Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.

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Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.


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From the 9th Annual Shorty Awards Best use of Branded Content

This award honors those most effective and creative incorporation of branded content by a brand, agency or organization.


Skipping Ads
Hotels.com is the obvious choice for booking hotels and in the US they have been using their biggest fan, Captain Obvious, as an obvious-speaking brand advocate. In mid-2016 we took Captain Obvious across the pond and introduced him to the awesome people of Great Britain. It's actually not a pond, it's an ocean.
From Deadpool with Love
The amount of superhero movies is overwhelming; it's becoming more and more difficult to get a super-powered protagonist noticed. We needed to find a way to access the full reach of Viacom's social footprint to speak to men, women, comic book fans and those who've never picked one up – and build universal attention to turn an intriguing release in…
AT&T Hello Lab: A Year Long Bi-Directional Branded Content Program
In 2016, multiple studies showed that young consumers were seeking out brands that they saw as "new," "trendsetting," and "innovative." Unfortunately for wireless carriers like AT&T, these young consumers tend to give most of the "innovation" credit to the companies that make the devices, not the networks that run them. Overwhelmed by a lack of di…
PepsiCo installed Spire digital beverage fountains in all 2,700+ SUBWAY locations across Canada, making it the largest Spire market in the world. Spire is not your ordinary piece of equipment – it unlocks a completely new way to enjoy your beverage. Spire is a beverage experience. It brings to life the art of mixology with an elevated design, digi…
Captain Obvious Race for President
Finding and booking a place to stay is the worst part of the travel experience. With an online travel category plagued by parity and the constant fear of getting it wrong, consumers find themselves spending hours searching. Frustration and the feeling of surrender once they finally book is rife. To provide some clarity and prove that Hotels.com is…


Degree Women and INSTANT #SeizetheMotion
As the exclusive launch partner of INSTANT -- Time Inc.'s new video platform dedicated entirely to social media celebrities known as "the new famous" -- Degree Women tapped the editorial brand to conceptualize and produce a six-month series of native and branded videos that increased awareness among millennial "Movers" that Degree was the brand to fit their…
JBL x NBA  – The NBA Draft #JBLDraftSuit.
JBL is the Official Sound of the NBA and typically signs a few of the key Draft players to be a part of #TeamJBL. The main goal was to increase awareness of the partnership & drive cultural relevancy for JBL within NBA culture. Additionally, the content needed to increase social engagement for JBL and ultimately drive sales of JBL headphones and portables. …
"Life in Style"
Align with key lifestyle influencers to promote Dove's new 'Dry Spray' deodorant amongst millennial women in a positive content environment.
"Not a Fairy Tale RPG" Social Media campaign for Banner Saga 2
Banner Saga is an independently developed turn-based role playing video game set in a stunning fantasy Viking world on the brink of disaster. As the player, the choices you make in the game can sometimes have serious and devastating consequences. This is a key feature of the gameplay and an 'emotion' we wanted to capture in this social media campaign. Th…
#CatsOnAPlane | Thomas Cook Airlines
Catch was tasked with creating a disruptive social campaign for the Thomas Cook Airlines Group, which includes Thomas Cook Airlines UK and its sister airline Condor in Germany. The campaign objective was to increase social engagement and show how both airlines 'put the fun back into flying' during one of the peak booking periods of the year. The brief re…
#KITKATCHALLENGE musical.ly campaign
In November 2016, Kit Kat partnered with musical.ly and their agency Collab to launch a program to promote the four-day musical #KitKatChallenge, an extension of Anomaly's Chance the (W)rapper campaign that remixed the classic Kit Kat jingle. It was the first brand integration for musical.ly with an iconic chocolate brand, and non-beverage CPG brand.The goa…
2016's summer's European Championship saw UNIBET go head-to-head with the other giants of the category.A tournament this size, that generates this amount of excitement can make or break your year. But everybody knows this. So everybody goes BIG.They go BIG with their offers.They go BIG with their traditional media spend.And in the end, everybody's BIG TV sp…
The objective of the #feelgoods campaign video was to introduce the benefits of a2 milk to an audience already dubious of milk and disrupt the essence of one of the world's most established CPG markets.As an unknown quantity in a crowded market with complex product benefits and the staggering growth of milk alternatives, multiple stories had to be told at o…
@Midnight Night Showdown- Honda
On Leap Day 2016, Comedy Central hosted a never-been-done-before, star-studded Late Night Showdown episode of hit show @midnight, sponsored by Honda Civic. The network and Honda wanted to ensure that people knew not to miss this special episode of the show, and also that Honda Civic was the driving force behind it. The goal was to bring bring together talen…
