Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.

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Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.


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From the 9th Annual Shorty Awards Best Social Good Campaign

This category honors a brand or non-profit's excellence in running a social good campaign. Campaign objectives may include increasing awareness for a cause, inspiring action for a cause, crowd funding for a social good project and promoting philanthropic work.

Non-profits looking to submit their overall social media presence should enter Best in Non-Profit.

See previous winners and honorees here.


Founded in 1971, the Southern Poverty Law Center is a civil rights organization dedicated to fighting hate and bigotry and seeking justice for the most vulnerable members of our society. Our mission: fight hate, teach tolerance, and seek justice. On November 9, the day after the presidential election, we received numerous reports of bias-related i…
The Future of Hate - Stop HB757
In February 2016, Georgia legislators passed HB 757, a bill that legalized discrimination against the LGBTQ community, and would forever damage the reputation and welcoming and tolerant environment the state of Georgia had established over the past four decades. Our objective was to encourage voters to speak up against this legislation, and tell…
#StopThisMovie - Genocide in Burundi
On the 15th of November 2016, the FIDH (International Federation of Human Rights) launched #StopThisMovie, a campaign designed to raise awareness among the general public and catch the attention of the United Nations concerning the situation in Burundi. Our challenge was to denounce through a social media campaign, centered around a shocking trail…
The Erase Hunger Project
In a city of more than 1.4 people facing little or no food each day, hunger pops everywhere in New York. So we decided to help change that.
Use Your Vote
The Use Your Vote campaign was launched for two simple reasons: to increase awareness around the importance of voting and to encourage Americans to learn what's on their ballots. In an effort to break through the noise of the 2016 election, HBO partnered with Rock the Vote to not only encourage people to cast their votes on Election Day, but to al…


