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Special Project

Special Project
From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards

#NewWords -

Winner in Multi-Platform Campaign


At least twice yearly, unveils a list of words that have been newly added to its dictionary, based on their increased usage or cultural significance. In November 2015, the company partnered with Collab to produce's first ever video campaign that aimed to capture the essence of its latest package of new words. Many of the words added at this time first gained prominence on social media platforms – for example: fleek, yaaas, feels, facepalm, TBH and doge – illustrating how social media and digital culture in particular affect our communication and ever-evolving language.

The goal of the campaign was to drive brand awareness, attract new audiences, promote app installs, and increase website traffic.

Strategy and Execution

Collab identified and curated a diverse set of influencers on's behalf that played to the strengths of the selected talents' audiences, ultimately activating seven influencers for the #NewWords campaign.

Influencers were invited to Collab's in-house studio to record their interpretations of the new words added, which included 'YAAAS', 'RESPAWN', 'SRIRACHA', 'PR0N', 'DRUNK TEXT', 'CHILLAX', and 'FEELS.' Collab's in-house graphics team animated modern visuals to enhance the expressiveness of the videos and provide visual context to influencer interpretation.

For one week, influencers shared these videos across their social platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. In addition, posted to their social media channels and promoted the videos via the home page


The campaign reached 2.9 million followers across selected talent, garnering 95.8K total views within the first week, which have continued to grow.

Within the first week, the influencer posts garnered a total engagement of 54.5K+, which translates to 56%+ engagement.'s channel's grew 16% across the board. also saw four times more engagement than usual on overall posts on their platform.

The campaign was featured on Streamdaily, Campaign Live, and Tubefilter.

• Streamdaily - Digital Talent Takes Viewers through the Dictionary -

• Campaign Live - 'Yaas! Ups Slang Engagement with Social Media Celebs -

• Tubefilter - Asks Social Media Stars to Define Neologisms


Video for #NewWords -

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