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US Open Tennis Championships x Tiffany & Co. Trophy Engraving

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The overall objective was to showcase the Tiffany & Co. US Open men's and women's championship trophies in a way that no one had ever seen before in the 36-year history of the partnership. Our goal was to capture the inimitable technical skill and artistry of Tiffany’s craftsmanship and design by showcasing the engraving of the year and champions names by the Tiffany & Co. silversmith, the finishing touch of the nearly 5 month process it takes to create each trophy. 


Together, the USTA social media, video & partnerships teams coordinated with Tiffany & Co. the capturing of the on-site engraving of the men's and women's championship trophies each night of the final matches. Once the champions were officially crowned, the Tiffany & Co. silversmith began engraving the player's first and last name by hand on their respective trophies. 

This content was captured and edited specifically with social media in mind, for an authentic piece of content looking to both inform and entertain fans with this never-before-seen content. Showcasing both the craftsmanship of the trophy, the skill of the silversmith and the impact of the moment all in one video for each champion was a meaningful way to bring the long-standing partnership between the US Open and Tiffany & Co. to life. 

The content organically included Tiffany & Co. throughout, but also included a co-branded watermark to solidify the partnership tie-in. 


Not only did these pieces of content achieve what they set out to do, by bringing this partnership to life with never- before-seen content, it excited the fans and the champions. 

In a world where everything is shown on social media, it meant something to our fans to make them a part of a process they had never seen before. Seeing their favorite player win the US Open was an emotional moment, but seeing their favorite player's name engraved on a US Open trophy forever is something they'll equate with that match-winning point. 

The metrics aligned with the success of the content, performing highly across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, resulting in 26.4+ million video views and 253k+ engagements. 


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