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Prenuvo Whole Body Scans

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One of the biggest challenges in our industry is creating a medical and mainstream brand that is easy to understand but still medically credible. At Prenuvo, we’ve pioneered proactive whole-body MRI screenings that are safe (no radiation), fast (diagnostic-quality imaging in less than an hour), and non-invasive (no injection or harmful dye). In contrast to the prevailing reactive healthcare model, which addresses illnesses after symptoms appear, we advocate for proactive care. However, proactive care isn't yet the norm and demands education and awareness of its benefits. To address this, we embarked on a brand reinvention centered around patient stories, building medical credibility and creating cultural awareness. 




We redesigned the brand's visual elements, like the logo, drawing inspiration from the 'P' in Prenuvo to resemble the circular design of MRI machines. Our updated color palette was curated to reflect a blend of mainstream appeal and medical credibility, reinforcing our brand's balanced 'personality.' This visual transformation established a unified and compelling brand identity that resonates with diverse audiences.

Given that we operate in complex areas like cancer, MRI technology, and AI research, we aim to make the information we share accessible to a broad audience, from patients to medical professionals to deep-expertise researchers. Therefore, when we launched our updated website in late 2023 we focused on simplification without dilution.


We overhauled our communications strategy to strike a balance between the challenges faced by patients navigating a complex healthcare system and the healthy skepticism some physicians have toward new healthcare innovations. We invited media to experience our scans, allowing them to share their experiences, including their initial excitement or nerves, with their audiences. We directly address their questions through on-the-record interviews with our executives and medical professionals,which include Andrew Lacy, CEO and founder. This approach not only provides insights into the efficacy of our technology but also fosters genuine rapport. As a result, Prenuvo has become synonymous with innovative, transparent healthcare solutions, earning widespread recognition across diverse media platforms. 


Embracing a new strategy for clinic openings, we prioritized advanced education, generated anticipation, and heightened local awareness through media. This strategic shift allowed us to increase capacity, meeting demand promptly.


We consistently receive heartwarming stories from patients who credit their Prenuvo scans for providing peace of mind or life-saving diagnoses. In response, we've developed a program that brings these real-life experiences to the forefront of our branding. We aim to amplify these stories through video testimonials, written narratives, and photography until systemic changes in the healthcare system support proactive care more effectively. Patients participate voluntarily, driven by goodwill rather than monetary compensation.


Over the past year, we've cultivated connections with +300 influential individuals who willingly shared their experiences with Prenuvo. The only compensation provided was a complimentary scan. This diverse group includes medical authorities like Peter Attia and Dave Sinclair, as well as cultural figures such as Kim Kardashian.

Our efforts have tapped into people's innate goodwill and passion for assisting others in health-related matters. Consequently, this not only significantly heightened awareness of Prenuvo, but also contributed to a  surge in interest in proactive care throughout 2023.



2023 marked a significant turning point for us as a company, stemming from our rebranding + redesigning efforts and our commitment to engage diverse audiences on their terms:


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