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From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards

Dolby Audio Awareness Campaign

Entered in Facebook Video

About this entry

Objective of this campaign was to create an awareness about Dolby Audio technology and how it can enhance the HD experience for Home Entertainment.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

Communication highlighted the elements required to get the complete HD experience at home, which consist of HD Television, HD Set top box, HD Channels with Dolby Audio and Dolby Audio enabled Soundbar/ Home Theater System.

We created approx. 20 sec videos to showcase Dolby Audio On and Off effect with the help of popular cultural references. Eg: Accelerating Bike, Satay, Caves from Vietnam, Singing Bowl. Focus was to target audience in Indonesia and Vietnam regions.

We further extended our communication by extending these videos in social media posts and shorter edits. We explored shorter edits, A/B video comparisons, Video carousel and Facebook stories creatives. To better convey the message to audience, we made use of local languages in all the posts.

There is no dedicated website for South East Asia region, so we created Facebook notes sections dedicated to Indonesia and Vietnam. We listed all the information regarding Dolby Audio technology like its features, HD channels service providers and consumer electronics brand partners.


With the help of media push, we managed to reach 2.2 M people, 2.5 M impressions, 494K 3-sec video views


Video for Dolby Audio Awareness Campaign

Entrant Company / Organization Name

The Digital Street, Dolby Laboratories


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