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Plackers: New Look, Same Great Floss

Finalist in Rebrand Campaign


Plackers has been a leading force in the oral care industry for the past 40 years. In 2023, Plackers wanted to refresh their look on shelves and online in order to reach a younger target. With a new set of brand guidelines and a new packaging roll-out, Plackers’ objective was to drive awareness for the new branding in stores, as well as re-launch the Plackers presence on social media.

The core motivation behind this transformation was to break away from the traditional perception of Plackers as a sterile, heritage brand, and instead, position it as a vibrant, easy method of on-the-go oral care. The decision to reinvigorate the brand was not just about aesthetics, but a strategic move to align with the preferences and lifestyles of a younger target audience. Plackers sought to create an emotional connection with consumers by positioning itself as the "bestie of every foodie," emphasizing a relatable and humorous persona.


Plackers' strategic approach to launching their new branding in 2023 was a dynamic blend of a social media-first strategy, influencer engagement, and media relations, all designed to transition the brand from a pastel and sterile image to one that is bold, vibrant, and relatable.

Central to this transformation was the creation of captivating and on-brand content that embodied the new guidelines and gave Plackers a distinctive voice on social media. To visually communicate the bold and vibrant nature of the rebrand, the company invested in professional photoshoots capturing key food-focused moments and holidays throughout the year. The resulting images featured close-ups of people enjoying food alongside stylized shots of the new Plackers packaging, intentionally employing flashy, messy, and saturated visuals. This approach breathed life into the new branding and showcased the products in action, forming an extensive asset library for organic social posting across various channels.

In addition to visual content, Plackers collaborated with over 18 content creators to produce videos aligned with their social strategic themes. The development of engaging segments like "Man on the Street" and "Floss of the Week" conveyed the message that Plackers are the go-to solution for ensuring a confident smile before important occasions. These videos, strategically deployed across all social channels, marked the brand's entry into TikTok, tapping into the platform's trend-setting and viral potential. From efforts working with creators, Plackers was able to secure a partnership with @champagneunicorns, boasting 379K followers on Instagram, further amplifying Plackers' reach and credibility.

Partnerships with Rooftop Cinema Club and IPIC allowed Plackers to seamlessly extend their online strategy into the physical realm. Hosting influencer and media events at these venues created immersive experiences, pairing popcorn and Plackers to reinforce the practicality of Plackers in real life situations. Influencers and editors attending these events subsequently shared their experiences with their followers, creating a ripple effect of engagement and awareness.

To bolster all these efforts, Plackers strategically boosted organic social posting, leveraging paid promotions to increase brand awareness and drive sales. This comprehensive and integrated approach ensured an impactful brand narrative that resonated with the target audience and drove tangible results.


In May 2023, the launch of Plackers' comprehensive campaign yielded remarkable results across various metrics, showcasing the success of their strategic approach. Plackers' social media channels achieved an impressive 39 million impressions, with a substantial 768,000 engagements, leading to a substantial growth in their audience, amassing over 101,539 followers—a notable 26% increase in total followers.

Key Wins:

The influencer partnership with @champagneunicorns demonstrated significant impact, generating over 299,000 completely organic views, 3,327 engagements, and reaching a substantial 36,000 new accounts. The success of the partnership was not only quantifiable in metrics but also reflected in the top comments received, where users expressed enthusiasm and interest in adopting Plackers for on-the-go flossing.

Top Comments Received:

Between the three events with Rooftop Cinema Club and IPIC, there were 617 attendees. This garnered over 6,768,631 impressions from the 37 Instagram story mentions from the attendees at the events. This indicated a seamless integration of online and offline efforts, maximizing brand exposure and creating meaningful connections with the audience. Overall, the campaign's impact was evident in the impressive growth in online metrics, influencer partnerships, and successful offline events, showcasing Plackers' ability to effectively execute a multi-faceted rebranding strategy.


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