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Pulse Ganesh Mahotsav

Finalist in Local Campaign


Pass Pass Pulse, owned by DS Group, a leading Indian FMCG conglomerate embarked on a multifaceted mission for Ganesh Mahotsav (one of India’s largest festivals celebrating the birth of Lord Ganesha) aimed at amplifying brand resonance, encouraging cultural appreciation, and enhancing top-of-mind recall among diverse audiences.

The brand’s recognition of the state of Maharashtra in India being the sole focus as a single geographical location underscored its commitment to elevating brand awareness and establishing a lasting connection with the vibrant youth demographic of this region.

By actively engaging with audiences during Ganesh Chaturthi (a 10-day long festival), the brand sought to transcend mere celebration, transforming it into a poignant platform for cultural immersion and brand affinity. Collaborating with iconic pandals (marquees) across Maharashtra, this hyperlocal campaign endeavored to reach communities specifically within this region to foster deeper connections.

The brand’s innovative campaign strategy, leveraging cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technology, aimed to educate audiences about the festival's origins and the visions of Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak Ji (an Indian nationalist, social reformer, and freedom fighter who played a pivotal role in the Indian independence movement).


The 'Pulse Ganesh Mahotsav' campaign was a harmonious blend of digital innovation and storytelling, orchestrated to captivate audiences and promote a profound cultural connection. 

At the heart of the campaign was a visually stunning video, meticulously crafted using AI technology by the esteemed artist and internet sensation Arun Nura. This captivating narrative served as the cornerstone of our digital strategy, immersing audiences in the rich historical context and significance of Ganesh Chaturthi. Through intricate visuals and compelling storytelling, viewers were transported back in time to witness the resilience and patriotism of Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak Ji, underscoring the festival's cultural and patriotic significance.

Complementing the campaign’s digital narrative was the authentic voice of Shreyas Talpade (a renowned Indian film actor native to Maharashtra), a localized marketing strategy that resonated with Maharashtra's cultural essence. His narration added a personal and emotional touch to the storytelling, forging a deep connection with audiences and anchoring the festival's roots in Maharashtra's rich heritage. The campaign's historical resonance peaked with the reveal of a Ganesha idol crafted from over 35,000 Pulse candies, showcased in the campaign video, further amplified across social media platforms.

In addition to immersive experiences, the campaign embraced the spirit of generosity and giving back. Following the festivities, the Pulse Ganesh idol, crafted from candies, was dismantled, and fresh stock equivalent to the amount used in its construction was distributed to underprivileged children through local NGOs. This act of goodwill reinforced Pulse Candy's commitment to spreading joy and underscored the brand's deep-rooted connection with the local community.

Through this strategic fusion of digital innovation, immersive experiences, and heartfelt generosity, Pulse Candy aimed to educate audiences about Ganesh Chaturthi's cultural significance while fostering an emotional connection with the festival, the brand, and the local community. This holistic approach exemplifies Pulse Candy's unwavering commitment to spreading joy and happiness, ultimately solidifying its position as a beacon of positivity and cultural resonance.


Pulse Candy's campaign earned commendations for its profound impact on educating the younger audience about the festival's historical and cultural importance.

The engagement transcended surface-level interest, reaching communities in the region and forging a genuine connection with the audience through insightful content. Positive sentiments expressed on social media by viewers underscored not only the campaign's popularity but also its pivotal role in nurturing cultural awareness and understanding among the youth. It was also marked as a groundbreaking achievement as one of the first endeavors to convey a story through AI-generated visuals.

The campaign garnered widespread acclaim from esteemed media publications, leaving an indelible digital footprint. With a remarkable reach exceeding 2.5 M online and impressions surpassing 3.9 M, the campaign sparked vibrant discussions and trends on social media, nurturing cultural enlightenment among the younger generation. On-ground, the brand's presence reached over 20 M individuals indirectly and directly engaged over 400K people, underscoring the campaign's impact and resonance within the local community.

The Pulse Ganesh Mahotsav campaign epitomized a paradigm shift in storytelling, seamlessly blending tradition with cutting-edge technology to orchestrate an unforgettable celebration. The success lies in the campaign's exceptional ability to captivate, educate, and forge meaningful connections, marking it as a true triumph of innovation and cultural resonance.


Video for Pulse Ganesh Mahotsav

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White Rivers Media, Pass Pass Pulse, DS Group


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