Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.

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Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.


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From the 7th Annual Shorty Awards Best Multi-Platform Campaign

This award honors the most effective and creative multi-platform campaign. Entry should describe how content was modified and enhanced for each platform, worked together to create a unifying message and succeeded in meeting its goals.


Foot Locker Horse With Harden
Foot Locker wanted to reach out to their fans in an innovative way and get them closer to superstar athlete James Harden using social media. So we decided to take a simple, beloved game and open it up for any fan anywhere to participate.Utilizing social-mobile avenues, we were able to make the game almost as real time as actually being there and p…
HBO, Veep
HBO's award-winning comedy series starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus returned in 2014 with its biggest season yet. After successfully growing the Veep social audience during season 2, HBO and GLOW once again joined forces for season 3 to give that larger fanbase exciting and rewarding experiences that amplified the show, which we successfully accomplish…
O2 is a leading provider of mobile phones. But in 2014, O2 wanted to create awareness of the full range of devices they sell, from smart lighting to Bluetooth speakers, while exciting people about the potential of smart tech.VCCP Kin's solution: #O2POSSESSED, the first haunted house entirely controlled by household smart devices. Through multi-pla…
AT&T - It Can Wait
97% of teens are aware of the danger of using their phones while behind the wheel, but they still continue that deadly behavior. For them, FOMO outweighs the fear of dying while driving.To break this addictive behavior we gave them something simple to ease the social pressure to respond. #X to pause the conversation. A simple text shorthand, signi…
Dairy Queen Blizzard Battle
This past year Dairy Queen decided to do something it had never done before - promote not one, but two Blizzard of the Month flavors. The flavors were a pair of fall classics: the popular Pumpkin Pie Blizzard and the classic, yet new to DQ Apple Pie Blizzard. Our communications challenge was to get fans to try both flavors. We needed to effectivel…
Jibo, The World's First Family Robot
RainFactory and Jibo Inc. introduced "Jibo: The World's First Family Robot" via crowdfunding in order to build a vibrant community of enthusiasts. These supporters are eager to contribute to the development of Jibo, and are first in line first to bring him home. Using the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform and a custom-build landing page on MyJibo.co…
Jordan Brand // #RE2PECT
Jordan Brand set out to honor baseball great Derek Jeter in his final year as a player. The campaign kicked off with an iconic video, produced by Wieden+Kennedy, featuring worldwide celebrities tipping their hats to the Captain. Laundry Service was responsible for the launch and digital distribution of the video, as well as developing a broad, mul…
MTV EMA 2014
The MTV EMA is a one-of-a-kind annual event that celebrates music from around the globe, from international superstars to local-favorite artists—and gives fans around the world the power to choose award winners. The 2014 event, hosted by Nicki Minaj, marked the EMA's 20th anniversary and was broadcast live from Glasgow, Scotland. The show aired in…
Social coverage of 2014 Venezuelan Crisis
CNN en Español led one of the most successful social media news coverages to date during the Venezuelan protests between February and April 2014. Our goal was to keep our audience informed on the critical situation in Venezuela, where the government had a tight grip of media and even threatened to expel CNN from the country. Using Twitter, Faceboo…
Tidy Cats Kitten Week
Discovery Channel's annual pop culture sensation Shark Week is a celebration of the animal kingdom's most ferocious creature—the shark. So it only seemed fitting for Tidy (known for parody content) to celebrate the world's most innocent, sweet and cuddly creature—the kitten. After all, kittens are ferociously cute. And so Kitten Week was born. The…
Virgin America “Free Love Field" Advocacy Campaign
With expansion to the popular business-traveler destination of Dallas Love Field in its sites, Virgin America set out to garner public support for its quest to obtain two gates at Dallas' Love Field Airport – an opportunity that opened up with the sunset of the Wright Amendment and as part of the settlement of the American-US Airways merger. Conse…
Wall and Chain: A true story about belonging by Airbnb
Objective: Inspire belonging and celebrate a united Germany through the magical true story of an Airbnb host and guest on the 25th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Strategy: Use a profound true story about human connection and transformation to catalyze a global conversation around belonging. Through the following integrated elements a…
What is i3 Anyway?