A Bullseye View: Behind the Scenes at Target
A Bullseye View is Target's corporate website, a single information destination for anyone interested in the retailer, including Target guests, prospective and current team members, influencers, media, stakeholders and investors/shareholders.The centerpiece of A Bullseye View is company news and features in the form of articles, interviews, photo slideshows…
Our #CARRYLIGHT campaign is aimed to empower and connect individuals to the history and symbolism of the Statue of Liberty, as well as themselves. With the introduction of our LIBERTY COPPER Collection, ALEX AND ANI wanted to encourage consumers to draw inspiration from Lady Liberty, and recognize the light they bring to the world. We asked people to answer…
Adobe Collabograms
Adobe Photoshop asked us to revamp their social media content in 2016 with a campaign that's innovative, youthful, engaging and drives loyalty for Photoshop brand. To do this we set clear goals to:Increase brand affinity by fostering more meaningful engagement. Tell more stories about solutions instead of features. Increase the number of young people in our…
Audi - The Comeback
Background:Audi asked us to showcase: The RS7 piloted driving concept. Vehicle automation was in the midst of a heated debate focussing on obstacles over opportunities.
Branded Content - Coachified Video
The Tough Mudder Coachified video series launched in June 2015 to increase engagement with the brand's core audience, while reaching a whole new segment of fitness and active lifestyle enthusiasts through an innovative and creative way. The company identified quirky, mustached "Coach" -- Tough Mudder's Official Trainer -- as the series host because of his i…
Briggs & Stratton: You.Powered.
Briggs & Stratton, the world's largest manufacturer of small engines for outdoor power equipment, knew reaching beyond existing core users was critical to the future growth of the company. To reach a new, younger audience the team at Briggs & Stratton tasked its agency, Lindsay, Stone & Briggs, to launch a new brand positioning - You.Powered. – in a meaning…
CSR2: Ultimate Racing Challenge
A global phenomenon, CSR is one of the top, racing mobile games on the market with over 190 million downloads to date. Building off the success of the first instalment, the campaign's objective was to drive excitement and awareness for the sequel, re-engage players of the original CSR game title, while acquiring new players and driving game installs. Target…
Care Counts
Every day in America, thousands of kids miss school because they lack one simple thing: clean clothes.Kids who regularly miss school are 7 times more likely to drop out.Kids who drop out have a 40% higher unemployment rate, are 70% more likely to be on welfare, and are 8 times more likely to go to prison.As a brand, Whirlpool celebrates the value of the sim…
Cricket Wireless’ Unexpected John Cena Prank
In 2016, Cricket Wireless and WWE teamed up in a multi-year sponsorship agreement. As part of the agreement, WWE Superstar John Cena® served as a Cricket brand ambassador, promoting the sponsorship through social and digital media. Cricket launched a viral video featuring John Cena in order to amplify the sponsorship and drive brand awareness, consideration…
DC Rebirth Launch
In 2016, DC Entertainment unleashed one of the biggest line-wide comic book relaunches with an event called Rebirth. While not a reboot, the initiative reinvigorated DC's books, brought characters back to basics, and delivered something fans had long wanted more of: hope. However, the brand faced a challenge: Dubious fans had been burned by similar events b…
Dole Packaged Foods - Social Media Content
Social Control teamed up with Dole just as the brand was re-launching as Dole Sunshine. We needed to make sure that our content strategy could stay fluid and adaptable through all of the changes going on at the company, while still engaging with the consumer. Keeping that in mind, we created a strategic approach that revolved around creating quirky, fun, re…
Drones: Reporting for Work
Overview:In March of 2016, Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research division released an extensive report outlining the predictions and rising opportunities within the consumer, military, commercial and civil drones /or UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle) markets. Grounded in thought leadership, the report explained, through a series of statistical analyses, the…
Go To College Music Video
Grow awareness and support for former First Lady Michelle Obama's "Better Make Room" campaign."Better Make Room" was developed by as a response to slipping college graduation rates across the US. The purpose of the campaign is to encourage students ages 14-19 go to college and help them navigate the complex process of admissions and financial aid. "Better M…
Going Off the Menu
With the success of Top Chef and its companion digital series, Last Chance Kitchen, in mind, Bravo wanted to serve up an entirely new stand-alone digital original series around food. Going Off the Menu uncovers the most delicious —and above all, top secret —food and drink adventures the underground restaurant scene has to offer. For our sponsor, Toyota, we …
Hearthstone Murloc Holiday Celebration
Wish the Hearthstone community happy holidays in the universal language of MRRRRRRGGGGLLLL!
