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GIF-tastic Moments Made for a Psychopath

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TV shows have a massive opportunity to bring their shows to life and reach millions on social platforms through engaging and shareable GIFs. For AT&T/DirecTV's The Audience Network's new TV thriller and show adaptation of Stephen King's "Mr. Mercedes", we created multiple GIF-tastic moments that made a show about a friendly neighborhood psychopathic killer more playful for the brand and its fans.

For Mr. Mercedes, we crafted shareable GIF content from the episodes, and created GIFs as brand extensions that put a whole new twist on reaction emojis.

Strategy and Execution

A great GIF is one that is easily digestible, playful, shareable, and creatively stands out on busy social feeds. We put these GIFs in action during top engaging moments for the show when live-tweeting and during high chatter moments in culture, and even activated our fans to use them on their own pages.

After every show airing, we released GIF-able moments from the show capturing the top moments on our official GIPHY page. The GIF's were also created with the intended purpose of using them as reaction responses. Through community management across Twitter and Facebook, we had a perfect GIF reaction behind every fan engagement.

On Twitter, we also hijacked the trending moment during Stephen King's biggest blockbuster of the year with the #ITMovie Premiere and Dark Tower. With these contextual fans who were aching for more Stephen King, we cemented Mr. Mercedes into the these high chatter moments by infiltrating the social conversation and engaging with these Stephen King fans with Mr. Mercedes GIF content and an exclusive to stream the first two episodes for free. This made fans aware of, and psyched for, Stephen King's new TV thriller Mr. Mercedes.


To date, our Mr. Mercedes GIPHY page has generated more than 46 million views in six months without paid media support. We engaged with our 100K+ fans across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to use our GIFs on their own social channels, driving show awareness, active engagement, and tune-in, which has led to Mr. Mercedes being picked up for a second season.


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Mistress, AT&T / DirecTV


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