Capital One’s #DefineYourDream Campaign
The #DefineYourDream campaign was born with the goal of showcasing the amazing things our customers are doing and our commitment to supporting them on their journeys. We wanted to find a way to build brand love and advocacy while inspiring our customers to share their own personal #DefineYourDream moments. We wanted to connect with our customers and show th…
Tillamook: “Fill the Plates”
In 2016, farmer-owned dairy cooperative, Tillamook, launched #RealFoodSunday–a social media effort to get people eating Real Food, at least 1 day a week.After a year of inspiring fans to eat Real Food, we wanted to align with people's natural desire to give back during the holiday season, and empower them to give Real Food to families struggling with hunger…
Most people don't spend a lot of time thinking about tobacco or its consequences, so truth is constantly trying to find a new way to tell an old story. We needed to connect smoking to something our audience cares about as much as themselves: their pets. 65% of U.S. households own a pet, which equates to 79.7 million homes. For our #CATmageddon campaign, our…
#CushiontheFight: Mohawk Goes Pink to Support Susan G. Komen
Year after year, Mohawk Flooring supports Susan G. Komen and the fight against breast cancer via our Decorate for the Cure Program, in which Mohawk donates proceeds—between 2 cents and 15 cents per square yard of SmartCushion™ carpet cushion sold—to Komen. Our SmartCushion does so much more than just protect our carpets by adding extra comfort, durability a…
The Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program (10KSB) helps small businesses create jobs and economic opportunity by providing access to education, capital and business support services. Our objectives for this campaign included: Generate awareness of the 10KSB program with our target audience, the Informed Influential Public (IIP): Thought le…
#MoreThanMean 'Faces' Online Harassment of Women in Sports
Many U.S. women sports reporters are harassed, taunted or even threatened online just for doing their jobs in a male-dominated world. Here's a sample of tweets and online comments:-"The players should beat you to death with their hockey stick like the whore you are. C---"-"Hopefully this skank is Bill Cosby's next victim. That would be classic."-"Next time …
The question of migration is a major societal issue. A portion of the public opinion feels indifferent to the oversimplification of the tragedies experienced by the migrants or is convinced by anxiety and rejection speeches that "the foreigner" is a problem and a threat. For the first time in France, La Cimade relies on a digital campaign for the general pu…
#SneakersforGood CSR Campaign
The #SneakersforGood campaign was aimed to use the global communication platform 'Laureus World Sports Awards' and its medial impact to communicate the social aspect of the Laureus movement and to promote its underlying mission – Sport for Good.Laureus in general is mainly associated with its flagship event Laureus World Sports Awards and less with the 'hea…
#TravelisLove by Condé Nast Traveler
#TravelisLove is a campaign launched against the "fear of the other". The initiative's objective is to reinforce what the Conde Nast Traveler brand stands for: inclusiveness, fearless discovery, and curiosity of the unknown. Amid all the terrorist attacks of 2016, the world felt (and feels) like a very scary place. With Condé Nast Traveler's #TravelisLove c…
#WildForLife Campaign: Wildlife Crime Just Got Personal
The world is dealing with an unprecedented threat to wildlife; trafficking of wildlife products is driving many species to the brink of extinction. Endangered species are being illegally collected and killed to supply consumers with "exotic" pets or products made from animal parts. Wildlife crime has resulted in environmental, social, and economic strain…
#WomenLead was created with the purpose to break through the stereotypes that women face and enforce recognition that there's more to a woman than just their gender. 2016 was a monumental year of opportunity for women as the country prepared for the possibility of having the first-ever woman elected as President. This campaign was to remind men and women of…
#kissandmakeup with tarte cosmetics
In today's world, cyber-bullying is all too common with 88% of students witnessing it every single day. 41% of teens, both boys and girls, have reported being victims of cyber-bulling for reasons such as looks, body shape, and race. But it's not just teens who are being affected. Anyone with a social presence has witnessed or experienced cyber-bullying firs…
AT&T's #Later Haters
The #LaterHaters campaign aims to increase constructive conversation about online "hating" while inspiring behavioral change. AT&T's KPIs are awareness and increased positive online sentiment.
Bayram Olsun
We wanted to make especially younger population feel responsible from the eroding bairam (religious feast) spirit and the most important part of it; remembering the elderly people and make them feel respected and happy. We want the target audience to feel elderly people's needs and expectations - especially the ones in the nursing homes - during the bairam …
Buy A Lady A Drink
750 million people around the globe lack access to clean water. This issue disproportionately affects women, who spend an aggregate of 200 million hours/day collecting the water that keeps their families alive (source: UNICEF).Stella Artois knows that – without clean water – it would be nothing, and it certainly wouldn't enjoy the 600-year legacy it celebra…
Care Counts
Every day in America, thousands of kids miss school because they lack one simple thing: clean clothes.Kids who regularly miss school are 7 times more likely to drop out.Kids who drop out have a 40% higher unemployment rate, are 70% more likely to be on welfare, and are 8 times more likely to go to prison.As a brand, Whirlpool celebrates the value of the sim…
