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Music video app Triller helps creators monetize short-form videos

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We knew empowering our users to make money from the content they craft would set Triller apart as one of the only social media apps that gives creators the ability to make money directly in our app. While other social media sites encourage influencers to take outside partners and agree to brand sponsorships for peddling products they may or may not fully support, Triller has created channels that allow creators to make money for the content they are already known for. The launch of our monetization and merchandise offerings puts power in the hands of not only fans, but also brands and music labels to support their favorite Triller users. We also recognize the monetary power of influencer merchandise, so we wanted to make it as easy as possible for users to design, manufacture and sell their own branded swag within help from our partners.

Strategy and Execution

Triller recognized our users had true talent capable of getting the attention of not only millions of fans, but also music labels and brands. We wanted to help our creators build their online persona and provide their advocates a way to show support within the app. Other monetization platforms encourage only fans to donate money to influencers, but we saw a larger opportunity to leverage our strong relationships in the music industry to help creators raise even more money, the result was a fully integrated monetization platform as well as a merchandise platform.

For our monetization platform, we wanted to provide a refresh to the app's design and introduce a structured channel for creators to raise money from fans, brands and music labels. We knew it was easier than ever for everyday people to get their claim-to-fame and establish a steady revenue through content creation. In order to execute this, we added a "donate" button to verified creators profiles and encouraged our top users to prepare content that would help promote the new feature. Our goal was to help influencers make an income from the content they already spend hours developing and in turn, we could get more people creating engaging content around the world.

Shortly after the launch of our monetization platform, we began developing a merchandise channel with the aim of allowing our popular creators to cash in on the trend of influencer merchandise. We needed to establish a way for influencers to not only design their branded swag but also manufacture and sell the t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts and accessories. We developed an easy to use design system that allows our creators to fully customize and create merchandise according to their unique tastes. We partnered with manufacturers and merchants to make sure users could complete the entire process from beginning to end with Triller.


We selected 17-year-old French lifestyle influencer, Lea Elui to pilot both programs. With over five million Instagram followers and nearly half a million followers on Triller, we knew she would have plenty of fans who were eager to support her.

For the monetization platform, Lea created four new short-form videos in three days and was was able to generate $50,000 from fans, brands and major music labels. Lea will be dedicating her money towards college tuition, as she has dreams of attending school in the U.S.

Several weeks after the successful launch of the monetization platform, Lea began designing her merchandise line with her young fans from around the world in mind. She selected several t-shirts and sweatshirts branded with the slogan "Team Lea" on the front. She also chose temporary tattoos with the motto "fearless" to allow fans to match her tattoo. After launching, Lea's merchandise site saw 80,000 visits in the first 48 hours.

After rolling out our new monetization platforms, Triller has become the go-to app for creators looking to make a profit from their content.


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