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Special Project

Special Project
From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards

The Lookbook by Bravo

Finalist in Retail & E-Commerce

Entered in Multi-Platform Campaign, Fashion, Beauty & Luxury


Bravo fans LOVE Fashion and Beauty. Every week, the Bravo community goes wild discussing every detail of a show from the drama, the scandal –and all the glam! It became apparent our audience wanted more so we set out to create a fashion and beauty experience that was authentic to Bravo. One rich in storytelling, capturing the on-air glam and current market fashion/ beauty trends. The Lookbook launched alongside season 2 of Girlfriends Guide to Divorce, a show known for it's fashion and style. The main objective was to create a digital destination that curated the most talked about on-screen fashion and beauty moments that addressed our fans needs while growing Bravo's digital footprint, driving key metrics and creating new revenue opportunities. We looked to provide new ad and partnership integration opportunities including a way to directly tie back to ecommerce and retail sales. It was important for us to cover both on-air and current market trends to give current fans a richer experience while appealing to casual and new fans alike. Our deep integration with production allowed us to capture stories, from our producers, costume designer and cast that brought the fashion and beauty to life – this was key to appeal to fans looking for inspiration and entertainment. We differentiated ourselves in the market by providing a sophisticated shopping experience our fans could see the brands behind their favorite characters, similar styles at various prices and purchase directly from retailers.

Strategy and Execution

A 360 on-air, digital and social plan launched both the Lookbook and season 2 of Girlfriends Guide to Divorce. Each weekcustom on-air promos and in show snipes highlighted notable styles from fashions in show and in-market trends driving to the Lookbook on to learn more. The Lookbook then also covered behind the scenes tips and tricks, insider info from the costume designer, custom digital video content, and an editorial strategy for expanded coverage – and inspiration – driving our fans to click through and explore products or even click to buy. Fans wanted to know "Where did Abby get that dress? How do I get Phoebe's hairstyle" and this provided them a seamless experience where they could browse curated looks and in just one click, purchase.

Bravo introduced a fashion and beauty influencer Sona Gasparian, to host the on-air spots including a custom version that integrated our launch partner, Ulta Beauty. AT the beginning of each week's episode fans were told to lookout for the 'Look of The Night' in that night's show. A snipe in show highlighted the look and then in the next break another customspot reiterated the featured moment and drove fans to The Lookbook for more.

On the digital site, fans could explore further in 'Shop the Look' videos of show highlights and exclusive cast content that allowed fans to see the key looks and click on interactive overlays to explore the product, share onto social or click to buy. All fashion and beauty items were curated – from dresses, jumpsuits, and sunglasses to lipstick and blush – and fans had access to see exactly what was shown on screen or similar styles and complementary pairings for that look. Other content included trend pieces, how-to's, etc that included a similar shoppable experience using interactive images.

The third prong of the strategy was engaging the audience on social platforms. Each week featured looks were posted on social where fans loved commenting about their styles.

"Omg Delia's red dress, swoooon. Phoebe's hairstyle is on point."

This social activation was timed to capture fans as they caught up on their shows during the weekend providing a secondary spike in traffic every week.

This multi-platform experience helped establish The Lookbook amongst our most successful and best performing digital content experiences. The success in part can be attributed to the approach we took.


With The Lookbook, fans become true Bravo Insiders with first hand access to curated fashion meant to inspire fans and create a seamless shopping experience.

Since launch, The Lookbook has seen 91% growth in page views, 120% growth in uniques and 118% in visits.

With 5.4 visits per unique and 2.5 page visits per visitor in the first 5 weeks, our fans made The Lookbook part of their weekly routine. The experience also drives multiple engagements per user with our average user interacting with 4.2 individual products each visit. Of these 4 products, users then click to "buy" 50% of the time (2 of the 4 products).

Based on the success of The Lookbook and the exceptional results, Bravo is continuing to commit to The Lookbook with the fashion and beauty content our fans crave. Bravo's foray into shoppable content is also being used as an example across the NBC Portfolio of how to create effective shoppable editorial and develop potential new revenue streams.


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