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Go To College Music Video

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Grow awareness and support for former First Lady Michelle Obama's "Better Make Room" campaign.

"Better Make Room" was developed by as a response to slipping college graduation rates across the US. The purpose of the campaign is to encourage students ages 14-19 go to college and help them navigate the complex process of admissions and financial aid.

"Better Make Room" is about creating a space for all the great things you'll do next. It's about staking a claim, forging a path and lighting the way for others just like you. And it's a lot more fun to get there together. Take the next step: Get a better education, have a better career, imagine a better future and live a better life. You're about to arrive—and the world Better Make Room

Strategy and Execution

If asked "what jobs need to have a college education?" Most would be quick to name doctor, lawyer, engineer, or scientist. But college isn't limited to being important to a few professions. The truth is, no matter what you want to do, college is instrumental in making it a reality.

To take this serious topic on we had to make something that was approachable, shareable and most importantly memorable. By getting of all people, the former First Lady Michelle Obama to participate, the video was surprising, shocking and highly shareable.

Our final creative was a two-minute rap video that touts the benefits of higher education titled "Go to College" featuring Michelle Obama and "Saturday Night Live" star Jay Pharoah.


The video was a massive success with over 1 Billion total potential PR reach based on UMV (unique monthly visitors), 4.7MM video views and a staggering $9.4 Million in Advertising Value Equivalent.

#FLOTUSBARS became a hashtag meme unto itself. And the story was picked up by BuzzFeed, HuffingtonPost, Vibe, Time, Mashable, USA Today and more.


Video for Go To College Music Video

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