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Special Project

Special Project
From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards

Moen Water Census

Finalist in Polls & Surveys

Entered in Multi-Platform Campaign


Moen has always considered the implications of water on our world. In fact, we honor and respect its role in designing the world around us. However, we were curious. Does the average person understand the impact of water on their everyday life?

So we set out to get answers around how people use, think, and feel about water and its role in their lives...and to have a little fun along the way!

Strategy and Execution


In short, the initiative was social-first. What better way to gather the opinion of the masses than through the hubs of conversation and opinion: social. The central role of social in our consumers' lives influenced every decision we made, from where we'd launch to who we'd partner with, all the way down to the content we created.

A social-first approach allowed us to bring the consumer along in our discovery journey and encouraged conversation at multiple touch points along the way. All in service of getting a better understanding of the way we interact with our most precious resource: water.


Because our research was unprecedented, we set out to create a baseline of understanding to better inform our Mass Census through qualitative and quantitative research. Moen commissioned a proprietary research study and consumer facing interactive website with the help of partner, ATTN:, that uncovered how people engage with water in their daily lives. This served to narrow our focus, and identify themes we wanted to explore through our survey which lived on an interactive landing page.

Once the data was collected and insights gathered, we leveraged a lettering artist, to create unique, custom content that included thought-provoking statements supported by our research. This content served two purposes:

  1. Generate participation in the Water Census by harnessing the power of social to drive our audience to the landing page
  2. Foster enthusiasm, interest and generate incremental sharing of the Water Census results and insights

To get the word out we looked beyond the expected interior design influencers to a broader lifestyle category with varied interests, but who shared one thing in common: they saw water a little differently and encouraged the same of their audience. Our influencers would share 2-3 pieces of content explaining, and encouraging participation with, the Water Census. Through our unique content, paid social, and influencer efforts we let people know that Moen is curious about the role of water in our lives and most of all, sparked curiosity in their minds.

True to our social-first approach, we launched the custom content across multiple channels: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram: In-Feed and Stories.


47+ million impressions

180,000+ total engagements

160,000+ site sessions

268,785+ total link clicks

4382 Survey Completes, 53% of surveys started were completed

82% of users watched the ATTN: x Moen video with sound on


Video for Moen Water Census

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Havas Chicago, Moen


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