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#BecauseCrazyHappens Animated Campaign

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“Because Crazy Happens" Animated Campaign The “Because Crazy Happens" campaign consists of three animated spots that educate consumers about the need for mobile protection specifically in the event of phone loss or theft. While most of us are aware of our phone’s true value—monetary and otherwise—many of us choose not to get coverage because we believe that phone loss or theft is unlikely to happen to us. In reality, everyone is equally vulnerable to experiencing phone loss or theft due to circumstances beyond our control. The campaign uses three exaggerated scenarios that illustrate such circumstances, each one communicated via a simple framing device: a casual conversation between two young men playing video games. The first spot entitled “Baboon" tells the story of one cellphone owner’s unfortunate encounter with a curious baboon; the second (“The Flasher") follows a story of a woman whose cell phone gets stolen by a shameless stranger outside a nightclub; the third (“Xanadu") shows what happens when an unsuspecting young woman gets her phone stolen by an obnoxious skater. The campaign’s minimalistic yet vivid animation style—along with strategically placed sound effects—helps bring out the humor of each situation. The use of animation also allows us to explore scenarios that would be nearly impossible to execute through conventional means. "Baboon" "The Flasher" "Xanadu" From the strategic standpoint, the campaign accomplishes the difficult task of introducing consumers to a much-needed type of mobile coverage. Thanks to its irreverent tone, outlandish yet relatable storylines and use of eye-catching animation style, the campaign stands apart from anything else currently running in the mobile/insurance category.


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