Honda "Serial One"
Serial One was the first Honda automobile imported to the U.S. Appropriately named after discovering its vehicle identification number, N600-1000001, Serial One was amongst the first Honda test vehicles for America. It was destined for the scrap heap, but, through fate, found its way to Tim Mings, the only full-time N600 mechanic in the world. We took this …
Häagen-Dazs Elevates Ice Cream with NYC Millennials
The primary objective of this campaign was to highlight the in a fun and accessible, yet aspiration way, the Häagen-Dazs BOGO (buy one get one) promotions and sampling events at Duane Reade and Walgreens stores in New York City.The campaign was charged with reminding New Yorkers that summer just isn't the same without ice cream. In order to get the most out…
Jessica Nigri and Onyx at BlizzCon
Make the launch of Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Hearthstone's most successful expansion launch ever.
Lost Recipes
McCormick's position as a market leader during the holiday season was being threatened by private label spice brands and lower cost competitors. To consumers, all spices provided the same benefit, and they didn't understand what a difference buying McCormick could make in the flavor of their holiday meals.McCormick makes the purest herbs and spices, which t…
OREO Goes Live on Hairspray
Our objective was to leverage the nostalgia of the OREO brand to help celebrate and strengthen OREO cookie's core consumption ritual with milk, and get people to rediscover the wonder of dunking.Mondelez wanted to find a unique way to celebrate the ritual and wonder of dunking an OREO cookie in milk, while working in tandem with Nabisco's 115th anniversary …
Old Navy’s “Get Instant Happy” Rap with Gaten Matarazzo
For Old Navy's 2016 Black Friday campaign, we launched a week of giveaways, coined "Instant Happy." The prizing structure was complex, with a combination of cash ($100,000 per day) plus partner prizes, and we needed a piece of content that would clearly explain the giveaways, while also playing on the brand's unique wink and humor. Our goal was to create a…
Ozarka Spring Water Docu-series
Increase brand affinity and recognition that Ozarka Spring Water is an authentic regional brand, sourced and sold in Texas.Directly engage Texans.
PEOPLE & Milk Life – Fueled By Family
Milk Life approached PEOPLE in early 2016 with a mission to amplify their already successful partnership with Team USA and the Summer Olympics, but made it clear they were relying on PEOPLE's editorial voice to draw in and engage users. PEOPLE's access to talent/celebrities made the campaign as visible and buzz-worthy as possible, paired with the creative a…
Poland Spring Water Docu-Series
Increase brand affinity and recognition that Poland Spring Water is an authentic regional brand, sourced in Maine and sold only in the Northeast. Directly engage with the people of the Northeast.
