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Swaad Bihar Ka

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The 'Swaad Bihar Ka' campaign by Sunrise Pure Spices, a brand under ITC Limited, one of India's most valuable conglomerates, had one unwavering goal: to become synonymous with Bihar's identity. This was a campaign built on bold ambition, aiming for brand awareness, deep product visibility, and a genuine connection to Bihar's cultural heart. Inspired by its success in Assam, a state in northeast India, the brand envisioned aggressive expansion within the state's spice market, targeting a diverse audience of approximately 45 Mn.

The campaign's strategy was a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, designed to honor Bihar's heritage. It aimed to tell a compelling story – one that showcased Sunrise Pure Spices' products as a seamless extension of Bihar's vibrant spirit. The target audience was clear: homemakers, digital natives, festival enthusiasts, spice connoisseurs, and all those who cherish regional authenticity.


The campaign employed a 360-degree marketing approach, seamlessly integrating traditional and digital strategies. Recognizing Bihar's predominantly Hindi-speaking market and the brand's regional focus, it leveraged an advanced digital strategy with the following elements:

The execution was divided into three distinct phases:


The results of the 'Swaad Bihar Ka' campaign were impactful and measurable. Brand awareness surged, evidenced by a meteoric rise in impressions and ad recall. The campaign decisively influenced consumer behavior, demonstrated by a substantial increase in purchase intent. Online engagement soared, with views, shares, and user-generated content exceeding all projections.

The campaign's digital reach was extraordinary, connecting with over 25 Mn individuals within a remarkably short period. Sales figures tell a compelling story: they more than doubled in the campaign's aftermath, continuing on a positive trajectory. The Brand Lift Study (BLS) revealed a remarkable 1.5-point increase in trial intent, shattering industry benchmarks. Sunrise's market share climbed an impressive 150 basis points during the campaign period.

These results underscore the campaign's strategic brilliance. Key performance indicators (KPIs) were not merely met but often surpassed across all phases. Through this campaign, the brand achieved a profound, positive shift in audience sentiment, cultivating strong brand affinity and a deep connection with its narrative.


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-, Sunrise Pure Spices, ITC Limited


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