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Adobe Collabograms

Entered in Branded Content


Adobe Photoshop asked us to revamp their social media content in 2016 with a campaign that's innovative, youthful, engaging and drives loyalty for Photoshop brand. To do this we set clear goals to:

Strategy and Execution

Nothing is more dangerous than playing it safe—when it comes to creativity, that is. Often, the best ideas are inspired by a new point of view. And being forced out of one's comfort zone, to see through someone else's eyes, can be the very thing that breaks down creative boundaries.

But to find a fresh perspective, you first have to push yourself. It can be uncomfortable, challenging, and scary, but you must want to see the world differently tomorrow than you saw it today. For more than 25 years, Photoshop has allowed us to reinterpret the world we live in and imagine what the future can be. It's up to us to be bold enough to see the opportunity in seeing things differently.

To prove our point, we created #Collabograms, a three-part video series in which we pair unlikely duos, who specialize in different art forms, and challenge them to create something truly unique.

Our first Collabograms featured a traditional sign painter and stained-glass artist who crafted a 10ft homage to heavy metal legend and lead singer of Motorhead, Lemmy Kilmister. Our second Collabograms starred an illustrator from Hungary and a cake artist from Canada who crafted a complex cake masterpiece depicting Mermaids taking selfies. Our final Collabograms showcased a metal sculptor from Mexico and an embroidery artist from South Africa who combined their contrasting skills to weld and weave an intricate metal scorpion beautifully adorned with thread.

Throughout the program, the artists were relentless advocates for authenticity, without exception. It was this authenticity that set Collabograms apart from the usual humdrum of brand campaigns. The fact these stories involved no use of Photoshop ensured the whole program centered around celebrating creativity in its purest form. There is no trace of a marketing/advertising agenda, Photoshop was there to support creativity, artists and the beauty of collaboration.

Collabograms, developed to thrive primarily on Instagram, performed incredibly across all of the Photoshop social channels, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and the Adobe Photoshop Blog.


Goal vs Results:

Increase brand affinity by fostering more meaningful engagement

Tell more stories about solutions instead of features

Increase the number of young people in our social audience who are new to our products

Provide inspiration for our audience of passionate creatives.


Video for Adobe Collabograms

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Edelman, Adobe


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