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Martell Vibe Check

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Drive awareness and affinity with the brand’s target demographic as well as transcend the conventional understanding of the brand and cognac category by creating a festival experience that was unique and engaging but also connected to the brand’s identity.


Martell Cognac had a 40’ by 30’ custom footprint that was featured at two festival sponsorship activations in 2023.

Known for its tradition of trailblazing in the spirits community, Martell crafted a unique festival activation strategy known as Vibe Check. The approach involved using first-to-festival brainwave technology. 

Our research pinpointed that personalized experiences are a key passion point that resonates strongly with our target audience. Leveraging cutting-edge technology allowed us to transform this insight into a standout feature, distinguishing Martell from other activations. This approach not only seamlessly intertwined research with experiential elements, but achieved our goals by establishing an imprint that goes beyond the spirit itself, fostering a lasting connection between Martell and those who wish to #SoarBeyondTheExpected. 

Upon entering our 40’ by 30’ open concept space, a captivating 20’ bar with an artistic back bar bottle display welcomed guests. To the right, three brainwave, Vibe Check stations, invited festival-goers to an immersive experience. With the help of our brand ambassadors, guests were seated and encouraged to reminisce about their favorite memories while an EEG headset measured their brainwaves. In front of the guests on a large vertical monitor, a colorful digital cloud appeared representing their predominant brainwave: alpha, beta, theta, delta, or gamma.  The color and shape represented each of the brainwaves and correspond to a cocktail at the Martell bar. 

Once completing the brain scan, guests received their cloud via QR code link and were given an LED bracelet corresponding to the color of their brainwave and a decoder for deeper insights into their brainwave type. 

They then could purchase the matching Martell cocktail at the bar, complementing their aura. This experience provided consumers with meaningful takeaways to share and talk about with others at the festival.  The LED bracelets were a huge hit especially as day turned into night.

Overall, Vibe Check served as the conduit between consumers and the brand, enabling a seamless fusion of individual vibes with the essence of the brand. This connection allowed for a more personalized experience in a festival setting.  



By capitalizing on the blending of person and product, Martell saw positive and lasting results when featured at One Music Festival in Atlanta and Camp Flog Gnaw in Los Angeles. 

Throughout One Music Festival, the footprint hosted over 2,300 guests, over 1,000 of which participated in the brain scans, and served 1,800 cocktails. At its busiest moment, 56 participants engaged simultaneously in the immersive experiences offered and their average stay was 8 minutes. Additionally, 2,400 LED bracelets were distributed, offering tangible takeaways for attendees to continue the conversation beyond the event.

During Camp Flog Gnaw, our footprint experienced a total throughput of 2,436 attendees. The highest concurrent participation reached 104 on day 1 and surged to 128 on day 2, showcasing the dynamic engagement of the crowd. The average length of stay per visitor was 17 minutes, indicating sustained interest in the activities offered. The brainwave scanning sessions recorded 875 scans over the course of the two-day festival.  Furthermore, the distribution of 1,200 brain scan-corresponding takeaways added a tangible and memorable element to the event.

Based on the in-person anecdotal data and online engagement on paid influencer posts and stories, with an engagement range of 8-10.4%, feedback was aligned with exactly what Martell set out to do. The footprint will continue to be featured at festivals in 2024 and beyond.



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Martell, Pernod Ricard, Pernod Ricard

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