Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.

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Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.


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From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards Best Multi-Platform Campaign

This award honors the most effective and creative campaign spanning multiple digital and social platforms. Entry should describe how content was modified and enhanced for each platform, worked together to create a unifying message and succeeded in meeting its goals.

For campaigns integrating across digital and traditional media channels, see Best Integrated Campaign.

See previous winners and honorees here.


Wells Fargo 2015 African American Celebratory Campaign: The Untold Stories Collection
African Americans (AA) are passionate about their history and take great pride in celebrating their legacy. The tradition of storytelling is a rooted, cherished part of AA culture. From the everyday to the extraordinary, stories are important to the collective AA history – present and future – and together, they are a defining part of American his…
#SINCE2001: Hpnotiq Taps Nostalgia and Pays Homage to Its Boundary-Pushing Legacy
Hpnotiq, a refreshing blend of premium French vodka, exotic fruit juices and a touch of Cognac, launched in 2001 and quickly gained popularity thanks to its electric blue hue. In its heyday, Hpnotiq was featured prominently in numerous hip-hop songs and music videos, and at high-profile parties and events- cementing its place as a mainstay in cult…
201 Days of The X-Files
The objective of the 201 Days of The X-Files campaign was to engage the long-time fans on platforms where they've developed their fandom, and build new fans on social platforms that had yet to experience the greatness that is The X-Files! All in an effort to create & sustain excitement and social / digital conversations over the course of 8 months…
@SummerBreak, a single summer told over multiple platforms
These days if we have a moment to ourselves, we are as likely to scroll through images of our friends' lives than to flip on the TV. The expansion of social networks has made it so that, increasingly, our friends are our entertainment and as such, young consumers are demanding that their entertainment be their friends. Tapping into this trend, we …
Burglar on Demand
Arlo's brand mission is Engineering A Worry-Free World—an ideal based on the fact that people work hard to pull together the resources to buy a home. They grow their families and, when they reach their mid-30s to early-40s, worry begins to creep into the back of their minds. Our goal in launching this brand has been to demonstrate how Arlo can pro…
Carmilla Series
Understanding the importance of authenticity in reaching the digitally savvy female millennial in a sensory overloaded world, U by Kotex/Smokebomb Entertainment/Shift 2 wanted to create a YouTube series that went beyond product integration and one-off videos. Rather, through the use of multiple platforms, and learning from the transmedia successe…
Every presidential debate, every platform, on CNN
The beauty of CNN is that we have one of the largest and most engaged social audiences in the world. The goal: create native content that serves the audiences of each specific platform, whether that be on air, on Facebook or in our Snapchat Discover channel. We go where the audiences are, meeting them in ways that suit the specific demographics an…
Madden: The Movie
Staying relevant with teens year after year is no easy task, but it is essential to the survival of Madden NFL. And in order to achieve this, we must compete with popculture—everything from Justin Bieber to games like Minecraft. Our research showed us that teens today are less interested than older generations in the NFL. So it was critical that w…
MasterCard Priceless Reunions
MasterCard offers an array of exclusive, priceless experiences to cardholders in select cities. In Q4 of 2015, VaynerMedia was tasked with driving visibility of the experiences available within New York City, while increasing awareness of the World MasterCard product specifically.
Maytag Man Social Campaign
For years, the Maytag brand was virtually invisible on social media. Few fans and minimal engagement. Our posts were met with crickets. Which makes sense. No one wants to talk to an appliance on Facebook.But with the launch of the new Maytag Man campaign, the brand suddenly had a new face, voice and personality. So we set out to use this new perso…
NBCUniversal: TV Everywhere 'BEST EVER' Multi-Platform Campaign
The objective of NBCUniversal's 2015 TV Everywhere (TVE) Brand Marketing campaign was to leverage the momentum of the 2014 brand campaign to drive broader awareness and usage of TVE platforms across NBCU's 7 biggest portfolio brands. With existing TVE experiences across web, mobile and select connected device platforms, this campaign was designed …
One More Day
The travel category makes up a huge portion of MasterCard's revenue and is key to the health of the business.In 2014, MasterCard was facing a loss of share in their most important category.MasterCard's travel business was not growing as fast as the travel category as a whole; its performance was under-indexed. Their travel volume had slowed in 201…
Orange is the New Black Season 3 Social Campaign
One of the biggest shows on Netflix, Orange is the New Black already had wide exposure and a rabid fan base. One who've seen and done everything. Hence the challenge — stimulating the overstimulated. We had to do something big to re-energize the fans for the new season.
