Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.

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Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.


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From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards Best use of Long Form Video

This award honors the most effective and creative use of long form video by a brand, agency or organization in a social media marketing campaign. Videos must be 2 or more minutes in length to qualify.

See previous winners and honorees here.


Love Has No Labels, Rising
The original short film Rising is a powerful extension of the award-winning Love Has No Labels campaign.The goal of the campaign broadly is to promote messages of unbiased love to promote acceptance across race, religion, gender, sexuality, ability and age. The campaign floods culture with diverse images of love to promote inclusion and erode impl…
SHE Media Hatch Kids Undergo #DigitalDetox
Are kids becoming too attached to smart devices and social media? As a society, we are growing increasingly concerned about this. While it's generally considered true that kids are using their smart devices and social media more and more and at younger and younger ages, is it detrimental to their health and development? At SHE Media, we wanted to …
Samsung /make
Samsung needed to reach the next generation of mobile consumers. In a survey, 82% of U.S. teens said they owned an iPhone, and 86% said they thought their next phone would be an iPhone (Piper Jaffray, 2018). We needed to shift perception with Gen Z and get them to reconsider Galaxy.We had two goals:1. Change the way that Gen Z perceives Samsung2. …
The Commencement
Graduation day. The moment your name is called on stage, diploma about to be gripped proudly in hand. That is where this video begins for Samir, an Indian student graduating from an English-speaking university. His story is one of perseverance, sacrifice and courage, and this day is not only a culmination of years of hard work, but the commencemen…
The Last Mile
At the height of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, the film "Philadelphia," introduced compassion into an otherwise isolating and divisive conversation, forever changing our narrative on the disease.Since then, great strides have been made to eliminate AIDS, making it fully preventable. Yet, the disease still affects hundreds of millions of people worldwide:…