To create mass awareness of its first all-electric vehicle, BMW created a Super Bowl commercial and a surrounding campaign.Not only is the BMW i3 electric, it's built with carbon fiber in a wind-powered factory. And like any groundbreaking innovation, it takes a little getting used to.To illustrate this, we leveraged a Today show clip from 1994, w…


"Burt's BeeDay" by Burt's Bees
Last year Burt's Bees hit its 30th anniversary. This would have been a major milestone for any personal care company, but it was particularly important for a brand like Burt's Bees, which had practically pioneered the natural personal care category three decades ago. In order to commemorate this occasion and showcase brand affinity, Burt's Bees decided to t…
"From Dark to Light" Pregnancy & Medicine Initiative (PMI)
What are the options for women with a disease who fall pregnant? Moreover, what about those who get sick while pregnant? What are the prospects for those with cancer, diabetes, heart disease or other diseases who want to have children? The Problem: Medical care during pregnancy lacks proper data, and approximately 90% of pregnant women take medicine without…
For HP's 2014 holiday campaign, 180LA brought together the biggest social stars from Vine, Instagram, and YouTube, along with one of the biggest pop stars in the world, Meghan Trainor, to create the official music video for Meghan's new single "Lips Are Movin'." Instead of just making cameos in the video, we put our social superstars to work. Each social st…
#DontKillSeanBean - Legends on TNT
When launching their new summer drama LEGENDS, TNT recognized that Sean Bean's involvement would be an asset and primary driver for viewership. Although Bean himself does not participate on social media platforms, his previous roles (Game of Thrones; Lord of the Rings) generated and continue to be the inspiration for strong fandom content, especially among …
#GiggysBFF Social Commercial
Giggy's BFF social commercial encouraged fans to interact with Bravo TV on-air, during the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills by submitting photos and names of their furry friends via Twitter and Instagram using a campaign-specific hashtag #GiggysBFF for the chance to see their pet in an on-air spot later that same night in the episode and shared across Bravo…
At the end of April, 2014, the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History closed its most popular exhibition, The Dinosaur Hall, to make way for a 5 year renovation that will completely makeover the space and create the biggest baddest Fossil Hall of all time.This will be the most significant renovation in the museum's history and its crown jewel will…
#SHAPEMATTERS and the Full Exposure Palette
Launching our new Full Exposure Palette in a crowded marketplace dominated by powerful competitors was no small challenge. We knew we had to transform the consumer connection with this product to break through, so we started by building the campaign on a unique message that was of service to her: Eye shape matters when it comes to applying shadow (just like…
24: Live Another Day
True to the heart of 24, for Jack's return in season 9 we gave fans a countdown to remember — a 24-day challenge to unlock an exclusive "Live Another Day" video.Each day up to the release of season 9, we posted a #JackIsBack graphic on Facebook and Twitter with a code fans could use to unlock an exclusive Gif from the new series. And once 24 codes were ente…
ABC Family & Universal Pictures: Ouija Partnership
Universal Pictures utilized the power of ABC Family's hit series Pretty Little Liars to build buzz and drive ticket sales for its Halloween release of Ouija. To achieve these objectives, ABC Family designed a custom three-phased multi-platform campaign that ran from July to October 2014.Phase one of the campaign was designed to build buzz about and fan exci…
Almost Royal on BBC America
Almost Royal built an audience for a new BBC America faux-reality show in which two British comedians pose as aristocratic siblings Georgie and Poppy Carlton, then interact with everyday Americans.While the show's official Tumblr and Twitter accounts have been popular, the breakaway hit has been a pair of accounts "written by" Poppy and Georgie. Rather than…
American Dad TBS Social Media
Brands: American Dad, TBS, FoxAgency: Relevant 24GOALS:• Re-engage & activate the large American Dad fan base (19M Facebook, 668k Twitter)• Make noise with big fan & social-forward promotional stunts• Speak the language of the fans and leverage Seth MacFarlane's strong social following• Drive home the brand new season on TBSOUTCOME:Since transitioning the A…
Ask Ouija
Universal teamed up with MTV and Teen Wolf to create a multi-platform campaign that generated massive buzz and awareness for the Ouija movie. The socially-driven promotion leveraged MTV & Teen Wolf's immense social footprint of 69 million followers to drive fans to a custom interactive Ouija board hub and create conversation leading up to the film's 10/24 r…
Banana Republic | #holidaytruth
During a crowded time of year for retail, Banana Republic created a multi-platform social media campaign in an effort to shift brand perception and introduce people to the 'new Banana Republic'. #holidaytruth, at its core, tapped into a trending conversation (holidays & 'truths/confessions'), delivering a humorous, honest message and encouraging social beha…