Oxygen’s The Prancing Elites Project – Season 1 Marketing Campaign
The objective of The Prancing Elites Project season 1 marketing campaign was to raise awareness of the new series among W18-34 and drive tune-in to the series premiere. The goals of the campaign were to introduce Oxygen's latest reality docu-series to the network's core female millennial audience, generate buzz and excitement leading up to premier…
Small Business Saturday 2015 Show Your Love Campaign
In 2010, coming out of the depths of the economic downturn, American Express created Small Business Saturday to help small business owners with their most pressing need – getting more customers. But with Main Street hitting its stride again, American Express needed to shift their message from one of "rebuilding" to a new longer term view, a celebr…
WWE WrestleMania 31
Every year, WWE WrestleMania descends on its host city bringing hundreds of thousands from the WWE Universe to celebrate the biggest event of the year, available worldwide on pay-per-view and WWE Network, our OTT (over-the-top) streaming and on-demand network. The goal of WWE's social and digital campaign around WrestleMania 31, held March 29, 201…


Plum Organics®: Parenting Unfiltered
THE BRANDPlum Organics is a leading innovator with the mission of inspiring a lifetime of healthy eating from the very first bite. Recognized for unique, culinary-inspired recipes and a modern approach to family nutrition, Plum offers a complete line of premium, nutritious, organic baby food, as well as snacks & mealtime solutions for toddlers and kids. Pl…
When newsworthy information creates headlines within the technology industry, the voices that weigh in often come from major industry publications or online news sites. And while these voices contribute greatly to the discussion, the opportunity for engaged influencers to offer their expertise and views in a public forum other than the occasional blog co…
Galvanize our millennial audience with yearly stunt throwing back to nostalgic Disney content and past decades that are back on trend; specifically the 70s, 80s, 90s, and 00s.
Our objective was to create a trending hash tag that would promote Hank's brand new single "Are You Ready For The Country" featuring Eric Church. We wanted to take full advantage of our national TV appearance (opening the 2015 CMA Awards to 14 million viewers) by featuring the hash tag #HANKandERIC on Hank Williams Jr.'s guitar. The hash tag would then take…
At the height of the Ebola outbreak, Vulcan Productions and PCI Media Impact launched the #ISurvivedEbola campaign, a multi-platform campaign comprised of 30 short films featuring individual Ebola survivors from Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone who shared their powerful and personal stories on camera, and in audio for radio, to emphasize the key behaviors …
Liverpool FC & Garuda Indonesia created #MyFirstLFCGame from a shared desire to achieve significant engagement levels, build positive brand awareness, and provide fans with creative license to express their excitement. The campaign utilized multiple platforms and a variety of mediums, as fans shared their excitement of LFC visiting their region on the LFC T…
To celebrate 65 years of racing at Darlington Raceway (Darlington, SC) and the Bojangles' Southern 500 returning to its historic race date on Labor Day weekend, the NASCAR industry rallied around a throwback race weekend. From paint schemes to fire suits and even facial hair, the entire NASCAR community supported the throwback thematic in a big way.NASCAR S…
Xuxa is one of the biggest Brazilian TV hosts of all time. She was a huge success between the 80s and the 90s, mainly because her gigantic appeal with children. She spent her whole career at another TV network, the leading one in the country - and now, in her fifties, she moved to their most significant competitors, Record, to create a more adult, late …
For decades, Minute Maid Orange Juice was the first thing families tasted every morning. It seemed there was a carton or pitcher in every refrigerator. But times had changed. Orange juice was no longer a given. Breakfast wasn't even a given. For the first time, Minute Maid wasn't necessarily a family staple.Minute Maid's goal was to once again become a top-…
16th Annual Latin GRAMMY Awards® - Social Media Celebration
VIDEO: http://latingram.my/social-media-celebration-2015
2015 MTV EMA
