Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.

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Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.


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From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards Best Multi-Platform Campaign

This award honors the most effective and creative campaign spanning multiple digital and social platforms. Entry should describe how content was modified and enhanced for each platform, worked together to create a unifying message and succeeded in meeting its goals.

For campaigns integrating across digital and traditional media channels, see Best Integrated Campaign.

See previous winners and honorees here.


2018 Delta Holiday Campaign — Kindness Connects Us
In a crowded holiday marketplace, Delta Air Lines wanted to break through with a campaign that spoke to the most important part of the season—the connections we have with each other. And while we know that holiday travel has a bad reputation for stress, crowds and long lines, we see the good in travel every single day. And we wanted the world to s…
Boosted Summer Showdown 2018 - City vs. City
To help build community and raise brand awareness, Boosted set out on a month-long City Summer Tour. Each week we would pit two cities against each other to see who had the most active community, and to encourage community engagement. Boosted riders in each city would earn points on a daily basis by riding their boards while connected to the Boost…
Chico's #HowBoldAreYou Campaign
The Chico's #HowBoldAreYou campaign sought to bury the tired stereotype that women should be ashamed of their age. To do so, Chico's enlisted best-selling author, advocate and entrepreneur Lee Woodruff, who encouraged women to proudly and publicly embrace their years though an age-positive social video activation. The campaign inspired tens of tho…
Dream In Black
AT&T wanted to create a long-term communications platform geared towards the African American community, positioning the brand as the go-to premium service for wireless, internet, and entertainment that speaks to the culture.
K/DA - POP/STARS specifically sought to create a worldwide League of Legends "moment" for players - something that would transcend the game, even the ecosystem, as an experience to bring them together, no matter which champion they main, what team they are rooting for, or where they are from. This exploration deepens engagement for players, as it …


