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HSBC Singapore Rugby Sevens Series

Entered in Brand Awareness Campaign, Branded Content


The Problem

The excessive amount of advertising messages consumers receive every day contributes to advertising clutter, which in turn, leads to advertising avoidance and creates a negative predisposition towards consuming advertisement messages.

How can HSBC effectively distinguish ourselves from the advertising clutter, strategically positioning the HSBC-sponsored Rugby Sevens Series tournament and set ourselves apart from competitors in innovative and creative ways?


Our core objective is to create a compelling and distinctive OOH for our HSBC-sponsored Rugby Sevens Series tournament that captures the audience's attention in cost-effective ways.

We want to ignite their passion for the sport and cultivate lasting memories and positive associations with the tournament by bringing the excitement of the games directly to them. We needed to think outside the box and embrace different approaches to target our audiences and leave a lasting impression. Striking a balance between creativity and cost-effectiveness, our efforts needed to make us stand out, but also align with our financial constraints.



Static displays, limited to two-dimensional visuals, lack the dynamism and interactivity required to engage viewers on a deeper level.

Given the prevailing numbness towards traditional 2D advertising, it became imperative to seek an approach that not only stands out but also creates a significant impact, enabling us to effectively engage and retain the attention of viewers.

With the help of the 3D OOH Billboard, we harnessed its dynamic and interactive capabilities to create an experience that leave a lasting impression, forging deep connections with the audience. It evokes a range of strong emotional reactions, from curiosity to exhilaration to a wave of nostalgia, enabling viewers to experience a genuine sense of connection and resonance with the presented content.

We strategically placed 3D OOH display at Selegie Road luxury car-vending landmark, a high-traffic location near Orchard Road known for its diverse reach. With its high traffic, the location attracts a significant number of passers-by, including pedestrians, commuters, and motorists. This constant flow of individuals creates a prime opportunity to capture their attention and draw them towards an unobstructed view of the 3D anamorphic screen while waiting at the junction.


Bringing the Game to Life – HSBC Rugby Sevens

The 3D OOH screen played a crucial role in delivering a captivating and memorable experience to the audience. What sets our campaign apart is the ability of the 3D illusion that comes to life.

Our 3D animation started with a scene that resembled the structure of the building, creating an illusion that seamlessly blended into the building's architecture. At first glance, onlookers might not realise that there was a screen there. This gave the surprise factor if something unexplained were to happen to the building.

Taking center stage is the mesmerizing 3D illusion that showcases a rugby ball bursting through the screen with dynamism. By integrating 3D technology, the visual effect was crafted to evoke a sense of realism and depth, creating a thrilling sensation. We incorporated dynamic animation elements such as screen cracking and fire exploration to enhance the realism of the spectacle.

Moreover, we animated our campaign key visual with motion effects to draw attention to important details. By animating the fonts onto the screen, we effectively highlighted and emphasised crucial event information. This creative approach ensured that the audience's gaze was captured, enabling them to easily grasp the key message and details of the event.

The entire 3D visual effects experience captured curious onlookers' attention and compelled viewers to engage with the displayed content. This sparked curiosity and demanded their attention, captivating them to look up. Our attention-grabbing visuals were carefully designed to elicit an emotional response, allowing viewers to not only appreciate the lifelike motion but also feel a tangible sense of participation and excitement.


To cut through the advertising clutter and capture the attention of rugby fans and sports enthusiasts, organising a successful tournament with a significant live audience posed numerous challenges. However, through our efforts to raise awareness of the HSBC Rugby Sevens Series, we were able to overcome these hurdles and attracted over 37,000 enthusiastic spectators to the stadium.

With the integration of our 3D OOH advertising together with the broader media strategy, we achieved an impressive 70% reach within our intended audience. This ensured that a substantial portion of our target market was exposed to our promotional messages, generating widespread awareness for the tournament and our brand. Furthermore, with a frequency of at least 3, we effectively reinforced our messaging, leaving a lasting impression on potential attendees.

HSBC recognised the cost-effectiveness of OOH advertising as an integral component of our media mix. With a modest cost attribution of only 15% of our overall media plan, we managed to derive a commendably low CPT rate, remaining well below the $100 benchmark. This exceptional cost-efficiency allowed us to allocate our resources judiciously, optimising the impact of our advertising endeavours while respecting our budgetary constraints.

Given that over 50% of the overall traffic comprised Professionals, Managers, Executives, and Technicians, our messaging resonated strongly with this influential demographic. This targeted approach not only ensured heightened recall for the tournament but also fortified HSBC's brand positioning among professionals and decision-makers, further augmenting the tournament's prestige.


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Hogarth Worldwide, HSBC

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