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Special Project

Special Project
From the 12th Annual Shorty Awards

Nad & Tad

Gold Honor in Fitness, Health, & Wellness

Bronze Honor in Call to Action

Audience Honor in Call to Action

Entered in Non-Profit, Multi-Platform Campaign


Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in males ages 15-34, yet most guys this age aren’t aware of it, or of the importance of doing a monthly self-exam. Screenings are not part of an annual physical, and even among doctors, the subject isn’t top of mind. With testicular cancer rates on the rise, it was time to have a ballsy conversation.

Strategy and Execution

Launched during Testicular Cancer Awareness month, and in partnership with The Testicular Cancer Foundation, the “Get In Touch With Your Testes” campaign featured two animated testicles, Nad & Tad. Working with famed animators, Aardman Nathan Love, we designed Nad & Tad to be a silly but instantly recognizable representation of men’s balls, which helped to quickly disarm the viewer, and make a serious subject more approachable. 


In a series of online videos and cheeky social posts, Nad & Tad educated guys on the symptoms of testicular cancer, and showed them, step-by-step, how to check for it. We even brought our message to bars with a custom Nad & Tad Odd Ball Ale, and self-exam coasters and posters.


Within the span of just a few weeks, and with no media spend, the campaign took off.  With a reach of 51,000 and over 1,000 comments, likes, and shares in the first month alone, it was clear Nad & Tad were entering true baller status with our audience. Our self-exam video racked up over 12K views across channels.

Influencers, ranging from health advocates to testicular cancer survivors, enthusiastically embraced Nad & Tad, customizing our content and republishing it for their own audiences. We even saw a few local politicians weigh in. 

But it didn’t stop there. Anyone could become Nad & Tad using our Snap lens, and it was an instant hit.

By using humor to bring awareness to a life-threatening condition, we were able to capture guys’ attention and get them interacting with their nuts in a way that will help save lives.


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