Bankrate #FutureSelfie Scholarship
Paying for college can be hard (like, really hard), so Bankrate decided to invest in the future of some truly creative and inspiring students by creating a unique scholarship opportunity. Using #FutureSelfie, we invited current and prospective students to enter by snapping a photo and writing a caption showcasing their career ambitions, life dreams and goal…
Bing End of Year Trends 2014 campaign
Bing (a web search engine) from Microsoft provided unique insight into what people were thinking, feeling and doing as expressed through the top searches performed in 2014. The Bing 2014 Trends campaign is a reflection of all the expected and unexpected things that have shaped popular culture throughout the year. Topics spanning politics, sports, games, mov…
Breadwinners, "Employee of the Month/ Brocrastination"
Buckle up BAPS, here come SwaySway and Buhduece; two carefree best friends, whose mission is to deliver bread and the QUAZY adventures they go on. This new Nickelodeon show premiered in February 2014 and has been steadily growing in popularity ever since. "Breadwinners" showcases out of the box artistry and character-driven story telling fueled by comedic m…
CNN Roots: Our Journeys Home
Storytelling is at the core of what CNN does. In a two-week long cross-platform series that launched in October 2014, 13 of the network's most prominent hosts and anchors set out on a journey to find their roots. A project one year in the making, these journalists embarked on an emotional journey across continents as they discovered never-before-known detai…
CSX Claus Conspiracy
Each and every year on the 25th of December, gifts of all shapes and sizes magically appear in living rooms of homes across America. But an insatiably curious ex-CSX employee isn't convinced they get there on their own. Enter The Claus Conspiracy: a social campaign hatched to shine the spotlight on CSX and the plausibility of its direct involvement with San…
Cheeteau by Chester
Cheetos has always been known as a playful, mischievous brand. And there's no better time to showcase that than April Fools' Day. Our challenge: create a socially driven April Fools' program to get people talking about Cheetos and solidify Chester Cheetah's role as chief mischief-maker. We quickly realized that April Fools' had become a busy day for …
Doctor Who on BBC America
Doctor Who on BBC America faced a new (yet at the same time familiar) challenge in 2014 by starting the season with a new Doctor. We pushed our previous social strategies even further and built new ones to usher in a new era of the show, while still embracing the 51 years of Doctor Who. We focused on the new season while still highlighting the Doctor's long…
Dropping Kilts Everywhere: The Story Behind the Social Phenomenon of Outlander
Building a social presence for any brand new TV show is a challenge. However, our team at STARZ was presented a unique opportunity and challenge with Outlander. Based off of the best-selling book series written by Diana Gabaldon, Outlander had an existing fan base amassed over 20 years. Book fans created groups, fan sites and blogs dedicated to digging deep…
Emory's Ebola Effect on Social Media
On August 1, 2014, Emory University was the first institution ever to treat Ebola patients in the United States since the outbreak in West Africa. This was not a crisis in traditional terms, but our social messaging had to be crafted very carefully almost as if it were. We wanted to reach as many people as possible while maintaining our integrity, and prote…
Entertainment Weekly at Comic-Con
There's no greater evidence of the strength of Entertainment Weekly as a brand than the annual Comic-Con convention in San Diego. Once a refuge for spandex-clad escapists, it's now big business—and EW occupies an unchallenged spot at the center of the event. EW's online readership and social following are among the hungriest audiences in the world for Comic…
FIFA Digital Platforms: #JoinIn
OBJECTIVESFIFA's aim was to utilise technology in order to provide a seamless user experience for the world's greatest sporting event to a demanding, global digital World Cup audience. CONTEXT The Global Stadium provided the context for all social activity throughout the 2014 FIFA World Cup. This was achieved by creating a definitive messaging toolkit focus…
FactnotFiction.com was created as a sexual health resource for Mississippi teens and made available through multiple social media channels – primarily Tumblr and Facebook. The goal of the brand is to assist teens in making informed decisions regarding their sexual health based on medically accurate facts, rather than the biased or irrelevant information fou…
FedEx #PurpleHats Warm Up Winter
Our customers are our favorite people. And we love it when they post pictures of their FedEx shipments, their couriers, or even just a truck. This past December, we wanted to reach out to those customers on every social channel and give them a token of our appreciation for sharing their love for FedEx. So we did just that, sending over 100 #PurpleHats acros…