#LikeMinded: Are you addicted to social media?
#LikeMinded was a social-first season for BBC Future that sought to get to the bottom of the news frenzy over social media and its impact on our mental health. We wanted to engage particularly with young people aged 15-34 years old as these were shown to be those most likely to be affected by the issues discussed in this season. One of our aims was to find…
A Netflix Marriage Proposal
Conor and Kamela's five year long love story began with their first date, which consisted of watching Netflix! So it was only right that Conor pop the big question with the mega streaming service in mind. That's where we came in — to help plan the perfect Netflix proposal! Our core objective was to create a shareable, global, brand-love moment for Netfli…
All American Family Portrait
As the world and specifically photography has gone digital, American families are no longer printing their family pictures, leading HP to see a heavy decline in sales for photo printers. At the same time, the company has taken a stance for Diversity and inclusion in all of their marketing efforts. For this campaign, HP sought to create a purpose-driven camp…
All I Really Want for Christmas
Kool-Aid Man has been crashing through walls since the 1970s. While there is widespread awareness and a lot of latent love, Kool-Aid Man was losing his relevancy. To cement his place in culture, the brand needed to expand beyond the traditional walls of TV and make a big "krash" to reignite the love and introduce him to a new generation.
Baby Winter Games
Ahead of the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018, we wanted to create an engaging viral video that would resonate well with our young target demo (13-30) and raise awareness about the Games in an innovative and fun way while also directing audiences to the Olympic Channel platform.Baby Winter Games was released hours before the 2018 Winter Games started.
Behind the scenes at WrestleMania 34: WWE Day Of
Every year, millions of WWE fans come together to watch the biggest event on the WWE calendar. But the fans do not see what happens before the wrestlers walk through the curtain. To give our fans a different perspective on what goes into this massive event, our cameras followed every Superstar involved on the most important night of the year to get a candid…
Big Tobacco's Sayin Sorry (Because They Legally Have To)
truth is no stranger to the task of making a less-than-riveting topic -- tobacco prevention -- interesting and relevant to a teen audience. But in 2018, we had to expose the fact that Big Tobacco was finally forced to admit to decades of purposefully defrauding the American public and issue a legally-mandated apology. It was the result of a decade…
Can't Judge a Book
Mastercard has been a sponsor of the GRAMMYs for years, tying our passion for music with music's biggest night and celebration. But, we noticed a disturbing trend. While the biggest night in music tended to focus only on the biggest celebrities and musicians, everyone was starting to look the same.And we weren't alone. The New York Times said, "Music is cha…
Can't Judge a Book
Mastercard has been a sponsor of the GRAMMYs for years, tying our passion for music with music's biggest night and celebration. But, we noticed a disturbing trend. While the biggest night in music tended to focus only on the biggest celebrities and musicians, everyone was starting to look the same.And we weren't alone. The New York Times said, "Music is cha…
Chicago Bulls introduce 2018-19 team in docu-series Run With Us, “Home”
Heading into the 2018-19 season, the Bulls continued to rally around our multi-year marketing campaign; WITH US. The campaign aimed to deliver distinctive experiences and content, show fans that their support matters and rally them around the future of the team.In the middle of a rebuild, we had many young players join the team in the offseason and we wante…
Close Before You Doze: Spreading the Word that Stops the Spread of Fire
Allison+Partners was brought on board by the UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute (FSRI) for the third year of its "Close Before You Doze" campaign for National Fire Prevention Week, Oct. 7-13, 2018. UL FSRI is part of the nonprofit entity with UL, a leading global safety organization. "Close Before You Doze" is a vital public safety campaign that encou…
Concession Confessions - How Celebs Go To The Movies
How do your favorite celebrities go to the movies? Where do Jennifer Lopez, Michael B. Jordan, Jason Momoa, and Tessa Thompson think the best seats in the movie theater are? What are Jake Johnson, Dolph Lundgren, Zoe Kravitz, and Ezra Miller's favorite movie snacks? Fandango asks the movie-going questions fans want to know: Where do you sit and what do you …
Discovering Routes travels with Diskubre
Discovering Routes travels with four young Filipinos to the Cordilleras of the Philippines to learn about their culture and hop on an inward journey to self-discovery. Elaine, Calvin, Feih and Alex bond through coaster rides, shamanic rituals, and ghost hunts, and make new friends on an 11-day adventure. But through the fun experiences, they gain perspectiv…
Dogs4Steel, Kloeckner Metals’ New Loyalty Program
The objective of Kloeckner's Dogs4Steel video is to elevate Kloeckner's reputation as a metals manufacturer. Steel is perceived as a commodity product and Kloeckner's marketing is intended both to create more brand recognition for Kloeckner and drive more appreciation for the steel industry. The goal of this video campaign is to give Kloeckner a human face …
Dylan Strong
After the tragic and sudden death of Georgia high school football player, Dylan Thomas, we wanted to tell the encouraging story on how the community came together to support his football team and comfort his family. Our objective was simple: to show how football is bigger than the game. The goals that we set was to provide the team and family with a series …
Extreme I.T. series
Our goal was to gain Lenovo some warranted notoriety; not just as the global leader in innovative consumer and commercial tech products and solutions, but as the experts in complex tech concepts on everyone's minds: topics like 5G, virtual reality, voice command and blockchain. But how do you cut through the clutter of explainer videos and deliver the conte…
Fine Art Everyday
The Samsung Frame TV is designed to be more than just another TV. It's a television when it's on, and art when it's off. The Frame transforms any space by showcasing over 750 unique pieces of professionally curated art.But for many people, fine art can seem unattainable—something that doesn't belong in your own home. To dispel that myth, we partnered with t…
Google Street View Documents 5 Blind Veterans Kayaking the Grand Canyon
Street View is Google's premiere technology to experience areas around the globe key to our cultural heritage in 360 degrees. In recent years, Google focused on user generated Street View (uSV), which empowers anyone to create their own 360 images. Through Street View, thousands of locations around the world can be shared and explored virtually.Google sough…
Impractical Jokers: "The Island Between Us" / Fix the Open
The Impractical Jokers are the kings of the truTV castle, stars of our longest running series, a monster hit throughout its run, #1 on our network and the #1 cable series in its timeslot for 18-34 and 18-49 demographics. They've amassed a loyal and passionate following online, with more than 4.4 million fans across social platforms and more than 6 million o…
LIT! Above The Noise
