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What do the stars have in store for us?

Stargazing is our guide to the astrological forces that are controlling your day-to-day life. From advice on handling a family feud, to guidance on pushing past career roadblocks, we look toward the sky to help you navigate life here on Earth!

This exciting new TLC Go/Facebook Watch series, takes a deeper dive into divining our futures, forecasting our fates and discovering our true selves.

Strategy and Execution

Each episode in this Astrology-meets-Lifestyle format, features segments designed to make astrology accessible - bringing the cosmos "down to earth", to ground the principals in real ways that both entertain, and explain how to process and navigate day-to-day life.

Anchored by a team of Astrologists: Mecca Woods, Jessica Lanyadoo, and Colin Bedell serve as spirit guides for the modern day wisdom-seeker. Breaking down all things astrological to help you clear away roadblocks on the physical plane, and unlock your innermost potential.

Stargazing also incorporates a highly social, viewer participation segment with a weekly call-to-action for astrological queries from fans. Our astrological experts take the time to answer the questions in future episodes.


In just a matter of weeks, the Stargazing has acquired an organic and devoted social following! Viewers actively engage in the comments, to add their own questions and takes on the astrological events occurring in their own lives.

The series contributed to overwhelmingly positive engagement across the Discovery brand GO apps - leading to increased mobile GO streams, viewer retention, and new user acquisitions.


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TLC - GO Original Productions


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