Food Lion Roaring in the Holidays
Food Lion's 450-pound spokescharacter is known for spreading his two cents of wisdom to grocery shoppers everywhere. But to spread some cheer and goodwill during the holidays, we wanted to have the lion use his voice in an unexpected way. So we recorded Roaring in the Holidays, an original compilation of holiday music sung by the lion himself. A website was…
Ford’s College Ambassador Challenge #FordChallenge
Launched in September 2014, the Ford College Ambassador Challenge (socially known as the #FordChallenge) set out to inspire, connect, and educate. The digitally rooted program was powered by participation from a new generation of young professionals (18-21), looking to gain first-hand knowledge and experience over a four-month period, across nine college ca…
Gatlinburg Nose Christmas
Gatlinburg GCVB attempted to break the world record for most red noses worn at an event at their annual Fantasy of Lights Christmas Parade on December 5, 2014. More than 20,000 people were expected at the parade to help break the record. Each attendee received a red nose to wear at the event and were encouraged to take and share photos on their social media…
Get Set Go Argos
Argos was trading in a highly challenging retail environment. John Walden, Argos' new CEO had set the vision to become a digital retail leader - transforming the business from well loved but old world catalogue company to modern, technologically savvy online leader.Our campaign needed to communicate transformation, helping to reinvent the business and achie…
Getty Images #YearinFocus Campaign
For over 10 years, Getty Images has produced their annual "Year in Focus" book, but this year they wanted to expand their reach beyond their regular target audience of photo editors and art directors, and engage the social web. With the goal of elevating the perception of Getty Images as the top source of high quality, inspiring, moving photography, Ayzenbe…
Hilton's: Our Stage. Your Story. #HiltonStory
Background: With over 560 hotels globally, Hilton is a household name and recognized as an industry leader. With nearly 100 years of experience in hospitality, Hilton has been the world's wingman for generations. Every day our guests are sharing their stories with us whether it be exploring a new city, playing photographer, eating something they can't prono…
IKEA Home Tour
IKEA has left behind its yester-year reputation of the 'cheap college furniture' provider, and has emerged as a brand known for its customer-first, solution-focused design. In this space, the competition is fierce. Today's consumers have access to droves of design content from DIY sites, design blog to pin boards and more. However, we know that users engage…
International Delight Spreads The Love With Random Acts of Delight
With Random Acts of Delight, International Delight sought to reward current and soon-to-be fans with unexpected moments of delight that bridge social media with real-world gifting. Through social listening and by targeting our top 1,000 loyal email newsletter members, International Delight was able to uncover key moments and delight in real time. Our Iced C…
Jared The Galleria of Jewelry Summer Bridal Program #BRIDEnBEYOND
To generate awareness of Jared® The Galleria Of Jewelry around the summer Bridal time period, the brand engaged with influencers in Wedding and Lifestyle categories to produce and syndicate high-quality content that showcased the brand's bridal collection and a consumer's overall bridal experience at Jared® The Galleria Of Jewelry, Focusing on past, present…
Johns Hopkins Medicine: Healthy Aging
As members of the Baby Boomer generation – the largest demographic in the U.S. -- grow older, many are balancing the demands of preserving their own health and caring for elderly family members with their own health conditions. The Pew Internet & American Life Project reports that 80 to 89% of this generational cohort accesses online health information and …
Jordan Brand // XX9
As Jordan Brand's global social AOR, Laundry Service was tasked with launching a multi-channel campaign to create and sustain buzz around the summer release of Jordan's new performance sneaker, the XX9.With live reporting and real-time drone footage of major national basketball events on Twitter, authentic photography, and video telling the story of high sc…
Cut is the first transmedia TV series in France . On top of the daily TV episodes, aired on France Ô, the audience could follow the adventures of Jules, one of the main character, on his Facebook page Jules974, his Youtube channel Jules974, and even enter his mobile phone, thanks to the mobile application Jules974. The contents were both added during the ep…
Kentucky Derby Takeover
The 2014 Maker's Mark "Kentucky Derby Takeover" was a fully integrated, 360 campaign which included executions of social media, public relations, paid media and event activation. The goal of this campaign was to steal a large portion of the share of voice around Derby at a significantly lower investment than a paid sponsorship. We made the most exciting two…
Keurig #BrewTunes
