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Special Project

Special Project
From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards


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As America's favorite 112-year-old US based hair company, Goody defines the term 'heritage brand'.

Founded in 1907 by the concept of 'bedazzling' ladies' hair combs, Goody has maintained its reputation as a global leader in the hair accessories and styling tools industry and as a life-long nostalgic go-to staple in girls and women's daily hair routines.

Offering a rich brand history, Goody has constantly been true to its traditional brick and mortar roots. In 2018, Goody as a brand recognized the need to expand its traditional media strategy to include a strategic digital media focus and recognized Instagram as the ideal platform to begin leaving our social footprint.

Determined to propel the brand into the social media sphere of hair accessories and styling tools, our objective has been to grow and engage a digital audience of current and potential consumers, keeping in mind our goals of amplifying product awareness and driving social support back to our beloved B&M retail partners.

Strategy and Execution

We quickly recognized that in order to grow our brand socially, we had to tell a cohesive brand story. After a recent brand health survey, our fans called out the Goody brand to be nostalgic, fun, flirty and reliable in regards to the quality of our products. We used these attributes as the mainstay of our digital brand tone and identified three strategic pillars to shape our overall digital growth initiative:

1. #FeelGoody – At our core, we have been and always will be a brand that encourages women and girls of all ages to feel good about themselves and their hair. #FeelGoody is the made-for-Instagram manifestation of this core brand value. The creation of this hashtag and the feel-good messaging behind it allowed us to expand on our brand message to an extent greater than the wall space we occupy in our retail partners. We gave our vast audience something to relate to and stand behind (and of course, follow).

2. Original Brand Content – We knew we had to curate a feed of compelling content in order to attract and maintain an organic and engaging digital audience. In analyzing a collection of visual data from a five-month trial and error period in 2017, we were able to identify the trending visual elements that our fans wanted from us and adjusted our content creation objectives accordingly for 2018. To invoke a desire to utilize our products while telling a cohesive brand story, we used a combination of original lifestyle model photography, product flat lays, tutorials, beauty humor, Instagram exclusive giveaways and product reveals and UGC to create a groundswell of aspirational and educational content for our fans to flock to and engage with.

3. Influencer Partnerships – A combination of paid and organic influencer partnerships allowed us to amplify our Instagram presence and relay our brand story through consumer-trusted voices of authority. From micro to macro, we specifically sought out influencers with personal ties to Goody and its sentimental presence. We wanted these influencers to embody core #FeelGoody values like self-empowerment and have a strong female voice. This strategic pillar was two-fold in that we reached consumers with a pre-disposed interest in our brand category, while also curating influencer-created content to repost to our brand feed.

To keep our growing digital following engaged, we employed organic practices like call-to-action post copy, an optimized posting schedule, Instagram Story inspirational series and fan shout-outs.

We also analyzed post performance data and from those learnings, adapted our own content to include a wider range of colored hair (i.e. pink) and more brand-created/user-generated video tutorials.

Embarking on our digital growth objective, we set out to solely drive awareness and B&M retail support. As we became more invested in this simple goal, it erupted into a greater need to provide our current and potential consumers with a direct line to our brand, hair styles to aspire to, content to learn from, and the opportunity to be a part of the next chapter in our 112-year-old brand story.


2018 year in review:

We grew, a lot.

The Goody Instagram account (@goodyhair) saw a YoY follower growth increase of 227%, resulting in 82,017 total followers at the end of 2018. We saw a growth of just over 52,000 NEW followers between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31, 2018.

We got engaged.

Our post engagement was through the roof with a growth increase of 341% in 2018, with combined likes and comments totaling 348,077 for the year.

We heard the buzz.

User-generated content (UGC) grew 250% in 2018, with an increase of 138% usage of the brand hashtag #GoodyHair and a 144% increase in the hashtag #FeelGoody. The total organic reach from all 2018 UGC was over 21,500,000.

All data is pulled from and can be verified through the Dash Hudson platform.


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