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Johns Hopkins Medicine: Healthy Aging

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As members of the Baby Boomer generation – the largest demographic in the U.S. -- grow older, many are balancing the demands of preserving their own health and caring for elderly family members with their own health conditions. The Pew Internet & American Life Project reports that 80 to 89% of this generational cohort accesses online health information and that family caregivers—those responsible for some level of care of a loved one – are the largest consumers of health information online.

The two primary objectives of this campaign were:

1) To continue to position Johns Hopkins Medicine as a health and wellness brand by providing useful health and caregiver content to the Baby Boomer generation, thereby creating better connections with the physicians, researchers and experts from Johns Hopkins Medicine, and

2) Reach this generation with the accurate and relevant content at the right time in their life through their platform of choice, thereby creating meaningful interactions and building trust.

To execute this strategy, Johns Hopkins Medicine launched "Healthy Aging" in May 2014, an online health portal consisting of consumer-friendly articles centered on the Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Healthy Connections, Family Caregiver Resources and relevant Disease and Condition information. Content distribution took a multi-faceted approach through a targeted marketing campaign, incorporating elements of content syndication, organic and paid social media promotion, e-newsletter registration, plasma screen promos targeting patients and families in the doctor's office, relevant on-site advertising and more.

Outcomes continue to meet or exceed internal or external industry benchmarks.

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The typical connected user consumes 285 pieces of content and engages with as many as 1,000 clickable links daily. Effective online social interaction is about connecting the people within your organization with the people in your community in a way that provides value to both.

Through the successful implementation of the Healthy Aging consumer engagement campaign, we were able to connect the people of the world with the groundbreaking knowledge and research provided by the experts at Johns Hopkins Medicine. By studying, understanding and implementing this strategy across each platform, we sought to create meaningful interactions by providing highly consumable, engaging, relevant content to those who seek it, on their platform of choice.

To date, these efforts have resulted in over 154K sessions to the Healthy Aging resource -- 70% of which were driven through strategic digital outreach and promotion using Twitter, Facebook, content syndication and banner ads.

Additionally, over 23% of visitors engaged with the site at a deeper level, e.g. sharing the content through their own social channel, engaging with 20 or more pages in a single visit, registering for our e-newsletter, opting to engage with our Find a Doctor tool, etc. To date, there have been over 20K shares of the Healthy Aging content. 23% of users returned to the site, and on average, stayed 119% longer than the first time they visited -- showing increased engagement and trust in the content.

Click through rates of our Healthy Aging sponsored "like" ads (8.2%) exceeded the industry benchmark provided by Salesforce (2.3%) by 257%. Click through rates for Healthy Aging sponsored stories averaged 4.4%, exceeding our benchmark for other related content of 3.7% -- an 84% increase.

The introduction of the sign-up incentive for the free e-newsletter resulted in a 26% increase in the total number of sign-ups, and a featured e-newsletter we sent to our audience detailing the launch of Healthy Aging received a 25% open rate and a 36% click-to-open rate, which both exceed industry benchmarks.


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Johns Hopkins Medicine Internet Strategy Team


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