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Bagel Is Back: Sir Mix-a-Lot Serves Chex Mix Social Fans What They Crave

Finalist in Integrated Campaign


In 2009, Chex Mix made a grave mistake. It decided to remove the bagel chip from the iconic savory mix and our team was left to pick up (the rest of) the pieces from passionate fans on social media. 

Just look at some of these comments we've received on our social channels over the years: 

But a new day was upon us: Chex Mix decided to bring the bagel chip back and restore the mix to its former glory! 

But how could we share the news in a social-first way that also drove awareness and trial? 


I like my snacks and I cannot lie!

We tapped into our target’s love of 90’s nostalgia by having Sir Mix-A-Lot remix his biggest hit to help break the news through an integrated, social-first campaign with a collab video with the icon himself – and so “Baby Got Back” became “Bagel Is Back.”

We blasted our social content out everywhere our target was consuming content, used targeted broadcast and paid media to reach the right audiences, an AR filter for maximum engagement, and ongoing social engagement to fuel the 🔥

Fans flooded the comments section with praise for the resurgence of the beloved piece and we responded to both old and new mentions of the bagel chip.

By reciprocating the love from fans, we nurtured a sense of community and anticipation for the return of the beloved snack. We even utilized the likeness of popular Millennial mom influencer Chrissy Allen to engage and rally our older fanbase around the return of this nostalgic piece.

Then we took to music's biggest stage: The Grammys.

We stole the show with our “Bagel is Back” spot, sparking live-tweeting reach of 12.5+ million viewers. 

Over on Instagram, we launched an augmented reality (AR) filter experience so our fans could sing along and get in on the fun.


Oh my god, Becky. Look at those METRICS.

We drew beloved Bagel Chip fans from far and wide, identifying nearly 60% of the brand’s reach beyond its existing audience.

The campaign itself earned over 11.8 million social impressions, 90,000 engagements, a brand mention spike of 1000+% (more than 10x the campaign goal), 300 million earned impressions, huge brand lift numbers (favorability +8 pts), and ad recall (+6 pts) – oh, and a massive boost in sales (+30.5% Walmart turns.)

We not only brought back a beloved product but also successfully created a social media frenzy, showcasing the power of nostalgia, influencer collaboration, and timely event integration.

The Bagel Chip is not just back; it’s back with a bang and with it, order to the universe. Now, let the friendly debates continue as our fans take to the comments to argue over the proper proportion of pretzels to rye chips.


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