The 2015 MTV EMA—billed as 'a cute and badass show'—was the year's biggest international music event, broadcast live from Milan on 60+ international MTV channels. The attention of our target audience—young music lovers around the world—is increasingly difficult to capture, and so our challenge was to create a campaign across platforms that engaged and delig…
A Season of Tradition
U.S. Cellular cares about where our customers live work and play. Our stores are in their communities, we support and employ local people and we provide better coverage in the smaller cities and rural towns than our competitors do. We're not only the provider in the places these people reside, but we're also a part of the local fabric that makes up these co…
Acres and Avenues
Most urban millennials, who have become far removed from the farm, don't really have a sense of where their food comes from, especially when it comes to dairy. While millennials don't think they consume much dairy, it's the foundation of the things they love. With this decrease in dairy's perceived relevance in millennials' lives, sales are on the de…
American Greetings ThankList
American Greetings, a 100+ year old company rooted in meaningful connections, had overtaken Hallmark as the leader in unit sales, but overall growth was flattening and card sales were slowing. Occasion-based card sending still holds some sense of obligation yet those everyday sending moments represented the opportunity (thank you, thinking of you, etc.) But…
Applebee's Taste The Change
Applebee's has been around the social block a time or two. They have the trophies—and a few sexy scars—to prove it. It's that kind of experience and dedication that has enabled them to build one of the most devoted online communities in the business.That kind of success also makes it tempting to rest of one's laurels, but not for Applebee's. They wanted to …
Arby’s Helps Vegetarians Get Through Brown Sugar Bacon Launch
In 2015, Arby's was introducing its newest addition to the menu, Brown Sugar Bacon. Unfortunately, the bacon trend was nothing new and many competitors had already jumped on the bandwagon. To break through the clutter, engage with consumers and possibly even "out bacon" the bacon trend, the brand needed a bold marketing idea, something that toed the line of…
Barber In A Box
Belk Partners with iCrossing and Kenshoo to Drive Triple-Digit Increase in Conversion Rates
Belk, Inc. is a mainline American department store company with nearly 300 stores in 16 Southern states. The company seeks to be the department store of choice by providing superior service and merchandise that meet customers' needs for fashion, value and quality. To better connect and engage with its customers, Belk partnered with marketing engagement agen…
Buffalo Wild Wings Fantasy Football Logos
We wanted to engage Buffalo Wild Wings fans in a more personal way. And provide them with social currency they would both use and share with their social circles.
CAM the Ram: A Journey of Life & Death
CAM the Ram is the official mascot for Colorado State University. A number of Rambouillet sheep have served as the iconic symbol of our institution since CAM got his name in 1954. On September 19, 2015, our beloved CAM died from natural causes. Our social media team took on a unique and challenging mission: Introduce the next CAM while allowing our students…
Chobani - Create. Mix. Enjoy
Create. Mix. Enjoy. was a campaign we launched in partnership with Target, to promote fun and delicious pairings of Chobani Core Single Serve cups with Target private label ingredients. There were a few goals here: help people break out of stale eating patterns & discover exciting, foodie-worthy fare; get consumers to be more imaginative in the ways they ea…
Coca-Cola Journey
In November 2012, The Coca-Cola Company reimagined its traditional corporate website with the launch of Coca-Cola Journey, a resource designed to expand the company's commitment to brand-consumer engagement. For the past three years, Journey's digital magazine-style content strategy has managed to unify Coca-Cola's messaging across digital platforms so t…
Connect The Rainbow
Over time people had forgotten that Skittles is a mix of five different fruity flavors (strawberry, lemon, grape, orange and green apple). We need to put the 'taste' back into the "Taste the Rainbow" brand, so to speak. Ultimately, the objective was to strengthen the association between Skittles and fruity flavors in the minds of consumers.
