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The Shorty Awards honor the best of social media and digital. See categories below. The regular entry deadline is on February 10th, 2022.

From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards Best use of Facebook Video

This category honors the most creative and effective incorporation of video content on Facebook by a brand, organization or agency. This award will recognize social media campaigns that incorporate video on Facebook or videos included in a brand's overall presence on Facebook.

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MAFFICK MEDIA: Kindness is so powerful
To promote kindness and spread love. To remind our audience that sometimes it's the smallest gestures of goodwill that can make the biggest impact. To highlight the importance of paying it forward. In our world, in our moment, that's a message that doesn't get enough airtime, and it's at the foundation of Maffick Media's mission.
Nearly 50 million children worldwide are migrants or refugees. Many are not welcomed in their new homes. A child uprooted may be called a refugee, an internally displaced person or a migrant. But first and foremost, a child is a child, no matter where they come from. The world must stand up for these children.
The Daily Show: Between the Scenes
Between The Scenes transports fans all over the world into the studio during a taping to listen in on Trevor's hilarious, candid, off-the-cuff conversations with the audience.
The Hook for Currys PC World
In June 2018, Blue 449 tasked social publisher The Hook with a perception altering brief for British electrical retailer 'Currys PC World' (CPCW), who were looking to connect with 18-35's during the summer months and tackle any notions that they might be seen as outdated or uncool. The campaign marked CPCW's first ever social content partnership a…
WWE Mixed Match Challenge
For the very first time in WWE's history, a video series was produced to be mobile-first and social media-centric, accessible via the Facebook Watch tab on Facebook's official app, rather than broadcast on traditional television or WWE's over-the-top network (WWE Network).WWE Mixed Match Challenge was a fully interactive mixed tag team tournament …


AARP's Disrupt Aging Rapid Response Video Series
We are bombarded with visual stereotypes of aging and ageist attitudes. Images in media portray aging either as decline and frailty, or as something that should be erased. This daily infusion of negative images has a powerful effect on our collective vision of aging. The Disrupt Aging Rapid Response "Aging in the News" effort aims to provoke, inspire, and e…
At What Cost
Bloomberg set out to take the week's biggest headline and explain how it will impact your finances and your future. The weekly Facebook series helps provide knowledge about complicated topics — from the budget deficit to the trade war — and gives you insight that cuts through the noise.
Charlie's Perfect Pitch
Spoiler alert: Mastercard is in the credit card industry and the JetBlue Mastercard is a travel card that earns cardholders miles, which can be used towards airfare discounts. Because most credit cards are more or less the same, it's extremely difficult for the company to drive favorability of it's brand and products. One of the ways Mastercard manages to s…
Courtyard: Unstoppable
The marketing goal for this series was to increase awareness of Courtyard's exclusive partnership with the NFL and bring awareness to their position as the Official Hotel of the NFL. In each episode, Whistle and Courtyard wanted the audience to see how people are driven by their passion and how that passion fuels them to create the football experiences so m…
Digital Exclusive: Patti LaBelle & Skye Turner
Steve Harvey's daytime talk show shifted the focus of digital and social media this season to creating the best and most engaging experience for viewers both online and on air. This includes an effort to go beyond driving tune-in to broadcast interviews. On the show, a talented young singer, Skye, was surprised by her idol, the legendary Patti LaBelle. The…
Dolby Audio Awareness Campaign
Objective of this campaign was to create an awareness about Dolby Audio technology and how it can enhance the HD experience for Home Entertainment.
Game Recognize Game
The series aims to bridge the gap between the two footballs and the fans that love them. It does so by joining the larger-than-life athletes in both sports, who have more in common than you might think. The content highlights the stars' athleticism and also their personalities through fun, and sometimes weird cross-sport challenges. Above all, the athletes …
Home2 Suites + Twinkie
With travel spaces getting more cramped every year (i.e. airplane leg room), it became the Home2 Suites' mission to "Stand Up For Space", giving guests the freedom and space to bring the things they want. Only problem is, 7 out of 10 travelers don't know that every room at Home2 Suites is a spacious suite. As the newest and only pet-friendly hotel in the H…
In The Know by AOL
In The Know by AOL was created with the intention of bringing the latest and greatest viral stories, trends, products and places available. We set out to create a video brand that was able to bring users content they wanted to see and share with their friends. In 2018, we managed to shape our brand into that, and really dedicated ourselves to creating the b…
Infinite Possibilities with Tina Guo
In October, The Ritz-Carlton began a new partnership with world-renowned cellist Tina Guo, whose objective would be to travel to our hotels around the world and create destination soundtracks. As reported by Billboard, "Both Guo and The Ritz-Carlton share a focus on customizing and bringing unique, memorable experiences to their fans and guests that are not…
Junior Love Officers (Digital Original)
Steve Harvey's Daytime TV Show shifted the focus of digital and social media this season to creating the best and most engaging experience for viewers both online and on air. The objective is simple, viewer engagement, in a larger marketing effort to draw 360-degree tune-in and loyalty to the STEVE TV brand.
MAFFICK MEDIA: Should the US intervene in Badistan?
Should the US intervene in Badistan? is a satire sketch produced by Maffick Media's Soapbox brand. It unabashedly calls out US interventionist foreign policy and the US corporate media's support of it.
NFL Undiscovered
The 'NFL Undiscovered' docu-series was the content and storytelling output of the NFL's International Player Pathway program. The goal of that program is to provide an infrastructure for top international athletes who don't have access to the typical pathway to the NFL (high school and college football), with the aim of giving them an opportunity to try out…
What do the stars have in store for us?Stargazing is our guide to the astrological forces that are controlling your day-to-day life. From advice on handling a family feud, to guidance on pushing past career roadblocks, we look toward the sky to help you navigate life here on Earth! This exciting new TLC Go/Facebook Watch series, takes a deeper dive into div…
Stop Blaming MSG for Your Headaches
In making this short documentary, we wanted to dispel the myths surrounding Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), a flavor-enhancing seasoning that many fear is harmful, despite mountains of evidence to the contrary.MSG was widely stigmatized in the U.S. after a wave of flawed scientific research in the 60s and 70s claimed it wasn't safe to eat. Despite its widesprea…
WestJet Christmas Miracle: Uniting Through Traditions
For the past twenty-two years, WestJet has been known as a low-cost domestic carrier. However, with the 2019 launch of their new 787 Dreamliners, WestJet will be recognized as a true global carrier. In addition to this exciting fleet expansion, WestJet is rebranding with their new positioning 'Love Where You're Going'. With seven successful WestJet Christma…
Wild Times
Wild Times is a 2018 digital version of a variety show...with animals. Lots of animals!The Irwin Family takes us inside their beloved Australia Zoo, created by their late father, Steve, as a part of their mission to protect the world's wildlife. From crocodiles to red pandas, Bindi, Robert and Terri tell us everything we need to know about these wonderful w…