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Special Project

Special Project
From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards

#DCmoments City Guides

Winner in Travel & Weather

Finalist in Hospitality, Instagram, Instagram Partnership, Location-Based Experience

Audience Honor in Travel & Weather

Entered in Multi-Platform Campaign, Instagram Presence, Instagram Video, Short Form Video


Our #DCmoments City Guides were designed as a unique digital amenity allowing existing and prospective guests to uncover the distinctive beauty and cultures woven throughout each of our iconic city hotel locations. Motivated primarily by our guest-centric focus, our #DCmoments City Guides were established as an innovative extension to our guests' hotel experience. Working with highly-knowledgeable content creators, we hoped to further unite the rich histories of our hotels with their respective diverse city cultures.

Harnessing Dorchester Collection's legendary status in some of the world's most iconic cities, our objective was to deliver culturally-enriching accompaniments to enhance the value of our hotel stays, creating long-lasting memories and encouraging social conversation. In doing so, we hoped to leverage the talent and audience of content creators to position Dorchester Collection as a leader in curating luxury experiences in the digital age.

Strategy and Execution

To compile our #DCmoments City Guides, Dorchester Collection first collaborated with Pathport, an invitation-only collective of creative influencers who are changing the way people discover the world. It was imperative for us to select high-performing, on-brand social media influencers who share our vision and convey the true spirit of exploration. Beyond their social media following, all our content contributors have renowned artistic and photographic talent, as well as holding valuable insider knowledge to enable guests to explore their destinations like a local. Our featured city spots were proposed by the content creators, in collaboration with PathPort, Dorchester Collection corporate communications team and the hotels' communications teams, with a focus on balancing 'in the know' spots with iconic landmarks for each city.

Launched on 23 October 2018, our #DCmoments City Guides campaign featured:

Inclusive and available for all, our guides are accessible via the link and were shared globally during launch the across:

Our unique campaign was notably the first of its kind, distinguishing Dorchester Collection as the only hotel group to deliver a downloadable 'Instagrammable' digital guide. We were keen to celebrate each city's distinctive characteristics through the perspective of a local; favouring an editorial rather than commercial approach.


During the first two months of launch:

The success of our #DCmoments City Guides was felt globally, triggering a ripple effect on social media and crediting Dorchester Collection as innovators in curating luxury experiences. Our guides continue to function as a unique amenity, complementing our guests' hotel stays and inspiring them to immerse themselves in cultural surroundings just as a local would. Our emphasis was not focused solely on developing our City Guides as a marketing campaign, but rather on evolving our guests' experience beyond the walls of our legendary hotels.


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Dorchester Collection


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