Change Perspective
In the past several years, mobile video has exposed a decades old problem of police violence against African Americans. Visa Rushcard, with a brand promise to always be there for its community, became the first marketer to address this tragic issue.As VISA Rushcard's agency of record, our objective was to develop creative advertising that would broaden peop…
Citi & No Kid Hungry: Dine & Do Good
2016 marked the second year of Citi and No Kid Hungry partnership's fight to help end childhood hunger in America. As a key effort of the partnership, each year Citi encourages its cardholders to participate in its Dine & Do Good program: every time a Citi cardmember spends $5 or more when they dine out with their Citi card, Citi will donate enough to No Ki…
Clorox: Purely Peru 360
Many millennials don't know much about bleach, but believe it is really strong, harsh and unsafe to use. To get these younger consumers to try Clorox Bleach instead of other cleaning and laundry products, Clorox needed to create awareness about the safety of bleach and build trust.
Don't Buy Into Puppy Mills
More than two million adorable puppies are purchased annually online and in pet stores. Almost every one of those dogs came with a dark secret: they were products of inhumane puppy mills operated by breeders with little to no regard for animal welfare. Fortunately, most people already awareness that puppy mills are centers for abuse and cruelty thanks to th…
Donald Eres Un Pendejo
Ilegal Mezcal is from Oaxaca, Mexico which is very political and has a long tradition of protest street art. Our Donald Eres Un Pendejo campaign is very much in with that tradition.Our goal throughout the Donald Eres Un Pendejo campaign, which launched in July of 2015 and continues now, has been to give voice to and unify the community that is in opposition…
Dove Self-Esteem Project: #SpeakBeautiful Squad
The Dove Self-Esteem Project is on a mission. For over 10 years, Dove has been dedicated to developing self-esteem in young girls through our world-class workshops and resources. But in order to truly ensure that the next generation of women grows up to realize their full potential, our resources need to continue to grow and evolve to address the ever-ch…
The Pixel phone launch introduced the best smartphone camera to ever hit the market. GOOD created GOODFest as an experience 20-something millennials would find worth capturing, in a way that showcased the low-light quality of the phone. Our primary objectives were: driving positive, mass awareness of Google's Pixel; engaging viewers via video content and li…
Georgia Center for Child Advocacy #WeStandTogether Lip Sync Challenge
The mission of The Georgia Center for Child Advocacy (GCCA) is to champion the needs of sexually and severely physically abused children through prevention, intervention, therapy and collaboration. Since 1987, GCCA has served 15,000+ children who have been sexually or physically abused or have witnessed violence, at no cost to the families. GCCA also prov…
Getty Images and Jerome Jarre Summer Olympics 2016 Social Good Activation
Getty Images is the official photographer of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Every year, over 100 people from Getty Images document the Olympic Games. Although we traditionally post our imagery across social media, we looked to extend what we did this year to be more impactful. We previously worked with Jerome Jarre taking him along for the ride …
Glad to Give
The Glad Products Company believes that communities are built around human connections and giving back to those around you. They also believe that by sharing stories of what people are doing everyday to help their communities, inspires others to get involved.Recognizing the role their products played in in-kind giving around the country, The Glad Products C…
HPE Living Progress: Creating a Better Future for All Through Tech
Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) believes Information Technology has the power to change the world and help solve the world's toughest challenges, both social and environmental. From implementing fair and ethical labor practices across global supply chains, to a large-scale wind energy purchasing agreement in Texas, sustainability and social responsibili…
Home for the #Pawlidayz
The holidays are a crucial time for both online and brick-and-mortar retailers. Zappos saw this as an opportunity to stand-out from the noise of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Zappos and partners wanted to provide something special to our customers that money could not buy - the love that comes with rescuing a shelter animal.
Kitten Bowl IV
Introduce W25-54Kitten Bowl fans to the next installment of this special event and bring awareness to our corporate pet adoption initiative.Attract new viewers & animal/cat enthusiasts with social tactics that feature our signature over-the-top "cat/kitten" cuteness.
Letters to Gallipoli
Turkcell is a leading company in the field of communication and so it operates by the objective 'connecting people to life'. We believe that life is lived as long as there is sharing and dialog in it. Without communication to other people, one's life isn't lived to the most. Today we all live by communicating. Life is shared within seconds and the technolog…
Viacom is home to the world's premier entertainment brands that connect with audiences through compelling content across television, motion picture, online and mobile platforms in over 160 countries and territories. With iconic brands such as MTV, VH1, CMT, BET, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, TV Land, and Spike and film studio Paramount Pictures, we have the …
Meet the Spokespoon