#DCmoments City Guides
Our #DCmoments City Guides were designed as a unique digital amenity allowing existing and prospective guests to uncover the distinctive beauty and cultures woven throughout each of our iconic city hotel locations. Motivated primarily by our guest-centric focus, our #DCmoments City Guides were established as an innovative extension to our guests' hotel expe…
#Romanovs100: 4,000 photos. 4 social networks. 1 family.
The Romanovs were pioneers of photography — in the early 20th century they owned the world's first portable Kodak cameras and captured almost every meaningful event in their lives.On July 17, 1918, the last Tsar of the Russian Empire, Nicholas Romanov, was executed with his wife and five children by the Bolsheviks. To pay tribute to the family, we merged a …
12 Days of HoneyBaked Christmas
After six decades of serving The World's Best Ham, The Honey Baked Ham Company was ready to enter into a new era. We aimed to craft a fun and contemporary new look that still pays tribute to our brand's cherished history.In 2018, we announced a total brand refresh, which included an updated brand identity and new menu innovation that speaks to younger consu…
2018 FIFA World Cup on FOX - Multi Platform Campaign
In the summer of 2018 for the first time ever FOX would broadcast the FIFA World Cup – the world's biggest sporting event and an undisputed pop culture phenomenon – taking place in Russia. The FOX Sports Marketing Team faced a number of challenges in the development of the campaign:--The U.S. Men's National Team didn't qualify for the tournament for the fir…
2018 MTV EMA
MTV International's MTV EMA is one of the biggest global music events of the year that celebrates the hottest artists from around the world. The MTV EMA brings music fans a unique, multi-platform experience across MTV's global network in nearly 180 countries and 450 million homes around the world. The 2018 MTV EMA took place in Bilbao, Spain.The goals for t…
2018 MTV Video Music Awards - Voting Experience
The MTV Video Music Awards are one of the few awards shows that allow the fans to be heard! Winners are determined via a voting campaign that takes place across nearly every major platform that our fans interact with. Goals: Drive year-over-year increase in overall voting numbers Provide distinct voting experiences while expanding to new platforms In…
AT&T Hello Lab Presents "Guilty Party"
Long gone are the days of passive consumption and primetime tune-in—we've officially surpassed the tipping point wherein audiences require a second screen and sanctioned hashtag while watching their favorite shows.Building on its long history of fostering connection, and its new role as an entertainment brand, AT&T challenged us to create the future of conn…
Adobe D&D: The Terror Of Undermountain
Photoshop is so much more than photo manipulation. It's the most powerful tool in the world for designing original art of any kind. We needed to engage and inspire the Photoshop community to dream bigger and do more with Photoshop.
Beyond The Expected
The overarching campaign objective was to create a content series for SpringHill Suites by Marriott that highlighted some of the brand's most interesting cities, properties & guest experiences – all while promoting the brand's dedication to "A Little Extra, A Lot Less Ordinary". Ultimately, through this approach the brand aimed to increase likelihood to con…
BoJack Horseman Season 5 Social Campaign
For Season 5 of the greatest show that's ever been made on any network, we propelled the conversation around the greatest star Netflix has ever hired to new heights. And with BoJack Horseman finding himself in a whole new set of Hollywoo shenanigans, we knew that extending the story of the show onto social would get fans talking.Our campaign was rooted in o…
BrandTruth//DGTL - FNB #BlackFridayMe
Black Friday is a globally recognised day where retailers offer specials and discounted prices on products and services, just before the festive season shopping kicks in. Black Friday has increased significantly in popularity over the years, particularly from a social media and digital perspective.The high levels of talkability and engagement around Black F…
BrandTruth//DGTL- FNB Budget Speech 2018
Every February the South African Minister of Finance delivers the country's annual budget speech which highlights important changes and information on matters that directly affect customers and businesses. This is often a time of uncertainty and anxiety for consumers, who don't always understand the impact this might have on their lives and their financial …
In anticipation of Drew Brees breaking the NFL's all-time passing yards record on Monday Night Football, The Checkdown set out to capitalize on the inevitably buzz-worthy moment. Our plan was to show fans how ridiculously impressive 71,941 passing yards is by walking the entire distance (~41 miles) in one day. We immediately contacted the Saints Social/PR t…
CITYROW GO: Launch Campaign
In the indoor rowing fitness industry, CITYROW is the leading brand in its class. They monopolized the game even further with the creation of CITYROW GO: an integrative app and rower system that allows the user to take CITYROW classes anytime, from the comfort of their homes, and still track their performance and progress.Bet you didn't know that.And that w…
Can't Judge a Book
Mastercard has been a sponsor of the GRAMMYs for years, tying our passion for music with music's biggest night and celebration. But, we noticed a disturbing trend. While the biggest night in music tended to focus only on the biggest celebrities and musicians, everyone was starting to look the same.And we weren't alone. The New York Times said, "Music is cha…