In 2014, Keurig launched the Keurig 2.0 – a state-of-the-art brewer with even more flavors and options, and a proprietary brewing system that required users to use the Keurig system to remain in the Keurig family. Keurig needed to spark excitement with Keurig owners and give them a reason to try new and expanded flavors — occasions to discover their Keurig…
Liberty Mutual's RISE campaign
Liberty Mutual's RISE campaign used social media to combine the brand's role as official sponsors of Team USA in the 2014 Winter Olympic Games with the brand promise ("We believe with every setback, there's a chance to come back") through a series of videos profiling the personal comeback stories of ten current and former Team USA Olympic stars. In the mont…
Listerine - Power to Your Mouth
For J&J's first-ever, global, brand-led social media campaign, we told the story of the World Cup – 64 matches of cheering, chanting, nail-biting and crying – using the mouths of the fans. MRY's advanced planning and predictive content strategy allowed Listerine to be there through every suspenseful penalty and thrilling victory. We gave Listerine a unique …
Los 50 Más Bellos
People en Español is the only unifier that brings all Hispanic celebrities together. Los 50 Más Bellos celebrates 50 of the Most Beautiful Hispanics, connecting 12+ million Hispanic consumers to the stars they love through unique content across owned & operated social media, digital properties (desktop & mobile) in addition to in-book (print). Each element …
MTV VMA All Access Live
Objective: By design, MTV strives to re-invent the VMAs each year so the show stays on trend with today's socially-driven culture hungry for immediate, shareable content that can be translated from linear Television programming into quick, consumable social bits. The 2014 VMAs marked the biggest push to innovate fan engagement across all screens to let cons…
Malaysia Airlines: Resurfacing from the Crisis
In 2014, Malaysia Airlines met with two tragedies – unprecedented in aviation history. MH370 disappeared over the Indian Ocean on 8 March; four months later, on 17 July, MH17 was shot down by a Ukraine rebel faction using a guided missile. In the face of the human loss and the shocking circumstances, the airline had to rebuild consumer trust, strengthen sta…
MasterCard Travel Campaign
In 2014 we set out to grow MasterCard leadership in the Travel category. Although no card is more accepted around the world, we had to increase awareness of our comprehensive products and services as well engage cardholders to change perceptions.However, for a variety of reasons, US consumers are not traveling to the extent that they could. In fact over 400…
Micromax - Desh Ki Dictionary
Micromax launched a smartphone 'Unite' – which was pre-loaded with 21 Indian regional languages, with the proposition of expressing oneself in the language of their choice. The marketing challenge was to communicate the USP of the product in the best manner possible. A microsite was created to put together India's first ethnic-jargon dictionary. A voting me…
National Voter Registration Day: #CelebrateNVRD
National Voter Registration Day (NVRD) is the only day of its kind that garners national support as the biggest and most successful day of the year to register Americans to vote. It's a non-partisan coordinated online and on-the-ground effort.The idea behind NVRD came from the 2008 presidential election where 6 million people were left out of the ballot box…
Nutella & Social Media: A Perfect Pairing
Nutella: Social Experience Lots of people know Nutella, but not many know it isn't just for toast. With low repeat purchases and competitors biting into business, Nutella needed help.Research found Nutella had a young, active online audience open to finding and sharing new ways for using the spread. We knew Nutella could connect with them to inspire versa…
Orphan Black on BBC America
BBC AMERICA's Peabody Award winning series Orphan Black is a television series you should go watch immediately. The conspiracy thriller stars award-winner Tatiana Maslany in an unprecedented lead role as multiple clones – NINE characters, to be exact. Yes, that's correct: One woman, nine different people. Intrigued?The third season of Orphan Black premieres…
Shark Week Runs on Dunkin’
Dunkin' Donuts, Hill Holliday & Discovery set out to integrate Dunkin' into Shark Week to increase awareness on-air, create engagement online and drive traffic in-store. The program expanded on a multi-platform sponsorship of Shark After Dark through interactive experiences, social media and a Shark Week-themed donut.Dunkin' engaged fans in social through T…
Sherwin-Williams Social Ecosystem
Paint project cycles can be long and consumers are often hesitant to make color choices. Knowing this, Sherwin-Williams' campaign objectives were clear: empower the community to paint, give them confidence to commit to their colors choices, and keep the brand top-of-mind.A multi-layered approach of campaigns that included color inspiration, expert painting …
Sport Chek #MyNorth
To launch the new strategic partnership between Sport Chek and the Toronto Raptors, the Canadian sporting goods retailer created a fully-integrated marketing campaign to celebrate the robust basketball community in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Sport Chek aimed to showcase nine of Toronto's neighbourhoods by spotlighting and sharing the authentic stories …
