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Entered in Multi-Platform Campaign


FNV, powered by the Partnership for a Healthier America, is a cutting edge brand and marketing campaign focused on increasing fruit and vegetable consumption. Through an integrated marketing and advertising campaign that includes TV, in-store, out-of-home, events, radio, print and social media, FNV is using the star power of celebrities, athletes, social media stars, actors and more, alongside a refreshingly self-aware tone to market fruits and vegetables the way big brands market their products. We are helping to shine the spotlight on healthier options by employing the same marketing strategies that have been so successful for leading companies over the years, all in an effort to increase consumption of fruits and vegetables. After all, why should they get to have all the fun?

On social media, FNV has created and curated inspiring content that drives brand love and ultimately helps achieve the overall goal of motivating teens to increase their love for fruits & veggies. Our goal starting out was to meet our target audience, Millennial teens and moms, on their turf and according to their terms, with content that is topical and shareable within their tight knit circles.

Strategy and Execution

Time and time again, research has shown that video and visually appealing graphics drive the day on social. But fruits and veggies are nowhere in sight, so in order to be relevant, we chose to amp up the creative and focus on engaging our target audience using the following platforms:

Instagram and Tumblr: Create and curate highly visual and sharable FNV content

Facebook and Twitter: Curate and share FNV news and celebrity content and participate in real-time and ongoing cultural conversations

Snapchat and YouTube - Demonstrate FNV's socially innovative spirit

From the start, we have used the strengths of each platform, tailoring our messages and using an always-on, data-driven and reactionary approach to social media, constantly evolving and optimizing along the way.

On Facebook and Instagram we focus on culturally relevant and shareable interactive content that is as polished and professional looking as that of a big, flashy brand. We subscribe to the "if you cant beat 'em, join 'em" philosophy and unabashedly act like fruits and veggies belong among the biggest, baddest brands on social. We capitalize on the connectivity of social media to have two way conversations with other big brands and celebrities, incorporating them into our content, tagging them, or responding to their content in our self-aware and irreverent voice.

On Twitter, we found that our target audience seeks out the same type of content as adults – small bits of news, quick information or a quick laugh. Reusing our longer form content from other channels wasn't working. So we adjusted our strategy to more simple, easily digestible tweets. In November 2015, we launched Snapchat in conjunction with FNV Live, a live event in one of our key markets. We discovered a need to interact and converse with the event attendees, and chose to utilize Snapchat for its unique ability to target only those interested in digitally engaging in the event. Fortunately, the stadium of high school and college students were well-versed in the ways of Snapchat and appreciated the quick and easy way to engage with Team FNV throughout the event. Utilizing Snapchat gave our audience access to behind-the-scenes content, prizes to unlock, and a fun and exclusive way to interact with FNV.


By paying close attention to what works and what doesn't, and adjusting accordingly, FNV has been able to find and refine one tone of voice that can play across multiple platforms. We know we have done this successfully because of our analytics.

FNV has been able to maintain and grow engagement while also growing our fan base. Despite changing platform algorithms, we've maintained high engagement rates thanks to our reactive strategy. FNV is a fresh new brand that didn't exist a year ago, and now we not only have a multi-platform social presence, but real engagement that exceeds industry standards.

Facebook: 3.33% vs. industry standard: 0.65%

Twitter: 2.68% vs. industry standard: 0.07%

Instagram: 7.85% vs. industry standard: 3.3%

On Snapchat, we gained 504 new followers from the promotion done only at one local event with 4,100 attendees, which translates to a conversion rate of about 12%.

Finally, by strategically utilizing and engaging our Team FNV celebrities, ranging from Serena Williams, Gabrielle Union, Jordin Sparks, Ashanti and Jessica Alba, we've see our engagement rates nearly double. In particular, a post featuring and re-posted by PHA's honorary chairwoman, First Lady Michelle Obama, had a 7.7% engagement rate on Twitter and 6.2% engagement rate on Facebook.


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