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The Hyundai SUV Lifestyle Quiz

Entered in Instagram


Our objective was to build awareness around the launch of the new Hyundai Tucson and that Hyundai has multiple SUVs in their lineup.

Strategy and Execution

To help make purchasing a car more approachable, we took advantage of Instagram's visual platform to create an intuitive quiz using 18 accounts and 390 images to help our fans find the perfect Hyundai SUV based on their lifestyle.

How it works:

Consumers start on the Instagram account @Hyundai_Quiz_Start and are taken through four questions, each with nine answers. Once they choose an answer, they can tap it, and then tap the tag to follow it to the next question. After the final question, they'll reveal the Hyundai SUV that is right for them, based on their lifestyle choices. When they turn the screen sideways to find out why, they'll get to scroll through a number of vehicle features. And to make it easy for them to take it for a spin, they can click the link in the bio and be served up locations where they can test-drive the vehicle in their area.


We saw many fans share out their Hyundai SUV Quiz results and encourage their friends to take the quiz to help them with their search for a new vehicle. We also saw a significant increase in engagement on our Tier 2 page, We found that the consumers who completed the quiz and were driven to our webpage had a much higher than average inclination to search for vehicles (22.2% versus our average of 6.51%). And these same consumers doubled the normal time spent on our BuyHyundai page, with an average of 2:34 minutes versus our more typical 1:18 minutes.


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Innocean USA, Hyundai Motor America


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