Summer of Baja
Following its birth as an exclusive Taco Bell flavor in 2004, Mountain Dew Baja Blast quickly became one of the restaurant's most in-demand fountain beverages. For years, DEW heard pleas from fans, begging that Baja Blast be sold at retail. In 2014, DEW wanted to grant that wish to Baja Blast fans with a limited time offer that would deliver the good news t…
Sunset Overdrive Explosion Week
In October of 2014, Ayzenberg, twofifteenmccann, Empowering Media, and Discovery Digital teamed up in the name of video games, planning out a week of explosions to promote the launch of the new Xbox One game, Sunset Overdrive."Explosion Week" or "The Week of Explosions" (either one works) prompted gamers to engage with the new IP through an online vote ("Wh…
TakePart World
TakePart World debunks the myth that poor countries are doomed to stay poor and shines a light on the people, ideas, and innovations that are driving historic change in global health and development. TakePart World flips the script on the same old story of need in the world's "poorest" countries.Forget what you think about the developing world and foreign…
Team USA Announces #Boston2024
On Dec. 16, 2014, the USOC announced after its quarterly board meeting that it had voted unanimously to choose one U.S. city to bid for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. With quick response time, dedicated preparation and extensive outreach, Team USA was able to provide comprehensive, behind the scenes content of the board meeting and subsequently brea…
The Bosch Experience
Overriding digital strategy to show what Bosch means saying "Invented for life." Instead of telling stories, we let consumers #ExperienceBosch around the world then share it. Strategy fueled 320,000 registered users and more than 30 million Twitter users to join.
The Next Black
To spark interest in the low engagement subject of laundry, our idea was to investigate the trends and innovations that would shape the future of clothing. At a time when 'sustainable', 'fast fashion' and 'wearable-tech' are key industry buzzwords, the narrative ponders whether we're on the verge of a dramatic shift that will transform the way we produce, w…
The Original Spirits
As the Original Spirit and world's oldest rum, Mount Gay Rum presents its "Original Spirits" campaign and website, www.theoriginalspirits.com, celebrating modern day "Original Spirits" who embody the same sense of craftsmanship used to make Mount Gay Rum, and have rich stories worth telling.With over 300 years of expertise in creating a handcrafted product …
The Voice Tailgate
The Voice, already a social TV pioneer, extended its backstage into a unique social experience. The #VoiceTailgate is TV's first truly social pre-show, with original content, talent interaction, influencer and celebrity guests, and fan engagement all living exclusively on social platforms. Every good tailgate needs: friends, fun games, and of cour…
TravelBrilliantly.com Co-Creation Platform
BACKGROUNDMarriott Hotels is a trusted iconic brand with a 60+ year history of hosting travelers. While we are a well-known brand among all audiences, we recognized the importance of making a deeper connection with the next generation traveler. We wanted to show them that Marriott can meet their evolving needs.OBJECTIVETasked to shift perception of the bran…
Visa Olympics
It's hard to become the most talked about brand when everyone is talking about the exact same thing. So this year, Visa changed the Olympic conversation from the superhuman nature of the athletes to the human side of achievement to become the most talked about, most shared sponsor at Sochi 2014.
WE THE ECONOMY 20 Short Films You Can’t Afford to Miss
Paul G. Allen's Vulcan Productions and Morgan Spurlock's Cinelan have partnered to produce and distribute over 20 short films by award-winning directors — with their own creative vision — to drive awareness and a better understanding of the U.S. economy and reach the broadest possible audience. This short film series, which features animation, comedy, music…
WWE Network
By bringing WWE to cable, closed-circuit television and pay-per-view, Vince McMahon revolutionized event programming for sports and entertainment decades ago and he continues to be a visionary today. Once again, WWE has created a new way to engage fans with an extraordinary value proposition by strategically delivering WWE's premium live content directly to…
WWE WrestleMania 30
Each year, WWE WrestleMania descends on its host city bringing hundreds of thousands from the WWE Universe to celebrate the biggest event of the year, available worldwide on pay-per-view and, for the first time ever, on WWE Network, our over-the-top 24/7 streaming digital network.The goal of WWE's social campaign and coverage around WrestleMania 30, held Ap…
World's Largest Urban Zipline
The Speed Stick® GEAR™ team, Fullscreen and one of the Internet's most exciting filmmakers, Devin Graham, AKA Devin SuperTramp, released a video of one of the most extreme stunts the world as ever seen – World's Largest Urban Zipline. Graham, and his fearless film team and a crew of six professional BASE jumpers, traveled to Panama City where the high-flyin…