Viacom Velocity and Beats by Dr. Dre collaborated to extend the impact of their Beats' 'Above the Noise' campaign with featured celebrity talent and N.E.R.D. dancer, Mette Towley. Dance culture has flourished in the era of social media. Through social video, dancers are showing off their tutorials, inventive choreography, and taking viewers along the journe…
Leaders Create Leaders
Leaders Create Leaders has a mission to deliver the untold stories of thought leaders from our generation to inspire those aspiring to become entrepreneurs, creators, and change-makers. It's for those who want to make a difference in the world, beyond just making a living. It's bigger than a show. It's a movement. Leaders Create Leaders.
MAFFICK MEDIA: Kindness is so powerful
To promote kindness and spread love. To remind our audience that sometimes it's the smallest gestures of goodwill that can make the biggest impact. To highlight the importance of paying it forward. In our world, in our moment, that's a message that doesn't get enough airtime, and it's at the foundation of Maffick Media's mission.
MAFFICK MEDIA: Should the US intervene in Badistan?
Should the US intervene in Badistan? is a satire sketch produced by Maffick Media's Soapbox brand. It unabashedly calls out US interventionist foreign policy and the US corporate media's support of it.
Men's Wearhouse As Custom As You
Until now, custom suits have been for those with disposable income. Beyond that, the category is underrepresented when it comes to diversity and socio-economic status. While some believe the confidence that comes with owning a custom suit is reserved for the elite – we think everyone is worthy of looking and feeling their best.
NFL Undiscovered
The 'NFL Undiscovered' docu-series was the content and storytelling output of the NFL's International Player Pathway program. The goal of that program is to provide an infrastructure for top international athletes who don't have access to the typical pathway to the NFL (high school and college football), with the aim of giving them an opportunity to try out…
Netflix Queer Eye 'Yass, Australia’
Our brief was to launch Season Two of Netflix's Queer Eye in Australia with a local twist. Netflix asked us for a social idea that both drew in a new audience and provided something for existing fans who were familiar with the show.We needed to make an American show resonate with Australians, and create a campaign that promoted the show in a way that hadn't…
Pizza Hut 'Hometown Heroes' (Produced by Verizon Media)
Establish Pizza Hut as the official pizza for football fans and create an emotional connection through content, all at scale.
Purge Shopping Channel
The Purge Shopping Channel was created to promote USA Network's The Purge, a TV show based on the hit movie franchise from Blumhouse. The series imagines a world where all crime (including murder) is legal for one night per year. It was our goal to both activate the enormous Purge franchise fanbase in an authentic way and entice a wide range of viewers into…
Ronda Rousey trains for 4 hours straight at WWE's Performance Center
As Ronda Rousey prepared to make her debut as a WWE Superstar at WrestleMania 34, WWE gave curious fans a first look at her in-ring preparation. This being Ronda Rousey — a trailblazing combat sports athlete — the training turned into a grueling four-hour marathon session of ring work, cardio, weights and more, which had fans even more excited to see Rousey…
Special Effects Spectacular w/ Kira Kosarin & Jack Griffo | Inside Nick Ep. 5
Both entertaining and informative, the objective of "Inside Nick" is to further cultivate the Nickelodeon fandom, drive brand awareness, and create a sense excitement through sharing never-before-seen access to the Nickelodeon universe.
What do the stars have in store for us?Stargazing is our guide to the astrological forces that are controlling your day-to-day life. From advice on handling a family feud, to guidance on pushing past career roadblocks, we look toward the sky to help you navigate life here on Earth! This exciting new TLC Go/Facebook Watch series, takes a deeper dive into div…
The Away Game
Tim Hortons is Canada's largest QSR, with over 4,000 locations. It was founded by NHL legend Tim Hortons. We were tasked with creating a campaign that demonstrated that Tim Hortons love for ice hockey was as passionate as the most ardent hockey fan, reinforcing Tims' credentials as a champion of hockey in Canada. We were given a terrifying target: generate …
The Best Present for Father's Day
With increasingly busy lives, millennials use social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram as a proxy for all of their communication. That makes sense - it's convenient, far-reaching, efficient and accessible from your mobile phone. But we noticed something further - that millennials were using social media for all of their communications, even in tim…
The Future of Cancer Research
The key objective was to demonstrate the powerful applications of Intel's AI technology for their healthcare business with video content that creates an emotional connection and appeals to both B2B and B2C audiences. We aimed to show how Intel technology is improving cancer diagnosis, treatment, care and ultimately quality of life in an emotional, first per…
The ItAll Social Experiment
We've seen a profound shift today in the way people eat and shop. The diet era born out of the 1980s is gone. Women want brands to give them more than a functional benefit –to surround them with community, tools and support they need on their journey to their best selves, and something few food brands have done. While Lean Cuisine's nearly 40-year past is d…
The Stay
Hearst Media Solutions was tasked with elevating the brand perception of The Ritz-Carlton and reinforce its key mission "to inspire life's most meaningful journeys" among key luxury hotel consumers. Understanding that a large part of the challenge was changing brand opinion of The Ritz-Carlton from being seen as "traditional" to one aligned with being "dari…
WWE Chronicle: Shinsuke Nakamura’s strange and wonderful journey
In promotion of WrestleMania 34, WWE documented WWE Superstar Shinsuke Nakamura, a uniquely talented and wildly charismatic Japanese competitor, over a series of several months as he prepared for the main event of WWE's biggest show of the year. The goal of the project was to endear Nakamura to a wider audience as viewers learned what his life was like both…
Wait for Water
Whereas most people just need to go straight to the nearest sink, today there are hundreds of millions of people around the world who do not have access to clean water.It is a little known fact that Stella Artois is currently in its 4th year of a partnership with Water.org and co-founder Matt Damon, and that we share a common goal: to help provide access to…
What Would Captain Lee Do?
WWCLD? began, as so many wild ideas do, as a joke – what would happen if the no-nonsense star of Below Deck, Captain Lee Rosbach, was dropped into some of the noisiest and buzziest moments from throughout Bravo history? Over the past 6 years, Captain Lee has emerged an unlikely breakout Bravo star – in a landscape of over-the top Real Housewives and Shahs o…
Why You Must Try Native American Cuisine
In early 2018, Yara went on a road trip through the American Southwest with his friends. At one point, after visiting the stunning Antelope Canyon located in the Navajo Nation, he and his fellow road-trippers asked their Navajo guide if there was a Navajo restaurant they could support nearby.There wasn't, their tour guide said. If they wanted to try Navajo …