How to you get busy "not-a-moment-to-spare" passersby to stop to think about hunger and homelessness on the streets of New York City? You walk around with a "bigger-than-life" symbol that compels people to stop and ask "can I hold that?"
Muskaan by Himalaya
Himalaya Lip Care in partnership with Smile Train India initiated Muskaan – an initiative to support corrective cleft lip surgery. The objective was to create a 360-degree marketing communication plan to generate awareness on cleft deformity in India.
One Love Foundation’s #ThatsNotLove Campaign
The One Love Foundation, a non-profit that works to teach young people about the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationship behaviors as a way to end relationship abuse, set out to create short, digital videos under that educated people about emotional abuse. To do so, they created the #ThatsNotLove campaign as a way to highlight the grey areas b…
Poverty is Sexist: One Woman’s Triumph over HIV
The ONE Campaign and Seeker partnered to develop a short-form virtual reality experience designed to influence key political decision-makers to support The Global Fund, which aims to end the epidemics of AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.Through the lens of "Poverty is Sexist," The ONE Campaign and Seeker illustrated how women and girls are disproportionately …
Restroom For All
In early 2016, the conversation about LGBTQ rights was at a peak. North Carolina's "HB2" law or "the bathroom bill," which mandates that individuals must use public restrooms corresponding to the sex specified on their birth certificate reopened a conversation many in America thought was over.As a company that supports diversity in words and in practice, Ma…
Stand with Malala
The National Geographic Channel wanted to drive viewership for their airing of He Named Me Malala and raise awareness for the Malala Fund organization and its cause – ensuring girls around the world have access to 12 years of education. To achieve this, we used a familiar symbol of academic achievement – the yearbook – to make an unthinkable global issue r…
Supporting American Icons with Macy’s Summer Vibes
Engaging Millennials to shop at Macy's continues to be an important focus for the retailer.For the last three years, Macy's "American Icons" campaign has celebrated the people, places and things (especially fashion!) that American's love about summer, starting in May on Memorial Day and culminating on Independence Day – July 4th. During this heightened time…
TV Doctors of America
Our goal was to increase awareness around the importance and lifesaving power of an annual check-up. We wanted to drive as many Americans as possible to schedule check-ups with their primary care physicians to learn their 4 health numbers (blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and BMI).
Teen Vogue’s #BLACKGIRLMAGIC Campaign with Amandla Stenberg
In celebration of Black History Month, Teen Vogue teamed up with its cover star, actress and youth activist Amandla Stenberg, to solicit original reader narratives on what being black means, their hair stories, what it's like to grow up black, and what the hashtag #BlackGirlMagic signifies to them.
The American Cancer Society’s Taboo #Th3Fight Launch
Most people know about the Black Eyed Peas. But what most people don't know is that one of the band's members, Taboo, went through a tough time battling cancer in 2014. After privately fighting his way to recovery, Taboo decided to take his battle public. He became a Global Brand Ambassador for the American Cancer Society (ACS), visiting patients, sharing …
The Prancing Elites Project Season 2 | Prancify Your Profile to Promote Equality
The social media plan for The Prancing Elites Project Season 2 leaned heavily on a pro-social initiative. The Prancing Elites are a dance team made up of five African American, gay and gender non-conforming dancers based in Mobile, Alabama. They have faced tremendous amounts of rejection and discrimination in their journey to do what they love most, which …
Travel for Good
At Travelocity we believe travel can change more than a person, it can change the world. So each year our Travel For Good program awards select voluntourists the opportunity to work with a charitable cause of their choice anywhere in the world.
Trojan Brand Condoms and MTV’s “Guide To” Series
1) Improve Millennial's condom perceptions and normalize condom usage to drive awareness of a larger public health concern- Research shows that sexually active Millennials know they're taking a risk but think, "it won't happen to me." They initially use condoms but once they reach a comfort zone, using protection drops off to roughly one out of three acts, …
Untasty Dishes
Dirty water is deadly. It infiltrates the lives of over 663 million people every single day and kills more people than all forms of violence – including war. But in America and much of the Western World, we don't even have to consider it. Dirty water is simply not on our radar. So charity: water gave us a mission: Make dirty water real for people who don't…
We Are America
Love Has No Labels was created with the mission to combat bias with love. Our campaigns are designed to flood culture with diverse images of love to normalize them, and thereby reduce our implicit bias towards those who are different from us.In its first year, Love Has No Labels demonstrated the power of love to bond two individuals together despite the bia…
World Polio Day
Rotary International launched its 4th annual World Polio Day campaign with one goal in mind: to create a global day of awareness highlighting collective efforts to end polio. Rotary's campaign to eradicate polio began in 1985 when the disease was rampant in 125 countries. Since then, Rotary and its partners have made significant progress, reducing case coun…
Would you stop if you saw this girl on the street? - A social experiment
UNICEF to show different treatments that society members have towards children from ordinary families and those in the streets.