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JimJam Pops - Product Launch

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Ditch the Dunk, Pop the Future

To forget the twist, the dunk, the stale routine of the past. Britannia, an Indian multinational food products company launched JimJam Pops, which isn't your average biscuit, they're the biscuit of the future, blasting past old-school limitations with 25% faster outlet expansion! This flavor portal where open, creamy goodness is waiting to be popped with just pure cream indulgence that drove a 17.42% growth in value sales and left taste buds begging for more.

Our Key Focus:

Jim Jam Pops is built for the new generation, the 16-35-year-olds who crave instant gratification and unleash flavor with a single pop. We're talking convenience with a format so futuristic, that it shattered the cream biscuit ceiling with a 1.3% market share increase in just 3 months!

So, ditch the dunk, forget the twist, and pop your way into the future. JimJam Pops are waiting to show you what a biscuit can truly be, with metrics that speak louder than any dunk. 


We stormed the cream biscuit category with a revolutionary proposition: ditch the twist, embrace the lick, and pop straight into deliciousness. Targeting young, trendsetting NCCS A/B audiences aged 16-35, the campaign aimed to disrupt the category, drive demand, and establish a distinctive one-handed eating ritual.

Our core idea? Picture this: We ignited a full-blown revolution in the cream biscuit game by unleashing the Open Cream format—India's first of its kind. This product is so ahead of its time, we crowned it the Biscuit of the Future!

For the pre-launch, we partnered with over 500 meme pages and shared a few key visuals without revealing the brand and product name to ignite viral curiosity. Influencers like Tanmay Bhatt and Raj Shamani served as tastemakers, their early bites fueling excitement.

Digital became our playground. The DVC took inspiration from Apple ads, presenting the unveiling of the open-faced format through a tech parody, while eye-catching Instagram reels featuring "Jimmy and Jammy" characters sparked social media engagement.

The "No Twist. Just Lick. Pop." message resonated across traditional media, with a renowned Times of India print ad and a TVC showcasing effortless enjoyment starring actors Kunal Roy Kapoor and Varun Sharma.

Challenges? They were mere sprinkles on the delicious journey. Competing with established giants? JimJam Pops brought youthful audacity. Consumer resistance to change? The convenience and mess-free fun spoke for itself. Disrupting habits? The "No-Twist" call was an irresistible invitation to break free.

The results? Mouthwatering. JimJam Pops not only achieved a 10% value growth for JimJam but also redefined the cream biscuit experience. They created a loyal fan base who embraced the one-handed pop, proving that sometimes, the most delicious revolutions start with a simple lick.

  1. Outlet Growth Post Launch:
    • Achieved: 7.5% growth in outlets post-launch.
  2. Curiosity and Engagement:
    • Achieved: 9.6M overall campaign engagement, 1.2K comments on Instagram.
  3. Influencer Reel Engagement:
    • Planned: 1.18% ER
    • Achieved: Jimmy and Jammy reel achieved 8.2 times the planned engagement rate, 9.7%.
  4. DVC Engagement on YouTube:
    • Planned: 27K clicks and 70% VTR
    • Achieved: 3.9 times the planned clicks, generated 73% Video Through Rate (VTR).
  5. Social Media Followers: Achieved: 1000 followers added on the SnackInc Instagram handle.


Jim Jam Pops defied expectations. Sales goals? Pulverized. They not only crushed their first-month sales target by a cool 75 million, but also propelled Jim Jam's overall value growth by a jaw-dropping 17.42%, exceeding pre-campaign expectations by a whopping 6.8x times. Market share? Forget stagnant crumbs, Jim Jam Pops gobbled up a delicious 1% in just the first month, a feat that had eluded the brand for years.

Outlets? They weren't ready for the Pop-ularity wave. Jim Jam Pops achieved a staggering 25% outlet count in just a month, which took Britannia 16 years to reach. Talk about a growth spurt!

But numbers only tell half the story. Social media became a lip-smacking frenzy, with the campaign generating a mouthwatering 9.6 million engagements. The "Jimmy and Jammy" reels were the icing on the cake, racking up an unbelievable 8.2 times the expected engagement rate. Even YouTube couldn't contain the excitement, with their DVC generating 3.9 times more clicks than planned and a stellar 73% video completion rate.

Ultimately, Jim Jam Pops did more than just achieve their goals; they redefined the cream biscuit game. They captured a luscious 1.3% market share increase in just three months! (not bad for a newcomer!).


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Schbang, Britannia Industries Limited


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