12th Annual Shorty Awards Categories

The regular deadline is on February 6th, 2020!

The Shorty Awards honor the talented agencies, brands, and industry leaders behind the best and most innovative work on social media channels, campaigns, websites and applications.

Best Multi-Platform Campaign

This award honors the most effective and creative campaign spanning multiple digital and social platforms. Entry should describe how content was modified and enhanced for each platform, worked together to create a unifying message and succeeded in meeting its goals.

For campaigns integrating across digital and traditional media channels, see Best Integrated Campaign.

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Future Man Season 2
Future Man pushes the boundaries of television, so to get people talking about the second season of the show, we needed to push the boundaries of the digital campaign. Inappropriate, nonsensical, and occasionally irreverent community management sought to get old fans talking about the new season and to bring in new fans. The goal was to create content tha...
Light as a Feather XR Experience
Awesomeness, the leading studio for Gen Z, partnered with ViacomXR, an innovation lab focused on emerging VR and AR technologies, and Magic Leap, a spatial computing company, to give attendees an all-new Light As A Feather XR Experience at VidCon.   To promote the season 2 return of the hit Hulu show Light As A Feather, Awesomeness endeavored to create a ...
Nad & Tad
Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in males ages 15-34, yet most guys this age aren’t aware of it, or of the importance of doing a monthly self-exam. Screenings are not part of an annual physical, and even among doctors, the subject isn’t top of mind. With testicular cancer rates on the rise, it was time to have a ballsy conversation.
Panda Express: Brought to You By You
For Panda Express superfans, Honey Sesame Chicken Breast is legendary. Our team was tasked with using the return of a fan favorite to remind them of their love for the brand.
The Art Of Self-Defense
What brought us to the Art of Self Defense? We wanted to tone the body, sharpen the mind, and spread the word about the film’s release, all while calling out toxic masculinity at every opportunity. Combined with dynamic content, our social team borrowed a comedically dark voice that prowled social media to deliver calculated jabs to users’ self-esteem, bu...
The Grinch
As if social media wasn’t already negative enough, we partnered with Universal and Illumination to spread a little bit more Christmas sneer, courtesy of everyone’s favorite sarcastic Whoville. The aim was to not only build awareness of the film’s release, but to also let fans know that the film had been brought up to 2018 speed. In addition to cynical com...
[email protected] Caen
Todos Caen translates to “everyone falls,” referring of course to everyone falling in love. Our goal for the campaign, then, was to get everyone to fall in love with the film. And, because modern romantic comedies tend to follow familiar beats, we needed to separate it from the rom-coms that came before it to build passion among the fanbase who were eager...

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