Emmerdale's #SummerFate
Emmerdale is the small village with big drama. Set against the stunningly beautiful backdrop of the Yorkshire Dales in England, Emmerdale has been successfully running for 43 years, entertaining more than six million viewers a night, six times a week with its mix of dramatic storylines.To compliment a 'must-see' summer channel slate, Emmerdale aired a week …
FNV, powered by the Partnership for a Healthier America, is a cutting edge brand and marketing campaign focused on increasing fruit and vegetable consumption. Through an integrated marketing and advertising campaign that includes TV, in-store, out-of-home, events, radio, print and social media, FNV is using the star power of celebrities, athletes, social me…
Flavorize Me
Just as the saying goes that there's no honor among thieves, it could also be said that there's no loyalty among ice cream eaters. It seems consumers' insatiable appetite for ice cream of all varieties keeps this category churning with players of all shapes and sizes. In order to protect share and promote loyalty, Talenti needed to shift from "an ice cream"…
Ford of Canada – Big Business Social Media 2015
In 2015, Ford of Canada's social media vision was all about the experience. Our goals shifted away from simply strategizing about fan acquisition, and moved towards producing true lifestyle content. We wanted to connect with Ford followers in a meaningful way, and to push the brand far beyond the simple definition of a car manufacturer.To do so, we coined #…
Hulu, The Mindy Project Season 4
GLOW and Hulu's objective for The Mindy Project, the highly popular comedy series making its way from FOX to Hulu as their next original series, was to increase awareness of the premiere airing exclusively on the streaming service.We needed to earn the trust of longtime fans, retain them as advocates, encourage them to continue to follow the show, and that …
La Banda Season 1 – Multiplatform Experience
As part of the highly anticipated premiere of Season 1 of La Banda, a music-based reality competition executive produced by Simon Cowell and Ricky Martin (who also served as a judge), production aimed to immerse fans in a multiplatform experience. With 91% of Univision's viewers watching Univision programming live, the goal was to engage with viewers and c…
Love is On
With a deep heritage based on romance and glamour, Revlon decided to start a revolution in the crowded cosmetics category: one that would celebrate the connection between beauty and love.From the moment she puts on her makeup, Revlon would inspire women with the idea that LOVE IS ON.It wasn't just about looking beautiful, but FEELING beautiful, too. Because…
Marks & Spencer Pass the Parcel
We set our objectives to increase traffic and repeat visits to M&S.com, to galvanise a growth of footfall into store and to increase basket value for customers who interacted with our campaign.Known as 'Pass the Parcel', our campaign gamified a daily interaction with the brand online. Requiring a playfully habitual swipe action or 'unwrap', customers had fi…
Motor Oil Masterpiece
Let's face it: Getting a unique gift for dad is nearly impossible, especially for Father's Day. Finding an original and personal gift for the man who claims to have everything he needs in life is a massive undertaking. Obviously, themed ties are off the table. Golf accessories have reached a ridiculous level worthy of Rodney Dangerfield. And yes, one man C…
Netflix Narcos Social Media Campaign
Traditional television programming allows networks to release information that parallels the show's plot, resulting in a consistent flow of engaged fans week-over-week. However, Netflix releases all episodes at once, which made it necessary to structure our campaign with a focus on keeping audiences engaged past their initial binge. The Netflix original we …
PBS’ Big Blue Live
Surrounding the 3-night event of BIG BLUE LIVE, co-produced with BBC, a live TV broadcast to view the once endangered, now thriving ecosystem of Monterey Bay, California, PBS engaged audiences and influencers via social and digital platforms allowing them to discover and explore the science behind Monterey Bay's amazing environmental comeback, plus gain acc…
Panini America #WhoDoYouCollect
As the leading manufacturer of officially licensed sports trading cards and collectibles, our objective was to create an all-encompassing rallying cry to punctuate our social media posts and our accompanying national television spots. We selected #WhoDoYouCollect because it's powerful and appealing to our existing fans, customers and followers while also re…
Pizza School
In the United States, Domino's competitors have begun to lose sight of what pizza should be, adding more and more crazy items to their menu in hopes of attracting new customers, such as bacon-wrapped crusts, corn chip crumbles, pretzel flavoring, nacho cheese, sugary drizzles, and more. To make matters worse, they also use frozen dough for their "hand-tosse…
Fruit of the Loom is a 160 year old underwear maker best known for one thing: plain white briefs. But the brand has always been innovating stylish underwear. It just needed a fashion makeover. And the typical 'TV spot" wasn't going to cut it. So they created PLASTIQUE, a faux high-end line of clear plastic pants that engaged a fashion audience with unique p…
Remote Inteligente
State Farm partners annually with the Latin Billboard Music Awards to position itself alongside the music category, an over-indexing passion point for Hispanics. In 2015, State Farm wanted to complement its traditional media placements with a new, innovative platform. We wanted to reflect the energy and vibrancy of the event into the media itself. The prima…
Shangri-La: A World Of Christmas Warmth Campaign
