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Maruti Suzuki Celerio Mileage Challenge

Finalist in Micro-Influencer Strategy


To establish Maruti Suzuki Celerio as “The Most Fuel-Efficient Car in India” delivering unparalleled fuel efficiency and to bring forth the car’s USP of giving Stellar Mileage of 26.68Km with just 1 litre of fuel.

In today’s world, ‘fuel efficiency’ is an integral need, not only is it cost-effective but better for the environment as well. To solve the challenge that brand was facing pertaining to lacking awareness and consideration for the particular car, the communication goal was to strengthen the positioning of Maruti Suzuki Celerio Maruti Suzuki Celerio and make it synonymous with ‘fuel efficiency’.


How do you showcase a car as India’s Most Fuel-Efficient Car? You enable people and potential users to experience the Steller Mileage of the Maruti Suzuki Celerio through test drives done in an engaging and entertaining manner.

People can longer just pick their car and go on a drive to explore their city. Driving is now only seen as a necessity and never ‘leisure’. Therefore, the idea was to use the power of Micro influencers, their local connect and love for their city supported by Radio Mirchi RJs and create a challenge like no other. So, we built a challenge for the public to explore and view their city like never before – with no worry of Fuel.

Therefore, taking the,
What all can you do in 1 litre of fuel in India’s most fuel efficient car? 

Phase 1:

Mirchi RJs initiated the challenge in 21 cities in vox pop style set out in popular hang-out spots asking people how far they think 1 litre of fuel could take them around the city and built hype around something big that is coming up.

Phase 2:

We looped in more than 200 Micro Influencers and Mirchi RJs, they announced the Celerio Mileage Challenge on their IG handles encouraging people to send in their entries and the one with the most interesting answer got the chance to go on an exclusive test drive with their favourite Influencer or Mirchi RJs.

Phase 3:

Kick Off Day: Flagging it off in Delhi, 26 RJs in 21 cities across India took to the roads along with the Winners of the Celerio Mileage Challenge, discovering the unexplored and the most precious spots in their city. The kick off ceremoniously took place in Delhi in the presence of renowned RJ Sayema and at the same time there was ‘Roadblock’ created on-air, that is for a dedicated time on Radio, all communication only surrounded the Celerio Mileage Challenge where RJs and Influencers on the test drive connected with RJs at the studio giving them live updates about the drive, the car and the experience.

At the same time, 300+ winners along with their favourite influencers also took Celerio Mileage Challenge, driving to their favourite city spot in just 1 litre of fuel.

Each Influencer in the activity created a unique video capturing the test drive. And not just that, more than 300+ micro influencers also amplified the activity on their respective IG Handles while at the same time creating a surround sound on Radio talking about Influencer led test drives through RJ Mentions, creative spots and frequency builders.

The activity was also amplified with help of Mirchi’s own audio programmatic platform – MPing.

Phase 4:

The month-long activity spread across Radio and Digital along with Influencers and RJs was culminated into several montage videos shared across multiple Mirchi regional and National handles hence establishing Maruti Suzuki Celerio as India’s Most Fuel Efficient Car.


The Celerio Mileage Challenge reached more than 20M listeners on Radio and more than 10M users on Digital with more than 1100 social media posts, 3M+ digital audio programmatic impressions and more than 150+ unique audio pieces created in 8 languages.

The activity comprised of more than 300+ test drives with 500+ winners experiencing the stellar mileage of Maruti Suzuki Celerio. The promotional efforts also included 100+ RJ Mentions and 500+ radio promos and a Roadblock on Radio as well.

The Celerio Mileage Challenge was Hyper Local in it’s approach reaching the right TG through the Influencer network combined with Radio. Micro Influencers gave the activity a regional touch making any and every content piece particularly relatable to the people of the city. The wide network of influencers who know the city and it’s beauty like none along with RJs gave the much needed push to the activity making it larger in scale and involving more and more people to experience the car like never before. Penetrating into the area of regional languages made the content that was created packed with the touch of city nuances and flavors.


Entrant Company / Organization Name

Entertainment Network India Limited, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd


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