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The Shorty Awards honor the best of social media and digital. See categories below. The regular entry deadline is on February 10th, 2022.

From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards Best use of an Emerging Platform

This award honors the most effective and creative campaigns optimized for an emerging platform. Describe why your team chose the platform, how it enhanced your campaign and how it met or exceeded your goals and objectives.

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AT&T Hello Lab Presents “Starter Pack”
Millennials do not want your ads.They block them. Skip them. And should they accidentally see one, 84% say they don't like or trust them.Which is why when AT&T tasked us with driving relevancy with Millennial consumers, we knew traditional ads weren't going to cut it. We needed to create something that added enough value to a young consumer's day …
Guilty Party: Discord
Long gone are the days of passive consumption and primetime tune-in—we've officially surpassed the tipping point wherein audiences require a second screen and sanctioned hashtag while watching their favorite shows. For young consumers, fandom doesn't stop at celebrating. In fact, a recent study found that 84% of Millennials believe that fans have …
Mastercard Engages Twitch for League of Legends Esports Win
At Mastercard, we believe that experiences matter more than things, and the best way to connect with consumers is to engage with them around their passions. This mantra has been at the forefront of Mastercard for 20 years, but with time and the boom of digital, passions evolve – and Mastercard is listening.The explosive growth of esports made us, …
Ready Player One/HQ Trivia Integration
The idea originated as an effort to harness the fervor surrounding the HQ app, particularly amidst Ready Player One's core target audience and align these two brands as much as possible. Before Ready Player One, HQ Trivia had never partnered with a movie studio, and it felt this was a perfect property to be their first foray into film partnerships…
Smirnoff Equalizer
As a global brand, Smirnoff is challenged to remain relevant and equitable on a global scale. As a result, the brand takes on global initiatives that align to its core purpose of inclusivity – the belief that Smirnoff can use the power of good times to make the world more inclusive.Often, at the heart of good times is music, which is why Smirnoff,…