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Branded Content - Coachified Video

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The Tough Mudder Coachified video series launched in June 2015 to increase engagement with the brand's core audience, while reaching a whole new segment of fitness and active lifestyle enthusiasts through an innovative and creative way. The company identified quirky, mustached "Coach" -- Tough Mudder's Official Trainer -- as the series host because of his irreverence, personality, dedication and commitment to Tough Mudder. These are traits consumers resonate and identify with. The goal was to create a presence on YouTube, increase engagement on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and engage key audiences in a unique way. All the while, the effort creates buzz for the brand with a steady cadence of content.

Strategy and Execution

Tough Mudder events create an environment where participants can push themselves out of their comfort zone. The Coachified Series, which features official trainer, "Coach" Kyle Railton attempts to force people out of their comfort zone while exploring continued diversification of the Tough Mudder brand including fitness, training, nutrition, health, lifestyle and adventure.

The newly launched Coachified series addresses barriers, engages a diverse audience and represents the teamwork and camaraderie that makes Tough Mudder events inspiring, accessible and exhilarating for all involved.

By activating the web series through email newsletters, word-of-mouth, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, we successfully drove web traffic to the Tough Mudder YouTube channel to develop and grow an engaged audience. Each week thousands of viewers tune in to YouTube to watch Coachified, and hundreds of thousands of viewers watch and engage through likes, shares, comments and more across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


In 2016, Tough Mudder put an emphasis on the multi-platform video ecosystem to further grow the brand by tapping into where more and more viewers are consuming their video content.

The Coachified content strategy drove significant engagement across a wide swath of non-linear platforms as Tough Mudder leveraged their events, fitness and training expertise, and community to create engaging content and tell inspirational stories to spread messages around courage, accomplishment, teamwork, and fun (Tough Mudder ideals). Premiering on Tuesdays, the Coachified series has become a key part to Tough Mudder's rising success on social platforms.

On Facebook, the 2016 fitness and training "Coachified" series featuring Kyle Railton – popularly known as "Coach" Kyle Railton garnered more than 7.9M views – approximately 295,000 views per video. The social actions/posts (total of comments, likes, shares) for these Facebook videos totaled over 45,000. In total, the videos had a reach of 18 million. Through YouTube, the Coachified series totaled over 187,000 views in 2016 – approximately 7,000 views per video.


Video for Branded Content - Coachified Video

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Tough Mudder, Inc.