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From the 12th Annual Shorty Awards Best in Fitness, Health & Wellness

Companies specializing in fitness, personal wellness and healthy lifestyles are eligible for this award. Objectives may include promoting fitness, health or wellness solutions, educating and engaging these communities or creating shareable content on various related topics.


#VaccinesSaveLives — SELF Magazine
SELF Magazine’s mission is to help people feel better. To do that, we share accurate, inclusive, em…
bronze honor
Bübl Fashion
There are two million Canadians who suffer from osteoporosis, but most people have no idea that the…
Degree – Comedy Central Roast
Returning to partner with Comedy Central’s annual tentpole night of insult-hurling, Unilever tasked…
GOALCAST- Live the impossible
This touching video resurrects a long-followed cultural truism that has often been forgotten in our…
bronze honor
audience honor
LVNG With Lung Cancer: Letters of Love
The campaign’s objectives were to: • Raise awareness about lung cancer on Facebook outside of th…
bronze honor
Marine in 15
The Royal Marines undergo one of the toughest selection processes imaginable. Of the thousands that…
gold honor
Nad & Tad
Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in males ages 15-34, yet most guys this age aren’t awar…
silver honor
Teen Summer Challenge
Through the Teen Summer Challenge, Planet Fitness sought out to give all teens across the country a…
Trojan Conecocktions
Pride Month is always a crowded space, but in 2019 it was particularly so because NYC was home to W…
Verywell Healthy Conversations Coach
The #3 largest ad-supported health and wellness resource, Verywell promises reliable, understandabl…
Wellness Mama Natural Living is an award-winning online resource and podcast for women and moms who want to liv…