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A Bullseye View: Behind the Scenes at Target

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A Bullseye View is Target's corporate website, a single information destination for anyone interested in the retailer, including Target guests, prospective and current team members, influencers, media, stakeholders and investors/shareholders.

The centerpiece of A Bullseye View is company news and features in the form of articles, interviews, photo slideshows, videos and graphics. New content is published every weekday.

On any given day, A Bullseye View must illustrate how Target is turning its purpose, beliefs, strategic priorities and brand into action; even a cursory glance at the headlines should provide a solid understanding of what Target stands for in that moment— and convey a sense of forward movement and possibility.

Strategy and Execution

Maintaining an accurate snapshot of Target through our content means constantly evaluating business priorities to strike the right balance of topics on the site each week. We always ask: Does A Bullseye View reflect who Target is and what Target cares about right now?

Each piece of daily content serves a purpose, generally falling into four categories:

Breaking news

Lifestyle stories that inspire, inform or educate readers with a focus on Target's priority categories

Content that positions Target, its culture, purpose and beliefs, as leaders in the industry

Informative evergreen corporate content that engages with key stakeholders (e.g., job candidates, the media, NGOs, investors)

Every piece of daily content on A Bullseye View:

Reflects current business priorities and brings strategies to life in a distinctly ABV way

Feels like Target and has as real connection to the brand

Offers something you can't find anywhere else

Makes readers feel like Target insiders

Moves readers to act—through social sharing, writing an article, etc.

Where possible, tell stories to humanize Target, its leadership and its partners

A Bullseye View tells visitors what Target stands for in real-time. Its voice is always optimistic and informative, but it also exists on a spectrum between casual and formal. That range helps us appropriately match tone to the wide array of topics covered in a given week: more formal language is reserved for corporate announcements while casual copy can be used for relatable lifestyle pieces.

We believe this unconventional approach to a corporate website and brand content offers an infinitely more engaging approach to company storytelling and bettrer represents the Target brand. It's certainly in keeping with that surprise-and-delight tradition that has set Target apart from other mass retailers during its 50+ year history.


Our team produces up to three new editorial posts daily, five times a week. A Bullseye View on average receives 2.5 million pageviews spread across 1.6 million sessions monthly, in line with established Target Communications traffic goals.


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