13th Annual Shorty Awards Categories

The Shorty Awards honor the talented agencies, brands, and industry leaders behind the best and most innovative work on social media and digital channels, campaigns, websites and applications.

From the 12th Annual Shorty Awards Best in Fitness, Health & Wellness

Companies specializing in fitness, personal wellness and healthy lifestyles are eligible for this award. Objectives may include promoting fitness, health or wellness solutions, educating and engaging these communities or creating shareable content on various related topics.


Nad & Tad
Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in males ages 15-34, yet most guys this age aren’t aware of it, or of the importance of doing a monthly self-exam. Screenings are not part of an annual physical, and even among doctors, the subject isn’t top of mind. With testicular cancer rates on the rise, it was time to have a ballsy conversation.
Teen Summer Challenge
Through the Teen Summer Challenge, Planet Fitness sought out to give all teens across the country a free summer gym membership by opening their doors to high school teenagers ages 15-18 to work out for free from May 15 - September 1 at any of its more than 1,800 locations in the United States and Canada. Planet Fitness aimed to boost awareness …
Bübl Fashion
There are two million Canadians who suffer from osteoporosis, but most people have no idea that they're at risk of having bones that are thin and porous. Those who suffer from osteoporosis are at increased risk of bone fracture, including hip fracture, which can lead to death. Our main objectives were to make Canadians more knowledgeable about ost…
LVNG With Lung Cancer: Letters of Love
The campaign’s objectives were to: • Raise awareness about lung cancer on Facebook outside of the LVNG With Lung Cancer community • Help people with lung cancer and their loved ones • Inspire our current community members to engage and share
Marine in 15
The Royal Marines undergo one of the toughest selection processes imaginable. Of the thousands that apply only a small percentage make it through to earn their green beret. The many health and fitness tests, which get gradually tougher as training continues, are where most drop out. Despite having the potential to succeed, 16-24-year-old applicant…


#VaccinesSaveLives — SELF Magazine
SELF Magazine’s mission is to help people feel better. To do that, we share accurate, inclusive, empathetic information about people’s health and bodies to empower them to make the best decisions for themselves. In 2019, as the World Health Organization declared vaccine hesitancy a top-10 global health threat, we decided to use our platforms to address this…
Degree – Comedy Central Roast
Returning to partner with Comedy Central’s annual tentpole night of insult-hurling, Unilever tasked Velocity with creating a 360° program integrating Degree’s ‘Made to Move’ messaging—a platform encouraging consumers to be more active and in turn, put the Degree suite of products to the test.  With this in mind we set out to show fans that while it might lo…
GOALCAST- Live the impossible
This touching video resurrects a long-followed cultural truism that has often been forgotten in our lightspeed world: the bond of your word. A cautionary tale about the danger of not keeping your promises, the story compels you to look at your own relationship to the words you say and inspires you to be accountable to those you cherish most. Elevate the …
Verywell Healthy Conversations Coach
The #3 largest ad-supported health and wellness resource, Verywell promises reliable, understandable, and up-to-date health information about medical topics that matter most to readers. Built on Dotdash’s 20-year-old foundation, Verywell provides users with comprehensive content that they can rely on. Most recently, the team responded to the contentious vac…
Wellness Mama Natural Living
WellnessMama.com is an award-winning online resource and podcast for women and moms who want to live a healthier life. Our founder, Katie, along with a team of researchers and medical advisors, analyze a wide variety of health, parenting, and natural living topics and summarize the information in a clear and usable way. Our goal is to present practical tips…

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