Royal Basmati Social Media Content
When we began working with Royal Basmati Rice, they had no established online presence whatsoever. They also wanted us to stress focus on just one product – Basmati rice. Keeping these two challenges in mind, Social Control set out to create an aligned strategy that would engage and educate Royal's mainstream audience while still catering to their core, eth…
STUBBORN SODA® bottles launched in September, 2016, a line of crafted, boldly flavored sodas made with unexpected flavor combinations. The brand is appropriately named STUBBORN as it doesn't compromise on its ingredients, flavors or experience; never using High Fructose Corn Syrup, Artificial Sweeteners or flavors, and only selecting unexpected, tasty combi…
Starcom & Man at Arms: Reforged
After a strong showing at E3, where EA and DICE's Battlefield 1 received five Best of E3 Game Critics Awards, the game's Q4 release still faced a lot of stiff competition from other publisher's AAA game titles. Battlefield is a premier shooter franchise, but it was still essential for the upcoming release to stand out in order to drive strong holiday sales.…
Stranger Things Social Campaign
Netflix's "Stranger Things" serves as a tribute to the 80s classics that captivated a generation. The acclaimed series chronicles the small-town search for a young boy suddenly gone missing. His friends and family are drawn into a larger mystery involving government experiments, supernatural forces, and one very strange little girl. Embracing everyone's lov…
Suits and Eater: Power Lunch With Meghan Markle presented by Lexus
For Season 6.0 of USA Network’s hit drama Suits, Lexus returned as a sponsor, marking the 6th year of partnership between the brand and the series. Building upon the previous year’s #SuitsInspiration campaign, USA Network enlisted Meghan Markle—star of Suits and an inspired food and lifestyle tastemaker— and partnered with Vox media’s Eater to create comp…
Tasting Table Content Studio: "Make It A Moment"
As a previous partner, National Pork Board (NPB) worked with Tasting Table (TT) to create custom recipes and food-forward, "hands + pans"-style videos. In 2016, TT was charged with creating social-forward, lifestyle videos that positioned Pork as the star of any moment, with an emphasis on the serving moment.TT created Make It A Moment, a 4-part, stop-motio…
Tesco Father's Day: Tannoy Takeover
Father's Day in 2016 fell bang in the middle of a hectic summer of big trading events that included both the Euros and Olympics. Because of it's summertime scheduling It's often seen as a low key event, with only 16% saying their family do something special on the day. It also appears to dramatically underperform against mother's day. This was reflected in …
The Adventures of Little Brush Big Brush
Signal's key objective was to get more families with young kids brushing their teeth at night, as research showed a high percentage of this audience only brushed once a day in the mornings. Brushing twice a day, especially at night, has huge implications on people's oral health, but even though families know the benefits, they still weren't doing it. We dug…
The Citi Double Cash Card & Buzzfeed Means What It Says Holiday Cards
For 2016, we tasked ourselves with developing a new campaign to build upon the success of the Double Cash card launch. We set out to create a new, emotionally based, value proposition for Double Cash – that went beyond product features and focused on a bigger brand ethos.We developed a big idea: A "give it to me straight" position that serves as an antidote…
The Coca-Cola Company: JourneyxJourney
JourneyxJourney, sent two Millennial brand journalists from the Coca-Cola Journey team on a cross-country road trip to discover, capture and amplify stories about the company's deep ties to American culture. Connecting with audiences by creating innovative brand journalism was the inspiration. Audiences included not only consumers, but also journalists, emp…
Victory Ballad
EA approached us to create Snapchat ads that prove there's "no win like a Madden win" and to utilize their new tagline "Take Your Team All The Way." In addition to creating content to captivate the Comedy Central Discover audience and Madden fans, we also had to adhere to Snapchat's policies and get their blessing of our concept and execution, since they ar…
WWE Fantasy Draft
On the night of July 19, 2016, the WWE landscape changed dramatically with the Official WWE Draft. Yet before the respective brand leaders of WWE Raw and WWE SmackDown Live picked their Superstars during a live TV broadcast on USA Network, WWE fans already had the power in their hands for weeks on end, thanks to WWE.com's one-of-a-kind Fantasy Draft tool.Wi…
What If Bears Killed One In Five People?
One in five women will be sexually assaulted by the time they finish college. Stats like this can be difficult to comprehend, easily swept aside or worse, simply be ignored.With such an important message at stake it was our goal to work with ItsOnUs.Org to raise awareness regarding the issue and ultimately make men and women more self-conscious about the re…
Why Anita Hill Matters
"Why Anita Hill Matters" sought to educate viewers about the significance and lasting effects of Anita Hill's testimony at Clarence Thomas' Supreme Court confirmation hearing. The video aimed to introduce those who have never heard of Anita Hill to her legacy while also deepening and expanding the knowledge of those who remember her groundbreaking testimony…
Why I Make
Objective: To create branded content that effectively promotes Dremel's mission of empowering people to complete creative and fulfilling projects to make their home, lives and world a better and more personal place.Since 1934, long before the most recent Maker Movement, Dremel has been the brand for Makers, helping people accomplish their creative and DIY p…
XFINITY Movers Edge x BuzzFeed
To ease the hassle of moving, XFINITY partnered with BuzzFeed to launch a multi-platform marketing campaign for its "Movers Edge" service, available to Xfinity subscribers. The program kicked off in June 2016 and aimed to reach the increased number of Millennials moving for work, school and/or family. It's difficult to reach and activate millennial movers w…
Zephyrhills Spring Water Docu-series
Increase brand affinity and recognition that Zephyrhills Spring Water is an authentic regional brand, sourced and sold in Florida.Directly engage with Flordians.