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Special Project

Special Project
From the 9th Annual Shorty Awards

Capital One’s #DefineYourDream Campaign

Entered in Social Good Campaign, User-Generated Content


The #DefineYourDream campaign was born with the goal of showcasing the amazing things our customers are doing and our commitment to supporting them on their journeys. We wanted to find a way to build brand love and advocacy while inspiring our customers to share their own personal #DefineYourDream moments. We wanted to connect with our customers and show that Capital One is a brand people trust.

Strategy and Execution

Whether they're buying a first home, going back to school or charting exciting, new business opportunities, our customers are doing amazing things and it's an honor to support them on their journeys. The #DefineYourDream campaign was our opportunity to tell these customer stories and highlight the positive impact they're making in the world. Capital One is constantly striving toward a future where everyone can live their best lives, and we're committed to helping people pursue their dreams, whatever they may be.

Our customers love to share their inspiring stories, and through user-generated content we found customer stories that stood out to us as shining examples of what we aspire to stand for through our company mission and brand promise. We chose to amplify customer stories of entrepreneurship, breaking barriers and a passion for pursuing good. These themes were used to shape our entire content strategy for the campaign. The goal was to let the real-life accounts of our customers shine through while rallying others to share their own #DefineYourDream stories.

When it came to content creation for #DefineYourDream, we knew we wanted to support the campaign with content that was relevant, sequenced and featured a storytelling element. We had each person tell their story in their own words to ensure that the content was meaningful and would connect on a deeper level with our social audience. We also wanted dynamic, visually-appealing ways to tell these stories to keep the audience engaged. We focused on a sequenced content mix of video and text across our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social channels. The campaign also used Facebook's Canvas advertising module which we felt offered a fresh and easy-to-share presentation. The sharability and mix of content types was important to encourage conversations around these posts and inspire others to tell their #DefineYourDream stories via Capital One's social channels.

#DefineYourDream treads new territory for Capital One and shines a spotlight on an unexpected aspect of our financial-services brand.


While this campaign is ongoing, we've had great successes so far:

- 56.7MM impressions

- 10.5MM engagements

- Since launch, we've received overwhelmingly positive engagements with additional customers sharing their stories with us on social

- The campaign was featured in Ad Age magazine for its unique use of Facebook video to help tell a deeper story. The article mentions: "Facebook and Instagram allow us to connect in a more personal way with consumers. It allows us to tell an in-depth story that can go a bit deeper than a 30-second TV commercial."


Video for Capital One’s #DefineYourDream Campaign

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Capital One


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