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Special Project

Special Project
From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards

We Do Our Own (Marketing) Stunts

Winner in Emerging Platform

Finalist in GIFs, Video Pre-Roll, Brand Identity

Gold Honor in Entertainment

Silver Honor in Video, 360 Video

Entered in Multi-Platform Campaign


With the 6th installment of Mission: Impossible, Tom Cruise and Christopher McQuarrie took the franchise to new heights. Of course, we had to create a multi-platform, innovative marketing campaign to match. We had to showcase the new movie pushing boundaries in stunts, technology and more. In order to do this, we set out to immerse fans in the world of the film, engage franchise fans with M:I iconography and catch the attention of new audiences who may not have seen the rest of the films.

Strategy and Execution

The Mission: Impossible – Fallout campaign brought fans immersive, engaging content to invite them into heart-pounding action and stunts. It had two pillars: 1) focus on iconic franchise elements 2) invigorate the film by tapping into pop culture and new technology. We constructed several first-to-market activations, produced exhilarating 360, AR and VR footage of Tom Cruise and changed the way fans saw mustaches…to name a few.

We launched with brand iconography, giving fans a mission on Twitter (should they choose to accept) to retweet our post to be the first to see the new trailer. This group was rewarded with the trailer ahead of our Big Game spot directing people to see it online.


To eventize tickets being on sale, we scripted a Twitter conversation where Tom Cruise gave Fandango a secret mission that resulted in an exclusive behind-the-scenes featurette and ticketing announcement. This generated more advanced sales than any Mission: Impossible movie.

Tom Cruise tweet:

Through immersive 360, VR and AR, we invited fans into the world of the film and demonstrated this movie needs a big screen. Videos showcased the thrills of the action and the first ever 360 BTS featurette showed excitement of boundary-pushing stunts by Tom Cruise himself.

360 Videos:

YT 1:

FB 1:



With Gfycat (Reddit's #1 GIF platform), we launched the first 360 GIFs, isolating heart-pounding stunt moments for fans to feel their full effect. The GIFs lived in their app and website, were shareable through messaging and social media and garnered 3.4M+ views.


To balance intensity with comic relief we tapped into conversation around Henry Cavill's controversial mustache. We played with Mustache puns, wrote a poem for World Poetry Day and worked with Henry and press to create and amplify fun 'stache videos. We donated to the Movember Foundation in memory of #KingStache and saw our content spread everywhere, even on CNN.

Mustache poem:


Mustache press:

With Uber, we added levity and humor to the franchise by creating a satirical video about Tom Cruise's stunt double without work who drove as a "side-hustle." We also ran a fan sweepstakes and broadcasted our Paris premiere.

Adweek article:

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:

We were one of Pinterest's first partners for their new ad product, max width video. This allowed for videos to span the two-column feed in the Pinterest app, following tab and in search for increased presence on the platform.


With YouTube's Director's Mix, we created contextual videos to target interests of potential audiences so they viewed pre-roll relevant to the content they were watching. We lifted consideration and intent by 1.6x.


Our social campaign consisted of interactive and engaging content to involve fans in the mission and bring heart-pounding action and stunts to life in their feeds.

FB Live Photo:

Split screen:

Talent Mission:


Other notable partnerships:

Amazon – Prime Now bags "impossible delivery time" (2M delivered)

Oculus – VR partnership

MovieBill – AR partnership

Tenor – exclusive trending GIFs (19.2M views)

Fooji – sent fans posters and entered them to win skydiving packages (1M users reached)

Viacom brands – mission theme song made shows like Spongebob more epic

Snapchat – Fallout Snapcode in stores with old M:I movies


Mission: Impossible Fallout was the highest grossing movie in the franchise to date and brought existing franchise fans as well as new audiences to the theatre. The marketing campaign garnered 1B+ impressions, $220M+ at the US box office, 4 first-to-market activations and caught the attention of the world. It was named one of the best movie marketing campaigns of 2018 by outlets like Adweek.


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Paramount Pictures


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