunia Kasih Harapan) spreads HOPE through all kinds of activation; from Free Mammography, Magic of HOPE for children, helping cancer patients in remote areas in Indonesia and the latest is the development of ROOM of HOPE in hospitals to help the social aspects of the patients and families, through creating a nice and comfortable room for the cancer patients while giving them hope by teaching them how to make bracelets of HOPE and the patients can get some money from the bracelets they've made. All the activations are called "JOURNEY of HOPE".
In the mission to spread more awareness and to touch as many hearts as possible, the founders and partners of Bracelet of HOPE, created a concept called "CAREntertainment"; which is close to their hearts. Care entertainment is a concept of Caring and Charity through entertainment; MOVIE, MUSIC and MOMENT.
As the first kick-off of CAREntertainment "I AM HOPE" the movie is created. The movie will feature a story of HOPE, started from a bracelet and Based on all True stories of HOPE from all the Journey of HOPE and #IAMHOPE campaign; a viral campaign on instagram made by all our volunteers and supporters that we called "Warrior of HOPE" in supporting our cause and helping to spread more HOPE. All of the Producers and Partners of I AM HOPE the movie are committed to donate 25% of the profit from the movie tickets sales to cancer patients, families and foundations in Indonesia. All other activations of the "Gelang Harapan" (Bracelet of HOPE) are based on social entrepreneurship concept,which takes into account a positive return to the society in all our activities.


started in October 2014 , the movement is still fairly new but the enthusiast keeps growing, we have 56,8K loyal followers in our Instagram, we have sold more than 15K bracelets and many volunteers from public figures, cancer foundations, cancer patients, survivors and families supported our movements.

We feel that a movie will allow us to attach a story and communicate better with the people about the Massage of our movement and hopefully gained more awareness about the movement and bracelet which will result in spreading more HOPE.

The movie has finished the production stage and now in post production. The estimated movie release date will be in February of 2016, which is around the day of international Cancer Day. Most of the sponsors and brands are positive in supporting us in our movie and movement. We've launched our teaser posters and trailer and get a wide-spread coverage and positive feed back from medias all over Indonesia.

the movie is one of the biggest activation of the movement Bracelet of Hope (Gelang Harapan) that we also made a foundation for called Yayasan Dunia Kasih Harapan to make the donative movement more concrete. Therefore, all of our activation has a charitable/social cause.
For the movie, we will donate 25% of the proceeds of the ticket sales to cancer foundations and patients in Indonesia and established a "Rumah Harapan": House of HOPE in partnership with cancer foundations in Indonesia.
We aim to spread more HOPE in all aspects in life in the coming years.


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Entrant Company / Organization Name

Dunia Kasih Harapan (World of Love & Hope) Foundation