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Summer of #5TruthorDare

Entered in Influencer & Celebrity Campaign, Multi-Platform Campaign


The goal of this cross-platform campaign was to create a cultural "movement" by promoting and socializing #5TruthorDare to revolutionize the traditional game play amongst millennials; make it uniquely 5 Gum Truth or Dare.

Leveraging Viacom's full arsenal of marketing asset (high profile show talent, Pulse Real Time Marketing, social talent, custom content across screens/channels, MTV social platform (Echo), Twitter Amplify, digital ad products, mtvU sampling), we created brand awareness, brand lift and brand affinity for 5 Gum during two distinct key promotional periods immediately before and after the MTV Video Music Awards - the biggest millennial event of the year.

Strategy and Execution

To engage the fans, we tapped into MTV's most popular show talent - Tyler Posey (Teen Wolf), Jillian Rose Reed (Awkward) and Katie Stevens (Faking It) - to create custom promo spots featuring game play. The spots also featured social talent Ricky Dillon so that he could support across his social platforms. Spots were featured on-air, supported online and pushed out socially.

As part of the Pulse Real Time Marketing program, we created a custom editorial videos featuring real time pop culture newsworthy moments titled "Big Truths or Most Daring Moments of the Week" presented by 5 Gum. For eight weeks, we deployed and promoted the series, leveraging all social channels; ours (MTV, mtvU, MTV News), theirs (5 Gum) and others (Tyler, Jillian, Katie, Ricky, Carly) to create a mass social "blanket" of chatter around the brand's hashtag and game play.

As a result, multiple pieces of video content were created.

-3x :45 custom co-branded MTV show promo spots versioned and refreshed to run across two flight periods

-4x :30 custom MTVu hosted segments featuring channel talent playing 5 Gum Truth or Dare on college campuses

-2x custom YouTube videos from Ricky Dillon, promoted and supported across social channels

-8x weekly custom editorial video series titled "Most Daring" or "Big Truth" Moments of the Week

-5x custom editorial articles supporting the weekly video series embedded

-1x custom ad unit promoting the weekly video series and also incorporating 5 Gum Truth or Dare game play for fans

Heavy editorial and social support not only by MTV but also supported by talent:

-22x FB posts

-10x Instagram posts

-7x YouTube videos

-65x Tweets


Overwhelming and unexpected social (Echo) results given this was a campaign rooted in programming and not a special event proved this campaign to be effective even reaching some international fans.

-This campaign garnered an impressive Overall Reach of 127M impressions. These are impressions across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

-During the campaign, fans engaged with the campaign an overwhelming total of 876,665 times through likes, comments, shares, retweets, favorites, dislikes, reblogs and organic creation of tweets and posts across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Tumblr.

-5TruthorDare was mentioned close to 20K times in organic social posts

-The Piece of Content relating to 5 Gum's Summer Program to receive the most engagements thus far is Ricky Dillon's Instagram posts with Tyler Posey. To date, this post has garnered a total of 130,027 likes and comments.

-All 8 pieces of Top Content ranked by engagement across social originated from partnership content. This highlights MTV's ability to connect talent with fans and create content that resonates with its audience.

-Ricky Dillon's first YouTube video for this campaign is still garnering views - 840K+ views

-Out of the entire campaign conversation across Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Tumblr, 5 Gum's hashtag #5TruthOrDare has been mentioned 11,854 times, @RickyPDillon has garnered 11,881 mentions and the word MTV has 6,775 mentions

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