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MGM+ 2024 Organic Social Strategy

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New year. New brand identity. That’s what GLOW was tasked with as EPIX became MGM+ in January of 2023. Taking on a name that is synonymous with the best of Hollywood, meant that it was the right time to PLUS up the brand’s social strategy to reflect that caliber of entertainment and increase brand awareness for a wider fan base.


MGM is a pillar of classic Hollywood, representing 100 years of acclaimed films with a collection of world-class talent and a capacity to serve fans exactly what they are looking for. As EPIX became MGM+, GLOW focused on those ingredients to reshape MGM+ social brand identity.


By magnifying the movie library, GLOW was able to leverage MGM+ classics and new blockbuster titles to highlight the wide variety of options available on the service. GLOW established ultimate fan service through engaging content and thumb-stopping social posts to mobilize and grow the fandom. And lastly, GLOW created a custom social platform approach that catered towards the specific features, tools and audience of each social platform. Instagram was the MGM+ hub, full of information, ‘what to watch next’ content and home to viral library clips. Facebook spoke to the older generations and tapped MGM+ classics, plus some original series content. Twitter (now known as X) was a place for conversation and engagement for our original series and library films. And lastly TikTok was for the fun and fan girly, tapping into trends and swooning over MGM+ heartthrobs.      


With the MGM+ rebrand, also came a new voice and tone for the handles. GLOW established a ‘cool, zillennial aunt’ who knows how to gossip on the latest pop culture reference but is also approachable and conversational when talking to older audiences. With this specialized approach per platform, MGM+ was able to match the energy (and age) on each social platform to be relatable, accessible and funny.  


To create content for a full calendar year, GLOW used two approaches; a MGM+ talent approach and a content franchise approach. With the MGM+ talent approach, social posts shined a light on the beloved talent that live within the MGM+ universe. This kept fans engaged with BTS moments and fun facts about their favorite characters and stories. And lastly,  the content franchise approach allowed MGM+ to stay trendy, bucket content into specific groupings based on genre or holiday, create cinematography supercuts, clip memorable scene lifts and create engaging posts with the ever-changing platforms.   


By increasing our posting cadence and video output, leaning into the MGM+ film library content, relaxing the voice and tone, joining social conversations and trends, and softening the look and feel of assets, GLOW was able to win BIG for MGM+ in 2023. 


In 2023, GLOW was able to refresh the MGM+ social brand identity by creating a new voice and visual style that better connected the MGM+ name with it’s long held connection to the best in Hollywood and mobilize streaming fans to offer the ultimate fan service that grew social followings and high engagement. 


Our biggest 2023 wins include: tripling total engagements and video views YoY, tripling total follower footprint on Instagram and TikTok and creating more than five viral social posts with 1M+ views. 


Some topline numbers across the four main platforms include: 165K total new followers (3,200% above 2022), 391.3M total impressions (156% above 2022), 87.4M total views (235% above 2022), 2,024 total posts (53% above 2022), 10.4M content responses (216% above 2022), with a 2.7% engagement rate (24% above 2022). 


To highlight some of our top performing posts, a Wild Hogs scene lift received 19.1M impressions on Facebook, A She’s Out Of My League scene lift garnered 13.4M video views and 757K engagements on Instagram and a Billy the Kid (Tom Blyth feature) post racked up a 23% engagement rate on Instagram.     


After this record-breaking year, GLOW is very proud of the 2023 work for MGM+ however we already have our sights set on breaking more records in 2024. 


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