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We Powered A Village In Africa

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Beast Philanthropy exists to leverage the power of social media to raise funds and help charitable causes around the world. Founded by MrBeast, with a combined channel following of 400 million+ followers.
We team up with charitable initaitives around the world and look to amplify their mission through advocacy. We create viral videos to champion their inspiring efforts, and often catalyse additional funding through our own investment, or donations recieved, as well as revenue generated from the content. We are raising awareness that extends their impact well beyond our contributions.

It all started when Dora, a single mother in Zambia who fosters over 300 kids, tagged us in a TikTok video highlighting the urgent need for reliable electricity in her home village. Her message caught MrBeast’s attention, and we knew he had to help. Dora raises most of her funding to support the village through the donations she generates via her TikTok following. This story relates to us in a big way, as we are strong advocates of leveraging the power of social media for good.
So we sent the team to orchestrate a plan to provide the village with solar panels, ensuring they have access to clean and sustainable energy sources. We had experts working tirelessly on necessary infrastructure, whilst capturing the process and documenting the hardships Dora and her children face every day for the film. To teach the audience to care a little bit more and truly have an impact through the actions that we inspire.


We procured the necessary help from an organisation called Give Power to help build the solar power for Dora's village. One of the challenges we faced was purchasing solar panels as they are in high demand in many regions in Africa. Once successful, we sent our team over to document the process and reaction from all the kids, many of whom had never had access to light at night (this is a huge factor for security as many of the kids Dora fosters come from abusive pasts). 

We were so impressed with Dora and what she was doing for these kids. How she dedicated her life to helping so many and was using her creativity, and social media platforms (mainly TikTok) to support so many children. We wanted to portray this to our audience in the film, as one of our key missions with Beast Philanthropy is to inspire other people of influence to use their platforms for good. We shared important moments in the process, so our audience could see and feel how this would impact their lives and maybe relate it to their own. 

This is helped by showcasing a beautifully crafted film, amplified by originally scored music and exceptionally well-told narratives that take the viewer down a rollercoaster of emotion. The Director, Dan Mace comes from a traditional and modern film-making background having directed global commercials as well as Youtube films for some of the world's biggest YouTubers. In his approach, he makes sure he captures an audience's attention throughout. Informing them of a problem and intention within the greater story. A main obstacle that Dora and her children face and how we all can help. This then establishes a necessity for our audience to want to be able to see the change that's being created by the Beast Philanthropy charity.




Our objectives were to supply Dora with the necessary tools to help her give these children the life they deserve. 

With electricity, Dora is able to provide her kids with safety thanks to the light, power essential appliances for feeding the kids, and help them with their schooling.
Beyond those immediate benefits, this project also contributes to a more sustainable future with our solar efforts. By harnessing the power of the sun, the community reduces its reliance on fossil fuels, leading to a greener, cleaner environment for generations to come.

As always, one of our biggest achievements in making these videos is the impact it has on our audience and the people who see the stories we share. This initiative reminds us that positive change can start with one person's voice and a shared commitment to a better future for others less fortunate.

‘We Powered A Village In Africa’ has generated over 20 Million youtube views in three weeks at the time of this submission, not counting the reach on her own socials having reached over 4 Million TikTok users.


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Beast Philanthropy


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