Cedar Fair National Roller Coaster Day
Our client, Cedar Fair Entertainment, has 11 regional amusement parks across the country. In the 2018 season, Cedar Fair parks were struggling to hit their season pass goal due to negative weather patterns across the U.S. Not to mention, the end of summer was only three weeks away – that meant the end of our key season for peak attendance as schools reopene…
DC Social Media
2018 has been a big year for DC. We celebrated Superman's 80th anniversary, relaunched the fan-favorite DC Vertigo label, and held an international Day of Wonder. Going into the year, we made a point to refocus our strategy with the goal of catering our social channels towards DC super fans, while still reaching out to a casual audience. It was important to…
E! People's Choice Awards
The 44th annual E! People's Choice Awards (formerly known as People's Choice Awards), allowed fans to vote for their favorites across Movies, TV, Music, Pop Culture and International. Although the vote was not new, it would be the first awards ceremony thrown by E! Networks, and as such, a primary goal for the launch was to create a vote that encouraged a h…
Engineers Week: Kid’s Edition
At United Technologies (UTC), we set out to celebrate National Engineers Week from February 18-24, 2018 to achieve our ultimate objective of inspiring young people to pursue careers in engineering related fields. We aimed to achieve this by both sharing a real-life look at UTC's commitment to technology and STEM, and by starting a dialogue among young peopl…
Every Second Counts
IBM Business Resiliency Services is a global network of expert consultants who help IT Leaders and their organizations manage evolving cyber risks and mitigate the impact of breaches. With industry analysts advocating that businesses recognize "it's no longer a matter of if a data breach is going to occur but when," IBM sought to launch a bold campaign to …
Home Alone is watched by millions of families across the nation every year, but in this digital era with OTT platforms taking the reins, Fox Home Entertainment challenged Stun to reinvigorate excitement around the beloved holiday classic to drive new, organic social chatter that would drive digital downloads and DVD/Blu-ray purchases.Stun created a streamli…
Fall Into Fro-Yo: Yasso’s Pumpkin Cheesecake Flavor Launch
Hitting the shelves in 2011 as the first-to-market frozen Greek yogurt offering, Yasso has since established itself as a dessert disruptor in the category, competing against the most well-known, legacy brands in the space like Nestle, Unilever and more. With its successful track record - leapfrogging many household names in brand rank, and winning the loyal…
Food Interrupted
Our food system is at a tipping point -- four of the top five causes of death in the US are food related, climate change continues to threaten food production, and antibiotic resistant superbugs, resulting in part from antibiotic use in food animals, have been cited by the UN as a global health emergency. Transparency and sustainability in the food industry…
Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 1
The cast of Jersey Shore swore they would always do a vacation together. Five years, five kids, three marriages and who knows how many GTL sessions later, Snooki, JWoww, The Situation, Pauly D, Vinny, Deena and Ronnie are back together and on vacation in a swanky house in Miami Beach. Our challenge was to re-engage a passionate, but lapsed fandom and attrac…
Jordan Brand: Air Jordan XI Concord
In 1995, Michael Jordan returned to the game he loves and stepped on the court in the Air Jordan XI Concord. To welcome its return 23 years later, we needed to create a memorable campaign that appealed to the masses and resonated with our core audience, plus a much younger generation of fans.
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
Jurassic World was one of the highest grossing films ever made. We wanted to build on that pre-existing success, and high expectation, by opening the 2018 movie Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom to the broadest audience possible during a hyper-competitive time for movie releases. Our campaign focused on generating a huge amount of reach and awareness while min…
Kilauea Volcano Social Response
In May 2018, Kilauea volcano erupted on the island of Hawaiʻi, sparking a media frenzy that captivated audiences nationwide and posed a threat to tourism on the island of Hawaiʻi as sensational stories of destruction and misinformation were spreading. This not only impacted overall tourism numbers but was directly impacting local businesses, even those far …
LIT! Above The Noise
Viacom Velocity and Beats by Dr. Dre collaborated to extend the impact of their Beats' 'Above the Noise' campaign with featured celebrity talent and N.E.R.D. dancer, Mette Towley. Dance culture has flourished in the era of social media. Through social video, dancers are showing off their tutorials, inventive choreography, and taking viewers along the journe…
Major League Baseball "Let The Kids Play"
Baseball is fighting a stigma that it's an old and boring game. As traditionalists often criticize the new school about "the right way to play," the MLB knew it needed to step into the modern age, and embrace young talent who are reshaping the league through a new campaign.
Moen Water Census