This Christmas, we wanted Shangri-La fans to feel the festive cheer – wherever they were on earth. Simultaneously we also wanted to subtly spread the message of Shangri-La's global footprint, whilst growing their Instagram and WeChat channels and fan following.This meant crossing a myriad of markets and platforms, as well as creating images, videos and a va…
Summer of #5TruthorDare
The goal of this cross-platform campaign was to create a cultural "movement" by promoting and socializing #5TruthorDare to revolutionize the traditional game play amongst millennials; make it uniquely 5 Gum Truth or Dare.Leveraging Viacom's full arsenal of marketing asset (high profile show talent, Pulse Real Time Marketing, social talent, custom content ac…
Syfy, 12 Monkeys Season 1
Syfy's 12 Monkeys is a character-driven science fiction thriller about one man's desperate attempt to save mankind using a dangerous and untested method of time travel. Syfy and GLOW's objective around the series launch was to build the world of 12 Monkeys for a new audience by making sense of its complex time-traveling story and supplement the on-air viewi…
Syfy, The Expanse Season 1
GLOW and Syfy's objective for The Expanse, a ten-episode drama set several hundred years in the future after mankind has colonized the solar system, was to develop an integrated, multi-platform marketing campaign that created a must-see level of buzz to drive awareness and tune-in for the inaugural season. Syfy wanted to use The Expanse to convey the networ…
Taco Bell #liVeMAs at the VMAs
Taco Bell set forth to reinforce its presence in the QSR sector, proving that food is not just fuel but an experience that matters at the 2015 VMAs. With a goal of weaving in Live Màs messaging through a program grounded in social across multiple touchpoints, MTV was tasked to bring the campaign to life through a unified message that fed fans' lives with Mà…
The Australian Crowd-Coloured Short Film
Cadbury Australia wanted to take their Marvellous Creations line to a different space from their flagship Dairy Milk range. Until then, our audience did not differentiate between the two — chocolate was just chocolate. But while the classic Dairy Milk is all about flavour and the joy of chocolate, Cadbury wanted to show that Marvellous Creations are fun blo…
The Economist raising eyebrows and subscriptions digital marketing campaign
This campaign, called The Economist brand-response campaign, was about unlocking a new audience for the publication by using creative collateral and thought-provoking content.The classic Economist ads of the past flattered our readers' intelligence. They created a popular brand that is synonymous with peerless intellectualism.But there was a misconception t…
The Gallows Scare Test
Our goal was to create an influencer program to generate interest and excitement around the release of the film The Gallows on July 10th. We wanted to have influential teens drive awareness and in theater views for The Gallows, with a view goal of 1.4MM video views. In order to do this, we worked to create a digital and social experience that broke through …
The Lookbook by Bravo
Bravo fans LOVE Fashion and Beauty. Every week, the Bravo community goes wild discussing every detail of a show from the drama, the scandal –and all the glam! It became apparent our audience wanted more so we set out to create a fashion and beauty experience that was authentic to Bravo. One rich in storytelling, capturing the on-air glam and current market …
The MasterCard Digital & eCommerce Engine: A Revolutionary Convergence
Up until very recently, MasterCard, like its core competitors VISA and American Express, relied on an archaic advertising model to reach its end-consumers. In a B2B category with no access to data on the very consumers using their cards, credit card brands are forced into a traditional media solution borne of generic consumer truths in an effort to create a…
The Royals Marketing Campaign
The multi-pronged campaign for E!'s successful first scripted series, The Royals, was highly innovative, rooted in social media, and resulted in a rabid fan base who dubbed themselves "The Loyals." This digital marketing operation began nearly a year out from the show's March 15, 2015 premiere and leaned into the unique attributes of the series – glamour, e…
The Thank You Note
The holiday season is traditionally filled with giving and cheer, which are two characteristics that align perfectly with the KLM USA brand. Sparkloft Media was tasked with finding a clever way to say "Happy Holidays" to social fans and followers while highlighting the brand's world-class customer service and, of course, bringing the gift of holiday cheer t…
Uncharted: The Power of Dreams -- An UPROXX Original Series, In Partnership with Honda
Honda came to Woven Studios aiming to establish an emotional connection with millennial audiences while extending the reach of their successful Honda Stage music program. It aligned perfectly with UNCHARTED, an original series that finds incredible talent, and breaks them to the world.
Vanderpump Rules Multiplatform Experience
Vanderpump Rules fans don't know the meaning of "last call." So Bravo Digital set out to create an always-on experience that kept fans plugged into their favorite SURvers, even when their show was off air. We activated our stars and show production to keep fans updated on social media while the cameras were rolling, expanded the story on Bravo's Digital pla…
WestJet Christmas Miracle: 12,000 mini miracles
To stand out during holiday season, WestJet brought a memorable and heartwarming experience to both guests and employees alike. Objectives included: Reignite WestJet's equity during the Christmas season Involve every WestJetter across our network Own national media for a day Create, capture and share footage in real-time Release a video highlighting the da…