Moen has always considered the implications of water on our world. In fact, we honor and respect its role in designing the world around us. However, we were curious. Does the average person understand the impact of water on their everyday life?So we set out to get answers around how people use, think, and feel about water and its role in their lives...and t…
NARS Cosmetics and January Digital Launch Climax Mascara to Reach Over 50% of Target Audience
In 2018 NARS Cosmetics launched Climax Mascara to enter the mascara category and appeal to both new and existing consumers within an extremely crowded and competitive space. The goal of the campaign was two-pronged: generate mass awareness of Climax and bridge the gap from awareness to purchase intent among w18-34. This was accomplished via a large scale, c…
National Geographic + Coors Light: My Next
As part of Coors Light's new messaging strategy, they looked to Connect at Publicis Media to define their new tagline, "Thirst for More," through a storytelling approach. Connect selected National Geographic, who like Coors Light celebrates restless spirits and explorers, making the brand a natural fit for a content partnership.Together, the companies sent …
Nike, Collab, and C+C: Nike Young Athletes "Just Do It" Pep Talks
NIKE introduced its iconic tagline "Just Do It" in 1988. Over the past 30 years, it has come to represent the brand's indominable spirit and become a rallying cry for athletes chasing their dreams.To celebrate Just Do It's 30th anniversary, NIKE wanted to re-emphasize the tagline, developing special edition products and building campaigns that would encoura…
Pizza Hut 'Hometown Heroes' (Produced by Verizon Media)
Establish Pizza Hut as the official pizza for football fans and create an emotional connection through content, all at scale.
ROADM8 – The Ultimate Road Trip Companion
A great vacation starts with a super road trip. And you can't have a super road trip without super road mates. We should know…because that's what we've been, it's what we are, and it's why we'll always be a super ROADM8.Highlighting more than $100 million in renovations at its hotels across North America, Super 8 by Wyndham®—the world's largest economy hote…
OVERVIEWSouth China Morning Post (SCMP) is a leading news media company that has reported on China and Asia for more than a century with global impact. Founded in 1903, SCMP is headquartered in Hong Kong, where it is the city's newspaper of record.After being purchased by the Alibaba Group in 2016 and now under new leadership, SCMP developed plans on expand…
Tech Trends 2019
After 50 years of designing and innovating the future, frog continues to look ahead at how today's emerging technology will affect our lives tomorrow. To publicly our forecasted trends for 2019, we curated the top 10 trends we believe will have real impact on culture, consumers and business this year.
The Purge: Digital Campaign
In 2018, USA Network launched THE PURGE, a TV series based on the hit movie franchise from Blumhouse. The series imagines a world in which all crime—even murder—is legal for one night every year. While the clock winds down on this 12-hour period known as "Purge Night," some fight, some hide and others embrace what it means to Purge to its fullest extent.To …
Univision: Imagine a Life Without #SEHablaUSA
If you didn't know, Univision is an American media company that started the nation's first Spanish language television network. They celebrate Hispanic & Latino culture, and cater to the Spanish citizens of the U.S. with their content. It's no surprise that they'd be the first to act upon a sense of growing anti-Hispanic rhetoric in America.They came to us …
Visa Defeats FIFA World Cup™ FOMO
Activating during the FIFA World Cup™ presents an immense challenge for brands that don't fall within the sports industry. The news cycle is dominated by match coverage and athlete highlights; advertising, marketing and experiential activations rarely see the spotlight, and brand messaging seldom pulls through to a dedicated football fan base. And with the …
WWE's first ever all-women's pay-per-view, Evolution
With such a historic milestone as the first-ever all-women's pay-per-view, the goal for WWE was to not only raise maximum awareness of the event, but also allow numerous opportunities for our fans to learn more about WWE's world-class female athletes and interact with them across all of our social platforms throughout the week leading up to the pay-per-view…
We Do Our Own (Marketing) Stunts
With the 6th installment of Mission: Impossible, Tom Cruise and Christopher McQuarrie took the franchise to new heights. Of course, we had to create a multi-platform, innovative marketing campaign to match. We had to showcase the new movie pushing boundaries in stunts, technology and more. In order to do this, we set out to immerse fans in the world of the…
Younger Season 5 - Social and Digital Campaign
The execution of the Younger Season 5 executed a dynamic multiplatform campaign across digital and social platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) was to drive excitement and awareness of the new season premiere, with the goal of translating social engagement into linear tune-in ratings.
iLobola Nge Bhubesi
Lion Lager is an iconic South African beer that once held the lion's share of the beer market back in the 80s and 90s before being shelved in the 2000s due to strong competition in the market.When relaunching the brand in 2018, we recognised that South Africa is the most unequal country in the world and when it comes to brand communication, alcohol brands o…